Common Name

Stem & Leaf Rots

Stem & Leaf Rots

Scientific Name

Sclerotinia or Botrytis

Life Cycle

Caused by wide range of fungi and bacteria. Arise from infection by spores. Some spread upwards into tissue from soil inhabiting organisms.

Damage Caused

Often mistaken for other other diseases. Leaf rot spreads quickly. Stem and leaves rot, killing plants.

Plants Affected

Cactus and Succulent Stem Rots Rots: occur on seedlings and pot plants. Agaves, Aloes, Crassula, Sansaveria affected, caused by Erwinia caratovara. Chrysanthemum Rot: Glasshouses, cool misty conditions and frosts. Cuttings rot and die. Mature plants keel over, botrytis develops.

Control methods

Spray with captan and benomyl. Ensure optium conditions. Maintain hygeine.

Information Collated by James M. Burton as part of H.N.D. Course at Pencoed Agricultural College.
Chemical Information Correct as of 06:06:97. Always read and follow the instructions when using fungicides.