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Honey Fungus
Root Death
White Pocket Rot

Common Name

Tree & Shrub Rots

Tree & Shrub Rots

Physical Description

Soil living mycelium enters tree from soil or spores on buds. They degrade the cellose in the tree. They are saprophytes and parasites and live inside the heartwood of a tree. On death of a tree, saprophytes will devour itcompletely.

Life Cycle

Mycelium enters tree, or spores develop in branches, infect whole tree, and produce fruits which release spores.

Symptoms & Damage

Large plate like fruits on side of bark or toadstools near plant Staining of wood, hollowing of trunk, death of branches. Rot in heartwood.

Control methods

Remove all dead branches close to stem: Prune correctly. Treat wounds with fungicide. Remove tree if a hazard.

Information Collated by James M. Burton as part of H.N.D. Course at Pencoed Agricultural College.
Chemical Information Correct as of 06:06:97. Always read and follow the instructions when using fungicides.