Phylum, Order

Basidiomycytes, Uredinales


A1 Puccinia gramnis; Rust on Barberry A2 Spermoaminium of Rust, Upper A3 Aecidia stage of Rust, Lower A4 Puccunia malvarcium; Rust on Mallow

Scientific Name

Puccinia, Uromyces, Puccinastum

Common Name



Common in Gardens, found worldwide.

Life Cycle

Complex. Five different spore types. Pycniospores: Flat structure on upper leaf surface, surrounded by sweet secretions, which are attractive to inscets, who pass on spores to another plant, for fertilization. Aeciospores are produced when these secretions (Sperm and Hyphae) have fused. These cup like structures are embedded and open on the leaf surface, from which spores escape. Urediniospores are produced by pustules. These are often called summer spores and occur on mass, and are brown, after infection with Aeciospores. Teliospores Are black in colour, need a dormant period before germination and so overwinter. Basidiospores produced from Teliospores. Many types occur on different plants. Hyphae will develop within the plant.

Method Of Attack

Removal of sap internally.

Damage Caused

Generally debilitating, most develop within the tissues without killng the plant. Rusty red areas on leaves, damages value and appearance. Some rusts are white.

Control Methods

Encoraged by excessive Nitrogen. Fungicides are effective. Coppor compounds, dithocarbonates, Maneb, Zineb, Sulphur. Systemic may be better for some plants ie oxycarboxin, at two week intervals. Destroy heavily diseased plants.

Stage Vulnerable


Plants Affected

Antirrinum rust Puccinia antirrhini
Aquelegia rust Puccunia recondita
Asparagus rust Puccunia asparagi
Bluebell rust Uronyces muscarii
Carnation rust Uronyces dianthii
Chrysanthemum rust Puccunia chrysantherii
Crocus rust Uromyces crocii
Fushcia rust Puccinastum epilobii
Geranium rust Uromyces geranii
Honeysuckle rust Puccinia festucae
Viola Rust Puccunia violae

Information Collated by James M. Burton as part of H.N.D. Course at Pencoed Agricultural College.
Chemical Information Correct as of 06:06:97. Always read and follow the instructions when using fungicides.