Morgan Family of Wenallt Manor,
Llandetty, Breconshire

By James M Burton, 2014

This is a sub-thesis and report as to the origins, work and legacy of the Morgan family of Wenallt, a former manor from c.1100. It is part of my investigations as to the origins of an Anna Maria who, by her first marriage to John Morgan c.1680 came into the administration of Palleg Manor in Ystradgynlais. So much information I uncovered I decided to impart it here for public use. I have based the story of the Manor by interpreting the data left to us from old MSS and may contain small errors, misguided assumptions and conjecture. Uploaded 9th June 2014, subject to further editing. Email errors & contributions spooksprung@btinternet.com. Updated 20th Dec '16.

Parish Description
Llandetty, also spelt Llandeti, Landeti, Llanddettie, Llanthette, Llanthetty, Llandetten, Lanthethy, Llandettou, Llanddettuye or even St Tetti is a parish to the south of Talybont on Usk. Located here are ruins of an iron age fort, and a Roman road passing straight through. By the Norman period it became part of the Manor of Pencelli, with sheep farms and a deer park, which was broken up over time into several demesne, of which Wenallt Manor became a separate part. The parish church almost in disuse, being near a river in an oval enclosure suggests early Celtic origins, dedicated to a Saint Tetta, of whom I think it best to say no more, the current building is 14th century with alterations in 1872. The area therefore has a very long and illustrious history.

The Usk canal (still in use) came in 1797 with moderate new settlement at Talybont and with the widening of the B-Road, the railways c.1860 and Talybont lake in 1930 ruined much of the ancient and medieval dwellings near the church, in the northern hamlet of Vro. There were also several other manors in the parish, the south part of Llandetty, the hamlet of Dyffryn consisting of farms and sheep walks.

Early Origins of Wenallt
Wenallt is an area in the northern part of the parish, the extent of which contained the manor and church. There may well have been farms present from the very earliest times in some form, considering the above ancient remains, at the sites of either Upper or Lower Wenallt, Upper in this context meaning 'most important', but Lower has an older mediaeval 16thC longhouse, and was split into 2 parts, possibly 4, for its management as a Manor from an early date. Danywenallt, Pantywenallt & Upper & Lower Wenallt farms are suggestive of this, and may even have been a split through Welsh inheritance laws called 'gavelkind' prior to 1536.

W.Rees quotes mention of Wenallt in his compilation map of the 1300s, the document of which I am currently trying to locate Wenallt Map 1300, but mention is not found frequently until the 1500s. The literal translation of the name is white hill, no doubt taken from the hill fort of the same name. On a higher level gwen, the feminine of gwyn could be associated with goodness, cleanliness or distinguishment. You could even stretch it to be being associated with a Lady Gwen. The lord of the manor is always described as 'of Wenallt' but could well have been based at Llandetty Hall, although no history prior to 1650 is found for that house, so we may also consider the ruling families living and split between Upper and Lower Wenallt farms.

Lordship of Pencelli
Also spelt Penkelly, Penkethly, Penketheley. In the Norman period Wenallt Manor was one of many under the stewardship of Pencelli Manor, appurtenant to the Manor of Brecon held under the Earl of Hereford in the 'Marches of Wales' for the Crown which was held by many distinguished persons, the steward of which was based at Pencelli castle. It comprised of the commottes of Llanfrigan, Llandetty, Llanfrynach, Vaynor, parts of Llansanffraed & Llanfilo within the Cantref of Talgarth, which from 1536 were known as parishes within the Hundred of Pencelli. The name in Welsh signifies 'head of the woods', it being extensively forested for many millennia. Pencelli Castle was a ruin by 1400. Synonymous with the Lordship was the Barony of Pencelli, the purpose of which was to raise a number of trained armed knights to fight at the side of the Royal Household.

Wenallt therefore was due the usual customs to Pencelli & Brecon castle, such as prise of ale, cows, flour, military service, tithes and taxes when it was a feudal manor. Wales suffered an apartheid at that time, Wenallt being in 'English Pencelli' and therefore run under English law to 1536 and beyond, split from 'Welsh' Pencelli around 1283. It appears that it parted company with Brecon manor on the inheritance of Mary & Eleanor, da. of Humphrey de Bohun in 1373. Eleanor gets Brecon, and Mary the 'other bits' including Pencelli and marries Henry IV. This partition was contested up until Henry VI. No doubt there was a Welsh speaking community here in service upon the farms, with John Morgan himself claiming descent from the ancient native princes. By around 1750 it was split into 5 different Lordships, English, Welsh, Cwmorgwm, Glyncollwm, Wenallt and Cwmbanw, the boundaries intermingled which led to many disputes, each with a Court Leet, of which tenants might attend 2 of.

Civil War In Llandetty
An ideal and quiet hamlet, the most exciting thing to allegedly happen here was that after the eviction of the parish priest, Richard Williams in 1650, Colonel Jenkin Jones of Maesmawr, Parliamentarian built or extended Llanddetty Hall and supposedly milked his sheep in the church, although he was vicar of Cadoxton-juxta-Neath (and after 6 years vacant, rector of Llandetty). He became a fierce anti-Catholic, embracing Puritanism, known as a "zealous preacher" throughout the country although he was not averse to using violence and force of arms to stress his point. By evidence of papers from the period a John Morgan of Wenallt, related to him, assisted in his shenanigans in the district as a self appointed captain, providing uniforms for his regiment that fought at Gloucester.

On hearing of the return of Charles II a muster of 500 people gathered in the churchyard, whence Jenkin was summarily arrested by Henry Williams of Llangattock, later to be brother-in-law to the latter John's son, and taken to trial in London for sedition (apparently jailed in Carmarthen). Tradition has him firing his pistol into the church door uttering an obscenity. However the reports of the time state that armed guards were sent to the meeting, so any of these may have been the culprit. Jenkin's son who did land deals with troublesome Gunters of the area was also Sheriff of Brecon at this time who had replaced briefly Edward Williams of Gwernyfigin who seized many manors, even from his close family. Wenallt was not sequestered on the restoration, and a John Morgan of Wenallt is elected a commissioner for raising tax for the new king, so maybe he was a double agent or pardoned. Could he have informed his later relation Henry of the Llandetty meeting? Letters from the Parliamentary sequestration solicitor in Brecon, dated 1651 says John refused to give information about estates in the area when acting as sub-sequestration officer, perhaps protecting royalists? The above Capt.John Morgan maybe a nickname for Morgan Jones d.1660, whom many people suggest, as it is much too early a date for his son to have participated in the war (see ref.).

Lords of Wenallt Manor
Hugh Thomas (County Herald c.1693) details that the manor came to the Morgans via the marriage of Mallt ferch Howell of Maesmawr farm nearby to Morgan ap John c.1550, who's family originate from Aberysgyr, and according to genealogists descend lineally from Bleddyn Maenyrch last native lord of Brecknock. The advowson of the church comes to them via their marriage into the Vaughan family, from whom they buy Bronllys Castle.

With a generic family name being passed down alternatively in the forms of Morgan ap John & John ap Morgan by patronymic custom through the ages, the identities of the incumbent lord of the manor becomes difficult and muddled, as exampled previously, especially when the Manor of Wenallt is split into four farms of similar name, they may even have lived at a precursor of Llanddetty Hall. However there are no parish records or tombs relating to the Morgans in Llanddeti surviving, even those mentioned by Theo. Jones in 1809, we assume they were destroyed in the later revamp of the church or they were buried & married elsewhere.

Certain though is that Morgan Jones (also known as John Morgan?) left his estates in 1660 to his 3 sons, of which John ap Morgan gains all, who hastily married Mary Awbrey in that year, only daughter to Dr Thomas, chancellor St Davids (late of Llantrythid), with who came the marriage dowry of Palleg manor in 1666, according to a lease in the Tredegar papers (also evidenced by John Awbrey being executor of his son John's 1699 will, cousin Lewis Awbrey being enrolled in Llandetty c.1709, and an MS family tree by Hugh Thomas c.1693). In turn the estates go to son John ap Morgan c.1685, who married Anna Maria da. of James Brailsford, haberdasher of London.

With only one son produced, John senior dies in the same year as two of his brothers in 1699, leaving everything to wife Anna Maria who outlives 5 of the testators in the will and her son, and remarries James Hughes of Gelliwig, Llanvetherine around 1709, becoming Lord & Lady of Wenallt and patrons of the church briefly. They proceed to pull down farms and orchards on their combined estates (presumably to improve them, the court says to spoil them) throughout Glamorgan and Brecon. A surviving nephew-in-law, Edward Williams of Llangattock who is being cared for by William Morgan of Llangasty Tal-Y-Llyn, a surviving Uncle to John contests this misuse in the High Court in 1717, and gains part of their estates. Anna then arranges the marriage of her daughter Anna Maria to Edward, who by this route comes into possession of Palleg by dowry, but he dies in 1726, leaving Palleg again to mother-in-law Anna. More on this complex issue is found in my thesis on Palleg Manor.

I think it remarkable to note that the brothers Charles, John & Thomas Morgan all died in 1698-9. Charles's will after his death was contested by his brother William in 1698. He produced the supposed original will to the church court where he is named as the executor, not Thomas, remarking at why his older brother John is not mentioned and why his younger brother should inherit in the contested will. The will stood because there were so many prominent witnesses. Thomas and John thereafter shortly died in 1699. A family feud and mystery murder maybe? Wenallt became part of the Buckland estate nearby around 1714, with its supposed purchase by Roger Jones a distant cousin and thence the Gwynne family and continued so until a Mr Berry, all of Buckland House nearby. He was visited by Lloyd George and bought the title Lord Buckland, which included most of the Lordship of Pencelli. Whence he died the separate parts including Wenallt Manor were auctioned to the public in 1935.

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Lords of Wenallt Manor

1520 Morgan ap Dafydd d.c.1560
1560 John ap Morgan d.c.1580
1580 Morgan ap John d.c.1600
1600 John ap Morgan d.c.1620
1620 Morgan John d. 1660
1660 John Morgan d.c.1685
1685 John Morgan d.1699
1699 widow Anna Maria in minority of John Morgan
1709 James Hughes & Anna Maria
1717 Contested by William Morgan
1727 sold? to Roger Jones of Buckland d.1741
1741 widow Roger Jones
1756 sold to Roderick Gwynne of Glanbrane, Carmarthen d.1756
1762 widow Hon. Anne Howe, da. of Lord Chedworth
1809 s. Thomas Howe Gwynne of Buckland House d.1826
1826 s.Roderick Gwynne Buckland House d.1830
1830 da. Anna Maria Eleanor m.James Price Holford, Esq of Kilgyn, Carm.
1883 s.James Price William Gwynne-Holford Jnr
1916 sold to Mr Berry, Merthyr bought title Lord Buckland
1926 widow to Mr Berry
1935 Buckland Estates sold off including Wenallt farms and manorial rights.

1774 Occupier: Wenallt (William James)


Reference Section

P.R.O: Public records Office. N.L.W. National Library Wales. P.C.A.: Powys County Archives. G.C.A.: Glamorgan County Archive.


Morgans of Wenallt

  • Notes on Pedigree: The family tree is primarily based on the work of others, with my own contribution & correction. Most trees state Morgan Jones d.1660 was the father of John Morgan d.1699, the evidence suggests otherwise. The extant wills of John's brothers Charles & Thomas also proved in 1699 name a John Morgan as being the father of John Morgan d.1699, and him having a will, however I find none such despite extensive searching in PRO, Ancestry, NLW, PCC, therefore this could be a nickname. They also mention an Aunt Jane and Uncle William, as scribed from Llanddeti M.I. by Theo Jones, being children of Morgan Jones and of having brothers Hugh and Thomas, NOT on that tomb. The Oxford Alumni also give John Morgan as father to Thomas & Charles, brothers (born c.1673) in 1690. The John who died in 1699 only had one son, John and mentions siblings Hugh, William and Mary, also mentioned in a 1717 court case. There is also an MSS in the British Library written by Thomas Hugh c.1668, related to the family, which supports my version of the tree, so not a correction after all, just an oversight by others. Therefore I insert a new generation here based on those original wills & documents.

    The Morgan Jones d.1660 connected with this family seems the obvious choice for grandfather, and has some distant connection with Jenkin Jones of Llandetty Hall. To further confuse matters there are scores of documents describing a John Morgan being partner in crime with Jenkin Jones in Llandetti during the Civil War 1642-60, much too early I feel to be Morgan Jones's son unless he was born in 1620, 30 years previous to his other siblings. The patron of Llanddetty in 1626 is suggested as being in the minority of a John Morgan (under 21 years) so there could be credence to that, and Morgan Jones erroneously placed in the tree. Therefore...I suggest hesitantly that this was either:

    • The nickname for Morgan Jones in the civil war as proposed by others
    • OR that the dates for the family should be pushed back
    • OR Morgan Jones be removed from this family tree
    • Otherwise it is a close relation, at a stretch Morgan Jones' father John at around 60 yrs old

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  • Morgan Jones 1600-1660. Grandfather to John Morgan d.1699

  • Notes on Wenallt & Morgan Jones from Brit Lib, Vaughan of Newton pedigree, Harley MS., 2,289, f. 39. in Henry Vaughan the Silurist Online Book Note 349, Morgan Tree

  • P.R.O. C 3/77/110. Chancery Proceeding. Short title: Gowghe v Jones. Plaintiffs: Thomas ap Jevan Gowghe. Defendants: Morgan Jones. Subject: property in Llanthetty, Breconshire.Date: 1558-1579

  • P.C.C. PROB 11: Will Registers Piece 302: Nabbs, Quire Numbers 1660 268, p.69 i.72. Text: Jones, Morgan, Wenallt, Llanthetty, Brecon. 9th Jan 1659. Estates of Glyn Collwng in p.Lanvigan, Lanthety, Llangasty Tal Y Llyn, Llanvihangell to Elanor, Anne, Jane, Mary for 9 years to receive profits, after to s.William & £10 a year, residue to s.Charles & £10 a yr. Glyn Collwng to eldest s. John. Francis wife, Manor house, goods, crops, animals & messuages, if she marries goods to s.John. Executor s.John. Witness: Lewis Morgan, William Whitney, Henry? Morgan. Proved 6 Sept 1660. Ancestry Online Document

  • Llandetty M.I. Morgan Jones d. 2 May 1660 esq m. Frances Vaughan da Charles esq. issue John, Charles, William, Elinor, Anne, Jane, Mary (Jones, Brecknock 1809)


    Captain John Morgan
    As discussed previously, the identity of this chap of Wenallt is not certain, it could be the grandfather, father or grandson!

  • Online Transcript 'Cardiff Times' - Brecon, Part 1 ; 24.8.1895. 25th Oct 1651 Edward Williams, Gwernfygin sequestration solicitor. Mentions non cooperation of John Morgan, Llandetty, sub sequestration solicitor, <1649. Suggestion that this may be Morgan Jones

  • 'Volume G 263: September 1659', Calendar, Committee for Compounding: Part 1 Mary Anne Everett Green (ed) 1889. Sept. 19. Sequester of estates 31. List of proposed sub-commissioners for South Wales: ... Capt. John Morgan, Llanthetty, co. Brecon. Online Transcript Suggestion that this may be Morgan Jones

  • Civil war Jenkin Jones and a leading member of his congregation at Llanddetty, John Morgan, used force of arms in favour of their candidate John Lewis (ref??) Suggestion that this may be Morgan Jones

  • Patron of Llandetty Church; 1626+33 minority of John Morgan Llanddeti. (Theo Jones, 'Brecknock' 1809 Vol 2).

  • See also Jenkin Jones for more ref, below.


    John Morgan 1640-1685. Son to Morgan Jones

  • m. Mary da. of Sir Thomas Awbrey, Llantrythid c.1660. Note, many trees do not state any issue from this liaison, but 5 children turn up in 1700 giving a John Morgan as their father. Issue: William, Mary, John, Charles, Hugh, Thomas.

  • N.L.W. Tredegar MS 121/125: [c.1747] Deductions made from the estimated rental for Palleg. (Sale of Palleg, Edward William to Thomas Morgan) Mentions post nuptial deed dated 1666 between John Morgan and Mary his wife and Lewis Gunter for the use of Palleg.

  • Statutes of the Realm: volume 5: 1628-80 John Raithby (editor)1819 p.325-348. Charles II, 1661: Commissioners For the County of Brecon ... John Morgan of Wenalt raising money for king restoration. Online Transcript

    An Alphabetical Account of the Nobility and Gentry, by Richard Blome, 1673. p.112 John Morgan Llandetty Online Book

    Summary of the sale of Bronllys castle

  • Ref no. B 24. Title Receipts for £30 and £240 for the castle and lands of Bronllys, 1679, May 30-June 2. Summary Receipts from William Vaughan to John Morgan of Wenallt, co. Brec., for the sums of £30 and £240 for the castle and lands of Broynellis.

  • Ref no. B 25. Title Release of the castle and other m's in Bronllys, 1679, June 2. Summary 1 William Vaughan of Trephillip, co. Brec.; and Anne his wife. 2 John Morgan of Wenallt. Release of the castle and other m's in p. Broynellis, co. Brec.

  • Ref no. B 26. Title Bond for the performance of covenants, 1679, June 2. Summary 1 William Vaughan, of Trephillip, p. Broynellis, co. Brec. 2 John Morgan of Wenallt. Bond for the performance of covenants.

  • Ref no. B 30. Title Release of the castle and castle lands in Bronllys, 1684/5, Jan. 4. Summary 1 Roger Vaughan of St Giles, Westminster. 2 John Morgan of Wenallt, co. Brec. Release of the castle and castle lands of Broynlys, co. Brec.

  • Ref no. B 31. Title Bond for the suffering of a recovery of the castle and castle lands in Bronllys, 1684/5, Jan. 4. Summary 1 Roger Vaughan of St Giles, Westminster. 2 John Morgan of Wenallt, co. Brec. Bond for the suffering of a recovery of the Castle and Castle lands of Broynlys, co. Brec.

  • Ref no. B 33. Title Release of m's in Bronllys, 1685, Dec. 2. Summary 1 William Vaughan of Tre Phillip, co. Brec., and Ann his wife. 2 John Morgan of Wenallt. Release of m's in p. Broynllys, co. Brec.

  • Ref no. B 34. Title Deed to lead the uses of a recovery of the castle and castle lands in Bronllys, 1685/6, March 1. Summary 1 Roger Vaughan of p. St Giles, Middlesex. 2 John Morgan of Wenallt, co. Brec. 3 William Morgan, of Wenallt. Deed to lead the uses of a recovery to be suffered of the Castle of Broynllys and the lands thereto belonging.

  • Ref no. B 35. Title Grant of closes of land in Bronllys, 1689, Aug. 31. Summary 1 William Vaughan, of Trephillip, co. Brec., and Anne, his wife. 2 John Morgan of Wenallt. Grant of closes of land in p. Broynlys.


  • William Morgan 1651-1741, Llangasty Tal Y Llyn. Son to Morgan Jones

  • Alumini Oxford. Morgan, William s. "Morgan Jones," of Llanthetty, co. Brecon, p.p. Jesus Coll., matric. 8 March, 1671-2, aged 18. [25]

  • 'Calendar of deeds and documents & Deeds' at National Library of Wales ed by Green, Francis 1921. Vol 1 THE COLEMAN DEEDS D.D. 33. p.11 Lease for a Year, dated 24 December 1721, (so that a grant by release might be made), from David Morgan of the parish of Llansamfread, co. Brecon, yeoman to William Morgan of the parish of Llangasty Tallyllyn, in the aforesaid county, of the messuage commonly called Tyr pen y pentrey together with the several closes called Close y jordd las, Llanacka, Yr wrlod vach tri kyjer, Kae dych law forth yssa, Kae duch law jordd ycha, and Kae bach tan y tuy, situate in the aforesaid parish of Llansamffread. Witnesses : Aaron Jones, Henry Williams, William Morgan. Online Book

  • N.L.W. Milborne Family 1524. 1741, April 14. Receipt for the sum of £5 from Rice Williams formerly of the parish of Cantreff, now of the parish of Llandety [co. Brecknock], gent., to William Morganes of the parish of Llangasey tall y Llym [sic].

  • The National Archives; Kew, England; PCC: Will Registers; Class: PROB 11/717/55. 6th March 1737. Proved, 4 Mar 1741 Name: William Morgan. Llangastey Talyllyn. Burial Llanthetty. Mansion, Bronllys bought from Thomas Cecill, lands in Bronllys, Talgarth to wife Margaret da.John Prosser, after her to Edward Williams nephew Llangattock s.of Edward desc., with £200 charged to those estates for the 2nd s. or da. of Edward on their m. or 21yr. Livestocks, crops, goods, bonds, to wife. £140 bond from sale of land Cantref from Jenkin Price, Brecon to wife. £238 from John Prosser to David Perrot to mortgage property of John Watkin, Bronllys, to wife. Mansion in Llangasty of David Perrot, property Llangorse of Fforster to wife. William Vaughan, Tregare, £100 bond due back. Lent £100 for mortgage of Danyrwenallt, Llantethy occ.Margaret William Jenkin to Ann Maddocks, niece. Edward & Thomas s. of Edw. Vaughan by niece Mary late wife, £50. Thomas & David s. of kinsman Thomas Vaughan desc., Skethrog, £10. Niece Sussana wife of Samuel Walters ironmonger, Brecon £100. Loggyrewin, Llangattock bought of Edward Lewis to Charles Vaughan nephew & Rebecca wife desc., & Margaret, Frances, Ann da. (under 21) Skethrog, to raise £100 each from the estate, then to s. William. All other estates Llangasty, Llanvihangel, Vaynor, Llanthetty, Llanvigan to Charles Vaughan. Poor of Llangasty & Llanthetty £5 each. Charles Vaughan executor.
    Codisil 27th Sept 1739: Lands in Vaynor & Llanvigan to Edw.Williams. Ancestry Online Document. Possibly also LlGC De N.L.W. BR1731-112

  • William Morgan MD d 1741 age 90 of Wenallt moved to Llangasty Tal y Llyn. Doctor of Medicine. Buried in Lladetty church (tomb under the communion table, moved?).


    John Morgan 1665-1699. Grandson to Morgan Jones.

  • Owner/occupier of Wenallt Manor. Barrister-at-law. Patron of Llanddeti church.

  • 1stm.: Anna Maria 1665-1729 of unknown origins. s.John Morgan, 1685-1700 no issue.

    London Court Cases

  • 31 Jan 1717 London Court Case, P.R.O. C 11/1882/89. Edward Williams vs Ann Maria Hughes, Llangattock. 1717 Plaintiffs: Edward Williams, gent aged 20 years of Llangattock, Crickhowell, Breconshire, infant (eldest son and heir of Mary Williams deceased, late wife of Henry Williams, esq deceased, late of Llangattock and sister and heir of John Morgan, gent deceased, late of Wenalt, Breconshire) (by William Morgan, gent of Llangasty Tal-y-llyn, Breconshire).. [photoed & transcribed]

  • 1728 London Court Case, P.R.O. C 11/1314/1 Aunely v Williams. John Auneley, upholder of Bristol and Frances Auneley his wife. Defendants: Henry Williams, gent John Powell, gent and Anna Maria Powell his wife, Edward Williams, Anna Maria Hughes, widow, Benjamin Nicholas and William Morgan, gent.

    Other Documents

  • N.L.W. Milborne 1360. Date: 1683 1. John Morgan of Wenn-allt, co. Breckncok, esq.;. 2. Thomas Prichard of Gilston, parish of Llanveygan, yeoman. Lease for 99 years of y Tay ar y fforth vawr and closes called y Rhandir ar yr Heol vawr and Tir y fforth las, parish of Llanveygan.

  • N.L.W. Tredegar estate 378. Letter from James Herbert to John Morgan, esq., concerning the proposed purchase of the Langattocke estate, 1692, Aug. 12.

  • N.L.W. Cardiff MS 3.372. Title Matthew Parry letter, 1694. Letter from Matthew Parry, Hay, 1694, to John Morgan, esq, Wennalt, relating to the exchange of a parcel of land in Broynllys.

  • Will of John Morgan [Johannis Morgan] 24 Jan 1699, proved 7th April 1700.
    P.C.C.: Will Registers; Class: PROB 11; Piece: 455. Ancestry.co.uk. Codicil Date: 27 Apr 1700 Also N.L.W. Brecon Probate Records, 1660-1858 (WlAbNL)3650002 BR/1699/64. Also N.L.W. Ref no. 30/8 Tredegar. N.L.W Online Document Ancestry Online Document

  • Will Summary: Estates to Anna, given £100 a year and right to distrain lands of son John Morgan as he is under 21. If he dies all lands go to wife, if she dies all to William, then Hugh brothers, then Mary sister (married Henry Williams, Llangattock). To wife, furniture, appliances etc. Gold watch to wife's sister. To be buried under £20, privately. Residence: Wenatt, Breconshire, Wales.

    Codisil 1st March 1699. If Anna maria has a child by me after dead his son John shall pay £1000 to him. Annuls payment of £200 to Henry Williams, he had dealing with his father Morgan John that were not fulfilled. £500 was due to him also through dowry which is witheld until estates are settled (still waiting from 1660), if not buy land for him. henry empowered to sell land held with his mother. Witness James Brailsford, John Cruso, James Robert Bernard.

    Wife: Anna Maria Morgan. Brothers: William, Hugh, Henry. Sister: Mary (Brother in law Henry Williams). Cousin John Maddox. Cousin ... Games, Tregare. Cousin Richard Jenkins of Hensall. Cousin Lewis Awbrey of Llanthetty (Llanddeti). Mentions Ben Maddox & brother Milbourne. Elizabeth da of cousin Ian/Jan. Dear friend William Powell of Llangattock, Clarke. Guardian and executor John Awbrey (Llantrythid), John Morgan (son), Anna Maria (wife), Richard Jenkins, Lewis Awbrey (rector Llandetty), William Powell (Llangattock).


    Mary Morgan Grandaughter to Morgan Jones

  • Williams, Henry, to Morgan, Mary. : 1692 Jan. 9. In Marriage bonds Notes Marriage at Llanddeti, Breconshire. Title: Williams, Henry, to Morgan, Mary. : 1692 Jan. 9. N.L.W. Brecon B 48/15


  • Charles Morgan 1673-1699 of Llanvigan (late of Wenallt) . Grandson to Morgan Jones

  • Morgan, Charles gent. Jesus Coll., matric. 5 March, 1690-1, a student of Middle Temple 1693, (b.1673) as 3rd son of John, of Wenalt, co. Brecon, esq.; brother of Thomas same date. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714 Joseph Foster (editor) 1891. Online Trancript

  • Title Charles Morgan, Wenallt, Llanddeti, Brecon Probate Records, 13th Feb 1698. Proved 23 Jan 1699. N.L.W. BR/1699/53/W. Details: All lands in Talgarth, Bronllys (bought by father from John Jenkin of Bronllys) sold for debt. Estates in Llanvigan, Bronllys, Vaynor to pay debts. All to brother Thomas, default to brother William (& £14) then, then Uncle William (late of Wenallt) . Aunt Jane Morgan (£10). Dear friend Hugh Lloyd, Danyrallt silver hilt sword release of debt. £1000 bond to Charles from brother William cancelled if he lives to receive fathers legacy from 1660, which he gave up the rights to...then £100 to him and debts, mortgages be paid off. Executor Uncle William Morgan. Witness Hugh Powell, William Millward, Maddock Watkins, Thomas Jones, Charles Williams, Richard Thomas.

  • Will contested by William Morgan, Llansanffraed brother said original will was in his own hand. Produces it, dated 13th Feb 1698, proved 14th Nov 1699, but not looking like a usual will. Says therin William to be sole executor. Witness as previous. Notes that his father would not have left all to his younger brother and his older John is not mentioned therin. The above will stood. NLW Online Document

  • Theophillus Jones (1809) says he is younger brother of a John Morgan who was given lands in Glamorgan. Wenallt sold to Jones of Buckland relations after Charles line failed.


  • William Morgan 1673-?. Grandson to Morgan Jones.
  • Statutes of the Realm: volume 7: 1695-1701. John Raithby (editor). 1820. Pages 8-61. William III, 1695-6: An Act for granting to His Majesty an Aid of Four Shillings in the Pound for carrying on the War against France. Commissioners For the County of Brecon ...William Morgan of Wenalt. Online Trancript
  • Contests will of Charles Morgan, brother in 1699, above.


  • Thomas Morgan 1671-1699. Grandson to Morgan Jones

  • Thomas Morgan rector of Llanddeti, bond to David Morgan BR/ 1695/66 N.L.W. Online Will (This appears to be Thomas's proved will, so no idea how it relates to the below, consider the contest by Charles above)
  • Thomas Morgan, Rector Llandetty, 2nd Feb 1698, Proved July 1699. PROB 11: Will Registers. Piece 451: Pott, Quire Numbers 86-128 (1699) p.262. i.264. Father, John Morgan left £100 to him through brother John Morgan. Given to brother William £10, brother Charles £10 if dead to Uncle William. Brother Hugh £10. Uncle William, £50. Aunt Jane £10. Niece Mary Williams £5. Frances William £5. Poor Llandetti 20s. Thomas Davies shoemaker, Cambridge & Tabitha Punkins? gold ring each. All else to Uncle William, executor. Witness Thomas Mathews, Thomas Watson, Robert Carrow. Ancestry Online Document

  • Morgan, Thomas s. John, of Wenalt, co. Brecon, gent. Jesus Coll., matric. 5 March, 1690-1, aged 19; brother of Charles same date. Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714 Joseph Foster (editor) 1891. Online Trancript


    Yeomen, Llanddeti with Morgan or Jones Name

  • Morgan Thomas, Llanddeti. 1660 Brecon Probate N.L.W. BR1660-94. wife Johan Edwards. da. Anne ap Morgan. s. Edward ap Morgan. NLW Online Document

  • Thomas Jones Llanddeti. Brecon Probate: 1677. NLW BR1677-48. Mary wife, executor all other chattels goods & Tyr Gwern Garav for debts. da. Mary & Ann Jones £100 and Tyr Cae Madocke? Margaret Jones da. house £20. s. John table, bed. Juana da. £10 &40s. NLW Online Doc

  • Morgan Thomas llandety. 1678 Brecon Probate BR1678-66. Howell Thomas exec. NLW Online Doc

  • Howell Morgan Llanddeti : 1682. Brecon Probate BR1682-92. br. Abraham. sis. Mary. witness Howell John, Thomas Prosser NLW Online Doc

  • Thomas Morgan Llanddeti : 1695. Brecon Probate Thomas Morgan : bond, 1695. BR1695-66. Exec. David Morgan NLW Online Doc

  • David Morgan Llanddeti: will, 1709. Brecon Probate. BR1709-74. s. Morgan & William David (under 16). Morgan David exec. NLW Online Doc


  • Jenkin Jones 1623-1677. Maesmawr & Llanddetty Hall N.L.W. Autobiog

  • Jones, Jenkin s. John, of Llanthettye, co. Brecon, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 29 March, 1639, aged 16; vicar of Cadoxton-juxta-Neath, co. Glamorgan, until ejected 1660; became a Catabaptist. See Calamy, iii. 500. Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714 Joseph Foster (editor)1891

  • 'Sufferings of the Clergy' by John Walker. W.S. 1714. (Llandetty p.409)

  • Brycheiniog - Vol. 3 1957 Episodes in the history of Brecknoshire dissent Online Transcipt. Captain John Jenkins, 1648

  • CIL-Y-CWM History, Lloyd, Sir John E., (Ed.). 2 vols., Cardiff, London Carmarthenshire Society (1935, 1939). Baptists 1620-1660. "A more innocuous body of Baptists had begun to make their way in the north-eastern angle of the county, along the old road from Llywel to Llandovery, into the parishes of Cilycwm and Llanfair ar y Bryn. They were the disciples of Jenkin Jones of Llanthetty in Brecknock, local squire of Ty Mawr, Roundhead captain, and Propagation approver....." Online Transcript GeniUK.

  • 'Architectural, Spiritual and Literary Convergences in England and Wales' by Joseph Sterrett, Peter Thomas. BRILL, 11 Nov 2011. Online Book p.163 Jenkin Jones & Anabaptists. Jenkin Jones

  • 'The Writing of Royalism 1628-1660' by Robert Wilcher Camb. Uni. Press, 2001. Online Book p.335 Jenkin jones, persecutor.

  • 'A Topographical Dictionary of Wales' Volume 2 By Samuel Lewis 1834 - Jenkin Jones entry Online Book

  • History of Parliament Trust Publication. 1767-1830 Journal of the House of Lords: volume 7: 1644. Jenkin Jones sent for, for insulting the Earl of Lincoln, at Sir R. Carr's. The House was informed, "That the Earl of Lyncolne, a Member of this House, going to visit Sir Rob't Carr, was affronted and uncivilly used, by one Jenkin Jones, in the said Sir Rob't's House." It is Ordered, That Jenkin Jones be summoned to appear before this House To-morrow Morning, to answer his said Misdemeanor to the said Earl; who is desired to send his Witnesses at the Time aforesaid, to be examined by this House, concerning the said Jenkin Jones. Online Transcript

  • N.L.W. Penpont. Documents 588. (Also 844) 1. Edmond Jones of Lansoy, co. Monmouth, esq., and Jenkin Jones of Landdetty, co. Brecknock gent.;. 2. John Games of Lanvigan, co. Brecknock gent. Grant of messuages in the parishes of Dyvonnock, Lanspithitt, and Lanvihangell tall y Llyn, co. Brecknock; together with Power Of Attorney to William Jones of Buckland, co. Brecknock gent., for the delivery of the seisin of the same.1654, Sept. 30.

  • Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1660-1. Mary Anne Everett Green (editor). 1860. P.124-150 July 19.Hay.7. Col. Henry Williams to Capt.-Lieut. John Powell. Is informed of an intended meeting at Llanthetty of disaffected persons from cos. Glamorgan, Monmouth, Brecon, and Radnor, which may be of dangerous consequence. Requires him to repair thither with his soldiers, and secure and bring before himself some of the most considerable of each county.
    July 23. Hay. 29. Col. Henry Williams to the King. Hearing of an intended assembly of seditious persons at a preaching at Llanthetty, co. Brecon, and having the command of the militia, sent a few officers and soldiers to disperse them; 500 or 600 were assembled, who used force, but at length the leaders were secured. Asks directions. Encloses,
    29. i. Examination of [Lieut-Col.] John Powell and Richard Jones. Went with Col. Williams last Sunday to demand account of a great meeting at Llanthetty, where were persons from several neighbouring counties; they were attacked by the people at instigation of Jenkin Jones, late captain, but pursued Jenkins to his house, and got engagements from some chief persons of Brecon, for their appearance before Council.
    July 23. 29. ii. Examination of Edm. Rogers, and others. Some of Jones' assistants said they would be even with them before Michaelmas, and that the present Government would not last long, and might even be altered within a week. Online Transcipt

  • Edward Hughes, lawyer, Brecon bought Llandetty Hall after the restoration c.1660

  • N.L.W. Penpont 883 1677, Dec. 29 RELEASE of trusteeships created by the will of Jenkin Jones of Llandetty, co. Brecknock gent., deceased.

    Relations to Jenkin Jones

  • The baronetage of England By John Debrett. J. G. & F. Rivington, 1839. Joanna da. John Jones Llandetty Court sister to Jenkin Jones A Puritan leader m. John Walsham Knill Court, Hereford. She lived Llandetty Court. Online Book Also The Peerage Online Article Also A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire ed.Henry Colburn, 1839 - Baronetage Online Book

  • Brycheiniog - Vol. 8 1962 Religion in post-restoration Brecknockshire 1660-1688 NLW Online Article Lewis Jones, cousin to Jenkin Jones

  • Jones, Barzillai s. Jenkin, of Llanthetty, co. Brecon, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 10 July, 1668, aged 13; B.A. 12 Feb., 1671-2, M.A. 1674; dean of Lismore in Ireland 1683-90, treasurer of Waterford cathedral 1684-6, chancellor 1686-90, attainted by James II., declined to take the oaths to King William and Queen Mary; father of James 1696, and of the next-named, and of Ormond 1708. See Cotton's Fasti Ecc. Hib. i. 169. [5] Online Transcript

  • N.L.W. Penpont 877-878 1676, July 3 1. Barbara Jones of the parish of Llanthetty co. Brecknock widow, and Barzillay Jones of the town of Cardiffe, co. Glamorgan, esq., and Elizabeth, his wife; 2. John Williams of Penpont, co. Brecknock clerk. LEASE AND RELEASE [mortgage for £200] of two messuages in Penpont, parish of Llanspethitt.

  • Elizabeth m. William Jones, brother of Colonel Jenkin Jones, of Llanddetty. GAMES OF PEYTIN, NEWTON, ABERBRAN, BUCKLAND Online Transcript


    Llandetti Memorial Inscriptions (Theo Jones, Brecknock 1809)

  • Jenkin Jones Talyllyn d.1623 m. Blanche da. James Benoyr of Moore. Issue Thomas, Lewis Water, Mathew, Robert, Lewis

  • Lewis Awbrey MA rector llanddetty d.1713

  • Howel John Howel Walter Thomas Hir ap Gwilym Thomas ap Griffith ap Owen Gethin d.1628 m. Elizabeth da John Thomas, Llanfrynach issue Thomas, Margaret, Gwenllian, Elizabeth, Gwladis, Jonet, Ann, Johan, Mary

  • John Gunter & John Gunter junior Dan Y Darren, d.1692

  • Rev John Davies of Llandetty church d.1727

  • Thomas Powell of Maesmawr d.1693 left estate to mother. Cousin John Water, Brecon. da m.Sir Halswell Tynte. 2nd son took name Jones and moved to Buckland, Ty Mawr & Neuadd. George Lewis descendant bought maesmawr from Tyntes.


    Deeds & Documents Relating to Wenallt & Llandetty

    Deeds & Documents, Wenallt

  • Wennalth, Wennallt, Wenallt, Wennat, Wenatt, Wenalt, Wenn-allt

  • D. T. M. Jones & Co. 895. 1736, Dec. 29. Summary Inquisition by virtue of a writ of elegit that William Williams was seized of the messuages and lands called Tyr dan y Wenallt and Tyr ? Wayne, parish of Llanthetty, co. Brecknock, and Tyr blaen clais vare, parish of Llangunider, a moiety of which are to be delivered to Anthony Price and John Jenkin until the debt and damages are paid. ?Copy.

  • G.C.A. DLH/110 Gwynne Holford family Presentments etc of the manor of Wenallt otherwise Pencelli 1745-1869

  • N.L.W. Maybery Family. 6845. 1751, Oct. 1. Warrant from John Phillipps, steward, to William Morris, bailiff of the manor of Wenallt, asking him to summon tenants and resiants to attend the court legit of Sir John Pryce, bart., to be held at the dwelling house of Aubrey William in the parish of Llanthetty,.

  • N.L.W. Maybery Family. 6846. Title List of tenants in the parishes of Llanvigan and Llanthetty in the manor of Wennallt, 1751.

  • N.L.W. Maybery 5495.Title Warrant to the bailiff of the manor of Wenallt to summon the manor court in a dwelling house in Llanthetty ..., 1752, Oct. 1

  • P.C.A. B/D/ACA/1/194 Abercamlais collection. Settlement (copy) 1. Sackville Gwynne of Glanbrane, co.Carm., esq.; Catherine, his wife Conveying uses to 2. of deer park and cap. m. etc. ... Wenallt (William James). 17 Aug 1774 Online Transcript

  • N.L.W. Maybery Family, 1560. Jan 1835,. Summary Receipt for £30.9.0 paid for fencing 101 1/2 perches on Wenallt issa farm in Llanddetty in the occupation of Messrs Overton, Scroope and Morgan.

  • P.C.A. B/D/JPO/23/33 Jeffreys and Powell. survey entitled 'MANORS OF WELSH PENCELLI, PENCELLI CASTLE, ENGLISH PENCELLI & WENALLT' 1898 Online Transcript

  • G.C.A. DSA/20/742 Stephenson & Alexander, XXXIV.15 (34.15) 2nd edition. c1900 Dan-y-Wenallt Isaf Farm

  • P.C.A. P/X/51/12 Stephenson & Alexander. Sales particular for Dan-y-Wenallt Isaf Farm & woodlands, ps. Llandetty & Llanveigan Date / Dyddiad 26 Jun 1914

  • P.C.A. B/D/RW/13 Robertson Williams Papers. Sale particulars of the Buckland Estate 1935. Lot 40: Wenallt-Uchaf Farm, Llanddetty Lot 41: Wenallt-Isaf Farm, Llanddetty. Lot 42: Llanddetty Hall Farm. Lot 43: Llanddetty Cottage. Lot 44: Llanddetty Old Rectory. Lot 45: Manorial rights of Pencelli Castle, Wenallt, English Pencelli, Scethrog, Pencelli-Cwmorgan, Gilestone, Welsh Pencelli, Pencelli Glyncollwyn. Online Transcript

  • P.C.A. P/X/23/51 Sales Particulars. Dan-y-Wenallt-Isaf, Talybont-on-Usk Date / Dyddiad 29 Aug 1947

  • P.C.A. B/DX/21/4 Deeds rel to Grove Cottage, Llangynidr conveyance 1. Reynallt Williams of Lower Wenalt, 16 Jun 1960

    Leases & Deeds, Llandetty

  • N.L.W. Milborne Family 1506. 1589, Sept. 10. James Rees and Watkin ap Ievan both of Llangastey, co. Brecknock, yeomen;. 2. John Willim. Bond for the observance of the award of John Howell and John Morgan, gentlemen, arbitrators.

  • N.L.W. Badminton estate. Tretower manor court roll, 1633-1634 (9-10 Charles I). (C) 1633/4, 10 Jan. 'Magna Curia Baronis': ... Llanthetty tenen', ... Before Roger Evans, gent., deputy to Sir Henry Williams, high steward to Henry, Earl of Worcester. (Manorial) 70

  • N.L.W. Badminton estate. (Manorial) 72. Tretower manor court roll, 1639-1640 (15 Charles I). (C) 1639/40, 9 Jan. 'Magna Curia Baronis': ..., Llanthetty tenen',... Before John Herbert, gent., deputy to Henry Williams, esq. 1 court.

  • N.L.W. Badminton estate. (Manorial) 73. Tretower manor court roll, 1640-1641 (16 Charles I). (C) 1640/1, 14 Jan. 'Magna Curia Baronis' ...Llanthetty tenauntes;... Before John Herbert, deputy to Henry Williams, Esq., high steward to Henry, Earl of Worcester.

  • P.R.O. C 93/20/17 Description: BRECKNOCKSHIRE: Llanthetty Subject: Charity Date: A.D. 1650

  • N.L.W. AMA 1 Early Tredegar rentals (main series) 1652-1799 ...Llanddeti

  • NLW Deeds, 167. 1664/5, Jan. 31. 1 Edward Powell of Mase Mawr, p. Llanthette [Llanddeti], co. Brec., esq. 2 William Brydges of Tibberton, co. Her., esq. Bond in £1400 for the observance of covenants in tripartite indentures of equal date made between E. P. (1), W. B. and Sarah Brydges, one of his daughters (2), and John Brydges, esq., Thomas Carpender, esq., William Jones, esq., and John Games, gent (3). Seal. Annotated: 514'.

  • P.R.O. E 179/335/44 Description: Schedule of arrears (names) for one and a half years' collection of the hearth tax ending Michaelmas 1670. Brecknockshire: Penkelly hundred: Llanddeti;

  • Tredegar 124/407. 1729. Account of chief rents and comorthas paid in the parishes of...Llanthetty,... co. Brec.

  • N.L.W. Tredegar 124/408-15. 1729. Accounts of chief rents paid in... Llanthetty, ...

  • Maybery Family. 4866. Bill (draft) for inclosing lands in the several parishes of Llansaintfread, Llanvillo, Llanvigan, Llanfirnach, Llanthetty and Vaynor, co. Brecon, 1814.

    Books & Websites, Llanddetty

  • Vro VRO, a hamlet, in the parish of Llanthetty, hundred of Pencelly, union and county of Brecknock, South Wales, 7 miles (N.) from MerthyrTydvil; containing 324 inhabitants. It comprises a portion of the upper part of the Lesser Taf valley, which contains some pleasing scenery; and includes Tâf Vechan chapel, the living of which is a perpetual curacy, endowed with £800 royal bounty, and £200 parliamentary grant: patron, the Rector of Llanthetty parish.

  • DYFRYN, a hamlet, in the parish of Llanthetty, hundred of Pencelly, union and county of Brecknock, South Wales, 7 miles (S. E.) from Brecknock; containing 196 inhabitants. The parochial church is situated in this hamlet, which is bounded on the south by the Crawnon brook, and on the north-east by the river Usk. It is also traversed by the Brecknock canal, to which a tramroad leads, conveying lime from the Llangattock hills, and coal from the banks of the river Romney, also in Llangattock parish. The hamlet is extremely well wooded.

  • 'The itinerary of John Leland' c.1536. Vol III. Carbondale, S. Illinois Uni. Press. 1906. p.107-11 Pencelli Online Book

  • 'A History of the County of Brecknock' Vol II Part II by Theophillus Jones 1809. p.521 Llanddetty. p.391 Pencelli. Online Book. Vol II Part I. p.385 Marriage. p.331 William Morgan Llangasty. p.344 Marriage. Online Book

  • 'The Beauties of England and Wales' Edward Wedlake Brayley, John Britton. T. Maiden, 1815. p.89 Maesmawr p.92 Skethrog. Pencelli p.94 Online Book

  • 'A Topographical Dictionary of Wales' Volume 2 by Samuel Lewis, 1834. - Llanddetty Online Book. Online Book (1849 Ed)

    Online Link GeniUK, Llanddeti

  • Brycheiniog - Vol. 14 1970 The Gwynnes of Garth, c. 1712-1809 NLW Online Article

  • Maesmawr - British Listed Building Online Link

  • Llandetty Hall - British Listed Building Online Link

  • Maesmawr Brycheiniog - Vol. 11 1965 The houses of Breconshire Online Document

  • History of Talybont Reservoir by Martin Knight - retired geography teacher Online Document

  • History of Ty Mawr, Llangasty Tal Y Llyn Online Article

  • Buckland Hall History Online Document

  • Llandetty Hall Cpat - Database of Listed Buildings in Wales Online Document

  • Llandetty Church Cpat - Database of Listed Buildings in Wales Online Document


    Deeds & Documents Relating to Wider Llandetty

  • N.L.W. 1505. Milborne Family of Wonastow, Monmouthshire. 1583/4, March 24. 1. Joan vergh Ieuan, widow, Richard Phillipp, yeoman, and Morgan Rosser, yeoman, all of Llangaste, co. Brecknock;. 2. John Willim. Bond for the observance of the award of John Howell of Skethroge and John Morgan Davide ap John of Llanddettie, arbitrators.

  • N.L.W. Tredegar 114/52.1544/5, Feb. 24. 1. Llewellin ap Morgan ap Traharne of p. Breghvae, co. Mon.(?), yeoman, and Meredith ap Gwilim Rosser of p. Llandetty, [co. Brec.], gent. 2. Thomas ap David Gwyn' of p. Vaynor, co. Brec., yeoman. Mortgage in 10 marks of a tmt of lands formerly tyr Hoell' ap Hoell' in p. Vaynor. Boundaries mentioned: River called Tave, stone called vayn' y grynyn. Dated at le Vaynor. Latin.

  • N.L.W. Tredegar 123/32. 1596/7, Feb. 16. 1. Jenkin Lewis of Llanspethed, gent. 2. John William Edmond of Llandetty, gent. Grant of a tmt commonly called Tyr y Gavarthva in Llanspethed extending in length from the river called Tretarrelth up to a place called y Krwys lloydon and in width from the land of John Games, esq., to the land of John Thomas Lewis, gent. Latin.

  • N.L.W. Tredegar 120/19. Title Bond for the observance of covenants in a pair of indentures dated July 20 1644, 1644, July 20. Arrangement File. Summary 1. Hugh Powell of Maesmawr in p. Llanddetty, gent. 2. William Powell, gent. Bond for the observance of covenants in a pair of indentures dated July 20 1644.

  • Penpont estate. Documents 571-572. 1653, Aug. 22. Summary Final Concord in a fine levied at the Great Sessions for co. Brecknock between John Morgan, gent., plaintiff, and David Howell, Margarett, his wife, Jenkin David, Franncis Williams, and Katherine, his wife, deforciants, when the deforciants acknowledged two messuages and 59 acres of land in Llanvigan and Llandilorvaen to be the right of the plaintiff. [Two copies].

  • N.L.W. Coleman Collection D. D. 21. 1681/2, Feb. 13. Indenture, being a settlement on the marriage of Edward Games of Crug, co. Brec., gent., to Anne (who received £500 as her marriage portion), the eldest daughter of Bartholomew Games of Tregare, co. Brec., gent., of the capital m. called Glancwy with appurtenances, lately purchased of Thomas Gunter, the tmt commonly called Tredulke, the parcel of land called Kae yr dintyr, another m., barn, and plot of land in the tenure of William Thomas Morgan, also a house and garden with a tucking mill belonging thereto, another house and garden in the possession of Watkin Richard and another house and plot of land lately purchased of one William Beavan Smith, and one parcel of land called Kae Evan Ychan, another plot of land bought of Edward James of Coytie, also one water grist mill commonly called Aberclydach Mill now in the tenure of Richard Howell, one parcel of meadow ground commonly called Gwarlod y goror, another tmt now in the tenure of William Phillips, also one house, garden, &c. commonly called Goror; all which premises are situate within p's Llanvigan and Llandetty, co. Brec., containing by estimation about 300 a. Witnesses: Edward Jones, Howell Williams of Lanvigan, ---- Morgan of Llanbranyan, William Davies, scriptor.

  • N.L.W. Coleman Collection D. D. 1,501. 1695, Sept. 28. Indenture, being a mortgage for £400 from John Woldrich of Dinmore, Herefordshire, gent., to the Rt Hon. James, Lord Chandos, baron of Sudeley, of the tithes of grain and hay in Over Kinsham and Nether Kinsham, Herefordshire, to the late dissolved monastery of Wigmore belonging, in as ample a manner as the same were, by letters patent of Queen Elizabeth dated 16 May 1600, granted to Henry Best and Robert Holland, gent. and now in the tenure of Thomas Price, at the yearly rent of £30, which said tithes descended to the said John Woldrich as heir at law of Mary ffortescue, widow, his father's sister; also the free chapel of Pengellie, otherwise the free chapel of St Leonards, within the castle of Pengellie in p. Llandigan, co. Brec., and the tithes thereto belonging, in p's Llanvigan, Llandettie, Llanvrenach, and Llansanfrede, co. Brec., late in the tenure of Jane Williams and John Williams and now of Meredith Powell, which said premises were devised by the said John Williams to the said John Woldrich; also the free chapel of Wistason in p. Sutton St Michael, Herefordshire, in the man. of Marden, heretofore belonging to the commanders of Dinmore, with the tithes appertaining, and 7 a. of land called St John's ground in Whetwardine, in p. Marden, Herefordshire, and in the tenure of the said John Woldrich, which said premises descended to him as heir at law of his aunt, Mary ffortescue, by virtue of her will dated 10 Feb. 1668-9, and are now mortgaged to Philipp Reed, doctor of physic, for £300. Witnesses: John Russell; Hen. Jones; Sam. Jenings; Hen. Powell.

  • N.L.W. Tredegar 120/20 - 21. 1645, Feb. 17. Final Concord (2 copies) between William Powell, plaintiff, and Hugh Powell, gent., deforciant, when the deforciant acknowledged three m's, one mill, one barn, 40 a. of land, 10 a. of pasture, and 10 a. of furze and heath in Llanvigan and Llanthetty to be the right of the plaintiff. Latin.

  • N.L.W. Kemeys-Tynte Estate Papers, D94. 1767, Dec. 19. 1 Sir Charles Kemeys Tynte of Halswell, Somerset, bart. 2 John Wilkins of the town of Brecon, esq. Articles Of Agreement for the purchase of a m. called Alexanderstone, p. Llanthew, co. Brec:, m's in p's Llanthetty and Llanvigan, a m. in t. Tavechan [p. Llanfrynach], a cottage and two spots of land in p. Llanvigan, a m. in p. Tallachdduy, houses and lands in p. Llanhamlach and two m's in p. Llansanfread (present occupiers of all m's named). Consideration: £5,604.

  • N.L.W. Penlle'rgaer estate. A/ 185. 1767, June 21. 1 William George of Llanthetty, co. Brec., yeoman. 2 Margaret Gwyn of Tor y Gare, p. Llanthetty aforesaid. Lease for a year of one m., garden, and fifty three a., one rod and one perch of land called Tor y Gare in Llanthetty aforesaid.

  • N.L.W. Penlle'rgaer estate. A/ 619. Brecon, 1767, June 12. Penn Watkins ----. Has sent his clerk to wait on her for £400, which he proposes to invest in mortgage upon the estate of William George of Llanthetty, etc., There will be a good title.

  • Penlle'rgaer estate. A/ 1156. 1767, Aug. 31. 1 Margaret Gwyn, widow, plaintiff. 2 William George and Margaret, his wife, defendants. Final Concord in a Fine levied in a Court of Great Sessions held at Brecon upon a m., a barn, a garden, etc., and two thousand, two hundred and sixty a. of land in Llanthetty.

  • N.L.W. Kemeys-Tynte family R18. 1765-7 ..., 1759-67. Rental of the Kevenmably estate in p's Lambeder, Llanthetty, Llanvigan, Llansanfread, Patrishow, Tallachty, Talgarth and Llanhamulch [sic], co. Brec., 1765-7, together with accounts of rent arrears in the said p's and in Brecon, Crickhowell and Lanelly, 1759-64.

  • N.L.W. Penlle'rgaer estate. A/ 1154 (Also A/ 1158. 1767) 1772, April 20. Summary 1 William George of Tor y Gare, p. Llanthetty, co. Brec., yeoman, and Margaret, his wife. 2 Jennet George of Gellygare, co. Glam., widow, and relict of George William George, late of Llanthetty aforesaid, dec. 3 Margaret Gwyn of Ynis y gerwn, co. Glam., widow. Release of a m., tmt, cottage and lands in Llanthetty aforesaid called Tor y Gare. Nos 1154 - 1160 were in the same bundle.

  • N.L.W. Maybery Family. 668. Release by David Morgan of Maesmawr in Llanthetty of all claims against the B & A Canal Co. in consideration ..., 1800, Dec. 6. Release by David Morgan of Maesmawr in Llanthetty of all claims against the B & A Canal Co. in consideration of payment of £141.10.6.

  • N.L.W. Maybery Family. 663. Title Award of David Jenkins, assessing damages done by the B & A Canal Co. on Maesmawr farm in Llanthetty, 1800, July 28.

  • Badminton estate. (II) 7,880. Lease and release of m's and lands in p's Llangattock, Crickhowell, Llanbeder, St Michael Cwmdu, Llanthetty, Llangunider, Llanthew, & Llanvihangelbryn-pabean ..., 1800.

  • N.L.W. Maybery Family. 625. Title Letter from Thynne H Gwynne to John Powell, refusing to agree to term of compensation for his lands at Llanthetty ..., 1798, Feb. 5.

  • N.L.W. D. T. M. Jones & Co. 1951-66. 1799, June 15. Conditions Of Sale of messuages and lands in the parish of Llanvillo (including Tir Pen Allt Ronw), messuages and lands at the North, parish of Llansaintfread, a house and smith's shop at Aberclydach, parish of Llanvigan, and the water corn mill called Cwmcrawnon, adjoining the Brecon and Abergavenny Canal, parish of Llanthetty, co. Brecknock, sold before the Commissioners for the redemption of the land tax in co. Brecknock, for the purpose of redeeming the land tax on the Buckland estate, with lists of bidders.

  • N.L.W. Tredegar 45/248. 1814, March 17. Letter (printed): William Couling to Thomas Bold soliciting his interest for an appointment as Commissioner under an act for enclosing the waste lands of the parishes of Llansantfread, Llanddetty, Llanvigan, Llanvillo, Llanfrynant, and Vaynor, co. Brec.

  • N.L.W. Maybery Family. 5726. 1859, June 25. Howell Richards of Ystrad in the parish of Llanfigan, yeoman, John Richards of Abercriban in the parish of Llanddetty, yeoman, and Llewellyn Richards of Coedhir in the parish of Llanddetty, yeoman;. 2. Board of Health for Merthyr Tydfil. Conveyance (draft) in consideration of £3017.3.9 (made up of the sums mentioned in 5724-5 plus £629.13.9 to be paid to john Richards of lands in the parishes of Llanfigan and Llandetty, co. Brecon, specified in schedules.

  • N.L.W. Maybery Family. 7180. 1833. Abstract Of Title, 1754-1810, of Mrs. Mary Overton, nee Francis, granddaughter and devisee of Walter Davis and of Elizabeth, his relict, and George Overton, her sons, to certain estates in the parish of Merthyr Tydfil. Estates mentioned in three schedules are 1) the messuage called Gwernllwyn bach and several parcels of land belonging called Coed Cae Sais, Cae Jiams, Wain fach, Cae pen y wern, Gwain y Gwernllwyn bach, Cae dan y ty, Gwernllwyn bach, Cae Pwll Llife, Cae,Gwyn, Cae'r Garreg, Graig y Gwernllwyn bach and Woodland, or piece of rough ground down to the fence above Cae Dauran, all in Merthyr Tydfil, and were part of estates called Gwernllwyn Issa and Gwernllwyn bach; 2) the piece or parcel of land called Clyn Melin, the piece of woodland adjoining called Craig Tyle Rhesg, formerly in the occupation of Cornelius Guest, but now of the Dowlais Company and closes of land called Cae Pwll y Badell, Cae Fynnon, Ty lan bach and Erw Feillonog, all in Merthyr Tidvil, which were part of estates called Gwernllwyn Issa and Gwernllwyn bach; 3) three messuages in the occupation or William Evan, Meredith Thomas and William Edwards and several closes called Buarth bach, Cefin y Cae, Pen llether Defaid, Cauau dan y fid, Caur Hesg, Perth yr odyn, Gwailod y Cae, ard fain and Perth y sais, also a moiety of the capital forges, mills, ironworks in the occupation of the Dowlais Co., and of and in the messuages in the occupation of John Jarratt and 22 other persons mentioned in Merthyr Tidvil and in the messuage called Dan y Wenallt in Llanthetty, co. Brecon, in the dwelling house at Pontsickill in Vaynor and in all other lands late of the said Mary Francis in Merthyr Tidvil, Llanthetty and Vaynor. There is a note to the effect that Mrs. Mary Overton, widow of George Overton, and George Overton, her eldest son, were proposing to mortgage the Gwernllwyn estates in Merthyr Tydvil.

  • N.L.W. Jeffreys and Powell, Brecon.. 25. Declaration by Benjamin Reynold of Llwyn-yr-Eos Farm, parish of Llanthetty, co. Brec., yeoman, concerning his surname, pedigree, and property, 1841, Sept. 30.

  • N.L.W. David and David of Cardiff, land agents. DD4. Title Llanfigan, Llanthetty, Vaynor, 1874-90. Valuation no. 15. 'James Lewis Esqre. Breconshire property. 1874-90'. Contains sale notice with plans; valuations prior to and after sale; report and plans after sale; details of farms, timber, etc; notes and correspondence.

  • N.L.W. J.P.W. Gwynne Holford. LP/SB30,230 1914-21. Title Llanthetty,

  • N.L.W. Welsh Church Commission. R & V/SB28. Llanthetty, c.1921-31. Files: Lands not to be transferred to the RB; Lands to be transferred to the RB; Lands not to be transferred to the RB.

  • N.L.W. Welsh Church Commission. TO/RB/SB77. Recipient: RB, 20 Nov. 1925. Property transferred: Llanthetty Vicarage.

  • N.L.W. Welsh Church Commission. TO/RB/SB56a. Llangattock, Llangynidr and Llanthetty, 1925.

  • N.L.W. Welsh Church Commission. TO/RB/SB77-78. Llanthetty, 1925.

  • N.L.W. OC 29. Fishing rights, p. Llanthetty, co. Brec, 1926.


    Maps Relating to Llandetty

  • Map Snap 1300 -- Map Snap 1579 -- Map Snap 1832 -- Map Snap 1878

  • Online Map Archwilio CPAT Archaeological Map
  • Online Map W. Rees South Wales and the Border in the 14th century, SE OS 1968.
  • Online Map RADNOR BREKNOK Cardigan et Caermarden Saxton 1579
  • Online Map Parish Map Brecon 1740
  • Online Map OS Brecon Sheet 42 1832
  • Online Map Old Maps OS 1878-1980
  • Online Map Streetmap OS 2014
  • Online Map Google maps 2014

  • N.L.W. Maybery 63 132/1/7 Author Powell, William surveyor fl. 1805-1810. Title Rough draft of Maesmawr Farm situate in the parish of Llanthetty in the county of Brecknock [cartographic material] / by William Powell, surveyor of Talgarth.

  • N.L.W. D.T.M. Jones A30 139/4/10 An ocular survey of part of the hundred of Penkelly in the county of Brecon Summary Shows farmland to the north, west and south of Penkelly, the River Usk and the Brecon and Abergavenny Canal. Imprint 1816. "J. Whatman 1811".

  • N.L.W. Brec. 088 Filing Cabinets Plan of freehold estate situate in the parishes of Llanddety and Llanfeigan [cartographic material]. In Plans and particulars of sale of a valuable freehold estate, situate near Talybont-upon-Usk. Imprint 1901. Subject Farms Wales Llanddetty Maps.

  • N.L.W. Brec. 015 Filing Cabinets Plan 3 [cartographic material]. In Particulars of a desirable freehold sporting property ... . (WlAbNL)003325541 Imprint 1906.Notes An allotment called Coed Cae Ty Newydd and the Glyn Enclosure. Subject Farms Wales Llanfrynach Maps.

  • N.L.W. Brec. 008 Filing Cabinets[Glyn Estate] [cartographic material]. Imprint 1908. Subject Ffynnon-fawr (Llanddetty, Wales : Farm)

  • G.C.A. DDM/67 David Morgan Ltd, Department Store, Cardiff Records. OS plan showing Pencelli manors, 1930

  • N.L.W. XDA1341 D9 E2 Author Edwards, Jenkyn. Title The history of Dyffryn Crawnon, Llangynidr and Llanthety, with their lore and legends / by the Rev. Jenkyn Edwards. Imprint Carmarthen : W. Spurrell & Son, 1934.

  • N.L.W. Brec. 042 Filing Cabinets. Particulars, with plan and conditions of sale of the valuable freehold and fully licensed house known as the Pontsticill Inn, Llanthetty Imprint 1914.

  • N.L.W. Brec. 086 Filing Cabinets. Lot 11 [cartographic material]. In Particulars, plans, and conditions of sale of valuable and important freehold farms and lands. (WlAbNL)003325345 Map data Scale 1:2,500. Imprint 1886.

  • N.L.W. Brec. 095 Filing Cabinets. The Buckland Estate Plan No. 5 [cartographic material]. In Plans, particulars and conditions of sale of freehold farms, part of the Buckland Estate. (WlAbNL)003328694 Imprint 1919. Description 1 map : col. ; 40 x 40 cm. Notes Lots 33 to 36 and 39, 39A.

  • N.L.W. Brec. 018 Filing Cabinets Plan of the Buckland Estate [cartographic material]. In Illustrated particulars with plan and conditions of sale of the residential, agricultural, sporting and manorial estate known as Buckland. Imprint 1935. (Llanddetty, Wales : Dwelling)


    Llandetty Chancery Proceedings

  • P.R.O. C 3/87/11 Short title: Havard v Jevan. Plaintiffs: Lewis Havard. Defendants: Morgan Jevan and others. Subject: property in Llanthevey [Llanthetti ?], Breconshire. Date: 1558-1579
  • P.R.O. C 3/88/38 Short title: Herberte v Richard. Plaintiffs: Richard Herberte. Defendants: Meredith ap Richard and others. Subject: property in Llanthetty, Breconshire. Date: 1558-1579
  • P.R.O. C 3/88/82 Short title: Herberte v Gryffith. Plaintiffs: Richard Herberte.Defendants: Jenkin Gryffith and another. Subject: property in Llanvigan and Llanthetty, Breconshire. Date: 1558-1579
  • P.R.O. C 3/119/50 Short title: Meredith v Llewellyn. Plaintiffs: John Meredith.Defendants: Griffith Llewellyn and Thomas Llewellyn. Subject: property in Llanthetty, Vaynor [Faenor], Dyffrin Taf [Dyffryn Taf], Breconshire. Date: 1558-1579
  • P.R.O. C 3/150/13 Description: Short title: Rogers v Jevan. Plaintiffs: James Rogers. Defendants: Howell ap Jevan and Roger ap Jevan. Subject: property in Llanthetty, Breconshire. Date: 1558-1579
  • P.R.O. C 3/156/66 Shrt title: Rogers v Howell. Plaintiffs: James Rogers.Defendants: Roger Howell and others [unknown] Johnes. ubject: property in Llanthetty, Breconshire.Document type: bill, answer. Date: 1558-1579
  • P.R.O. C 3/184/15 Short title: Vaughan v Watkyns. Plaintiffs: Henry Vaughan and another.Defendants: William Watkyns and Margaret Watkyns his wife. Subject: manor of Parrog and Bromehill and property in Brecknock, Llanddewi, Trechlonge, Llanvigan and Llanthetty, Breconshire. Date: 1558-1579
  • P.R.O. C 2/JasI/U2/59 Short title: Vaughan v Madocks. Plaintiffs: Thomas Vaughan and Dionis Vaughan his wife. Defendants: Thomas Madocks. Subject: lands in the parishes of Llansaintfraed, Llanvigan and Llanthetty, Breconshire. Date: 1603-1625
  • P.R.O. E 134/15and16Chas2/Hil15 Sir Jeffrey Palmer, Knt. and Bart. (Attorney-General). v. Henry Rumsey, John Herbert, Francis Powell.: Tithes in Llanelly, Llanthetty, Crickhowel, Llangeney, Llanbeder, and Llangattoge.: Brecon Date: 15 & 16 Chas 2 (1663).
  • P.R.O. C 6/280/72. 1679 Short title: Games v Powell. Plaintiffs: Bartholomew Games and Edward Games. Defendants: Sarah Powell widow, Marshal Brydges, James Jones, William Jones, John Waters, Katherine Thomas and Thomas Powell. Subject: property in Llanfigan, and Llandetty, Breconshire
  • P.R.O. C 6/248/62 (Also /63 & C 5/96/47) Short title: Waters v Jones. Plaintiffs: John Waters. Defendants: William Jones, Edward Games, John Jones, Bartholomew Games, Sarah Powell and Thomas Powell. Subject: property in Llanvigan, and Llanthetty, Breconshire. Date: 1683


    Advowson of Llandetty Church

    Rectors of Llandetty
    1495 Sir Hoel Bulgh (Hywel o'r Bwlch)
    1496 Sir John Lloyd
    1512 Sir David ap Ieuan
    1555 John ap Owen
    c.1560 Richard Griffiths
    1601 Morgan, Hugh
    1621 Powell, Valentine
    1626 Morgans, Lewis
    1633 Williams, Richard
    1650 Williams, Richard
    1656 Jenkin Jones
    1668 John Bowen
    1691 Thomas Morgan
    1699 Awbrey, Lewis
    1700 Awbrey, Lewis
    1705 Awbrey, Lewis
    1714 John Davies
    1727 Walter Williams
    1744 William Games
    1761 Walter , Nevill
    1761 Day, John
    1763 Lewis, Curate
    1763 Walter, Nevill
    1765 Farhill, George Parker
    1768 William Games
    1769 William Powell
    1769 Poole, Henry
    1772 Poole, Henry
    1777 Edward Davies
    1785 Poole, Henry
    1785 Grundon, William Smelt
    1804 Williams, John; Curate
    1815 Thomas, John; Curate
    1826 Steel, Francis Chambre; Curate
    1832 Grundon, William Smelt
    1833 Steel, Francis Chambre; Curate
    1833 Grundon, William Smelt
    1833 Gardiner, Frederic
    1850 John Jones
    1897 J. Griffiths
    Patrons of Llanddeti Church
    1291 Roger Mortimer Lord of Pencelli
    1496 Thomas Vaughan esq, Bredwardine
    1512 Richard ap Thomas Vaughan
    1555 John ap Rhys Jenkins
    1601 John Morgan Llanddeti
    1626+33 minority of John Morgan Llanddeti
    1660 Crown by lapse
    1691 John Morgan Llanddeti
    1714 James Hughes & Anna Maria
    1717 Claimed by Henry Williams
    1727 Roger Jones esq
    1769 Roderick Gwynne of Glanbran
    1776 Thomas Howe Gwynne of Buckland
    1883 James P W Gwynne Holford of Buckland

    Books, Deeds, Documents - Llandetty Church

  • Title History of Llanddetty Church : with some notes on houses of historical interest in the parish / by J. Henderson. Imprint [Brecon] : Printed by "Brecon and Radnor Express and County Times", 1965. XBX5110.L79.H49

  • 'The Episcopal registers of the diocese of St. David's 1397 to 1518' Vol II Transc. by R.F. Isaacson. 1917 by The Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion in London . p.765 30 Sept 1496 Sir John Lloyd admitted to Llanthetty, death of Rev. Hoel Bulgh, presentation by Thomas Vaughan, Online Document. 18 July 1512 at Lamphey Manor, Sir David ap Ieuan, chaplain, admitted to Llanthetty by death Sir John, presented by Richard ap Thomas Vaughan, Online Document. 1513, Llanthetty exempt from tithes due to floods, Online Document. 1517, Llanthetty exempt from tithes due to floods, Online Document.

  • Rectors 1605-1822 Clergy of the Church of England Database Online Document.

  • Morgan, Hugh of co. Glamorgan, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 8 Nov., 1594, aged 16; B.A. from St. Edmund Hall 7 Dec., 1597; M.A. from Jesus Coll. 4 July, 1605; perhaps rector of Llanthetty, co. Brecon, 1601. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714 Joseph Foster (ed) 1891 Online Document

  • Morgans, Lewis of co. Brecknock, gent. Jesus Coll., matric. 24 Nov., 1615, aged 18; B.A. 9 Dec., 1617, M.A. 19 June, 1620 (as Morgan), vicar of Brecknock St. John 1621, and rector of Llanthetty, co. Brecon, 1626. See Foster's Index Eccl. Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714 Joseph Foster (ed)

  • Williams, Richard of "Danubiensis," pleb. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 28 June, 1620, aged 18; perhaps B.A. from Jesus Coll. 26 Jan., 1623-4, M.A. 5 July, 1626, B.D. 26 July, 1634; rector of Trawsfynydd, co. Merioneth, 1633, or of Llanthetty, co. Brecon, 1633. See Foster's Index Eccl. Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714 Joseph Foster (ed) 1891 Online Document

    N.L.W. SD/CCB(G)/858 (a-d). William Games rector of Llanddetty versus David Howell of same, yeoman, 1740 Aug. 7-1741 June 30.

  • N.L.W. Saint Davids SD/CCB(G)/1049. Parties: William Games rector of Llandetty versus Howell Thomas of same, 1763 March 1.

  • N.L.W. SD/CCB(G)/46. Title Parties: John Bowen, rector of Llanthetty versus Lewis Prichard, 1668-9 March 2.

  • Awbrey, Lewis s. Matth., of Cardiff, co. Glamorgan, p.p. Christ Church, matric. 21 June, 1677, aged 15; B.A. 1681, M.A. 29 Jan., 1683-4, vicar of East Garston, Berks, 1681, rector of Lantrithyd, co. Glamorgan, 1685, and of Llanthetty, co. Brecon, 1700. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [25] Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714 Joseph Foster (ed) 1891 Online Document

  • Communicant: Rice Thomas, rector of Llanvigan Minister: Lewis Awbrey of Llanthetty [Llanddeti] Churchwarden: Evan Thomas Witnesses: Howell John of Llanvigan & Richard William of Llanthetty B/QS/RS/186 30 Jan 1705/6 Online Document

  • N.L.W. Ottley (Pitchford Hall MSS and Documents)/23.1714/15, Feb. 1. Testimonial.... John Davies, rector of Llanthetty.

  • "Mrs Elizabeth Wilkins, wife of Thomas Wilkins, Esq., and daughter of Rev. William Games, rector of Llanddetty, died April 2, 1772, aged 28." William Games, clerk, rector of Llanddetty ra. Elizabeth Thomas of Abercriban. Brecon Church M.I. p.97 Online Document

  • 1850 Church Survey. Crown. p.7. Llandetty, Rector John Jones Online Document

  • Dyfed Alumni Oxonienses 1715 - 1886 GRIFFITH James 2s. James of Llangunnon co. Carmarthen, cler. Jesus Coll. matric. 12 Dec 1857 aged 20; BA 1861, MA 1866, rector of Llanthetty, co. Brecon 1878. Online Document

  • J. Griffiths, Llandetty. 1897 Clergy List, Kelly and Co.

  • Watkins, Thomas s. "Watkin Philips," of Llandetti, Brecknock, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 30 April, 1624, aged 20, B.A. 31 Jan., 1626-7; rector of Llansantffraid, co. Brecon, 1635. See Foster's Index Eccl. [30] Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714. Joseph Foster (editor) 1891. Online Document

    Ecclesiastical Surveys of Llandetty Church

  • Taxatio ecclesiastica Angliae et Walliae, auctoritate P. Nicholai IV 1291 Online Document

  • Online Document 'Liber Valorum & Decimarum' by John Ecton. R. Gosling, 1723.p.349 Llanddetti

  • Online Document p.462 Llanddetty 'Thesaurus Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' by John Ecton ed. Brown Willis, 1763.

  • Online Document 'Liber ecclesiasticus' Revenues of the Established Church, 1834. Hamilton Adams & Co. p.120 Llanthetty


    Llandetty Church Court Records

  • N.L.W. SD/CCB/P(Inv.)/17. (Also SD/CCB/P(B)/9) Deceased: William Prees of Llanthetty, 1645 June 20.
  • N.L.W. Saint Davids SD/CCB(P)/12 (a-e). Deceased: Gwenlian Walter alias John of Llandetty, 1665-6 Jan. 23-1666 April 24. parties: John David against Thomas David, executor. Context: Revocation of probate. Allegation, Interrogatories, Depositions, Will (dated 17 June, 1665).
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB(G)/46. Title Parties: John Bowen, rector of Llanthetty versus Lewis Prichard, 1668-9 March 2.
  • N.L.W. Saint Davids SD/CCB/C(G)/1929. Deceased: Thomas Powell of Maesmaure, Llandetty, 1694 May 18. Monished: Edward Games of Llanvigan, cautor. Cause: To pay costs to Sara Powell, widow and executor of deceased and to John Walters, principal legatee.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB/P(Inv.)/344. Deceased: William Howell of Llanthetty (Copy) (Exhibited 1707 Nov. 22), 1704 April 17.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB(G)/248 (a-b). Parties: Lewis Aubrey rector of Llanthetty versus Evan John Meredith of same, 1705 July 17-Nov. 13.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB(G)/250, 250a. Parties: Lewis Awbrey, rector of Llanthetty versus Thomas Morgan, 1705 Sept. 4. Subtraction of tithes.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB(G)/260, 260a. Parties: Lewis Aubrey, rector of Llanthetty versus Lewis Edmund of same, 1705 Oct. 16.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB(P)/66. 1706-7 Jan. 7. Deceased: Robert Thomas of Llanddety, Parties: Office against Gladice Thomas, widow. Context: Temerarious administration. Allegation.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB(P)/68. 1706-7 Feb. 18. Deceased: Robert Thomas of Llanddety, Parties: Gladice, widow of deceased, against David Howell, cautorector. Context: Grant of Letters of administration. Allegation.
  • N.L.W. Ottley (Pitchford Hall MSS and Documents)/23.1714/15, Feb. 1. Testimonial to Ormond Jones of Crickhowell, signed by Gul: Powell, rector of Llangattocke[?,] Crickhowell, Anth: Prichard, vicar of Crickhowell, John Herbert, rector of Lambeder Ystrad [?-] yew, and John Davies, rector of Llanthetty.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB(G)/--- Parties: Sarah Edmund of Merthir tidvil, widow versus Rees William David of Llanthetty, 1722 Aug. 4. Context: Defamation. Libel. [In bound volume SD/CCB/61/403].
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB(G)/504 Parties: Sarah Edmund of Merthir tidvil, widow versus Rees William David of Llanthetty, 1722 Sept. 8. Summary Context: Schedule of Excommunication of respondent for non-appearance.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB/P(Inv.)/442. Deceased: John Thomas of Llanddetty, 1727 April 17.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB(G)/555 (a-h). Parties: Hugh Pugh, sexton of Llanthetty versus William Thomas of same, 1725 Aug. 17-1726 Nov. 17. Summary Context: Non-payment of sexton's fees.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB(G)/666 (a-e) Parties: Office versus Hugh Pugh of Llanthetty, yeoman, 1728-9 March 13-1729 Aug. 18. Summary Context: Violence in Church.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB/C(G)/1832. Citees: Thos. Jenkins of Vaynor, yeoman, 1733-4 Feb. 9. Cause: To answer Morgan John, farmer of tithes of Tylerbont, Llanthetty, for subtraction of tithes.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB(G)/858 (a-d). Title Parties: William Games rector of Llanddetty versus David Howell of same, yeoman, 1740 Aug. 7-1741 June 30. Summary Context: Subtraction of tithes. Libel; Personal answer; Depositions. Schedule of Excommunication of respondent for non-appearance.
  • N.L.W.SD/CCB(G)/857, 857a. Title Parties: William Games, rector of Llanddetty versus Thomas Meredith of Llanvigan, 1740 Aug. 7. Summary Context: Subtraction of tithes. Libel; Schedule of Excommunication of respondent for non-appearance.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB(G)/863, 863a. Parties: William Games rector of Llanthetty versus Howell Thomas Bowen of Llanvigan, c. 1740. Context: Subtraction of tithes. Libel;
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB/C(G)/1333. Citees: William Gunter of Llanthetty, 1751 April 24. Cause: To testify in cause of defamation promoted by Ann Thomas, widow V Watkin John of Llanguinider.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB(G)/1030. Parties: Elizabeth Penry of Llanthetty versus William Watkin of Llangunider, yeoman, 1758 Feb. 21. Context: Defamation. Libel.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB(G)/1037. Title Parties: Jonnett, wife of Powell of Llanddetty, versus Elizabeth wife of George Morgan of Llanvigan, 1761 Jan. 10. Summary Context: Defamation. Schedule of Excommunication for non-appearance.
  • N.L.W. Saint Davids SD/CCB(G)/1049. Parties: William James rector of Llandetty versus Howell Thomas of same, 1763 March 1. Subtraction of tithes. Libel.
  • N.L.W. Saint Davids SD/CCB/C(G)/1175. Citees: Walter Williams of Noiadd, Llandetty, yeoman and William Watkins of Gilvach, Llangorse, yeoman, 1763 Dec. 9. Cause: To answer Richard Jeffreys, impropriator of tithes of free chapelry of St. Leonards, Penkelly, for subtraction of tithes.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB(G)/1050. Parties: William Cames rector of Llanthetty versus Llew Morgan of same, 1763 March 22. Context: Subtraction of tithes. Libel.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB(G)/1073 (a-c). Parties: William Games, rector of Llanthetty versus Howell Thomas of same, 1768 Nov. 14-Nov. 26. Context: Subtraction of tithes.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB/C(G)/1334. Citees: Thomas William of Llanthetty, yeoman, 1774-1779. Cause: To answer Hester, wife of Thomas Bevan, for defamation.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB/C(G)/1786. Citees: John Edward of Vaynor, yeoman and Margaret Lewis of Llanthetty, spinster, 1781 Sept. 13. Cause: To answer John Meredith for defamation.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB/C(G)/1335. Title Citees: David Thomas of Llanddetty, tailor, 1783 Sept. 14. Summary Cause: To answer Mary Jones, wife of Joseph Jones, blacksmith. (Fiat for a citation).
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB/C(G)/1891. Citees: Joseph otherwise Joshua Williams of Llanthetty, yeoman, 1787 Feb. 19. Cause: To answer Anne, wife of Thomas Davies, miller, for defamation.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB/C(G)/1031. Citees: Howell Gunter of Llanthetty, farmer, 1791 Oct. 8. Cause: To answer Gervas Powell, rector of Llanvigan, for subtraction of tithes.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB/C(G)/1033. (Also /1336. 1791) Title Citees: Howell Gunter of Llanddetty, 1792 Dec. 1. Summary Cause: To answer personally Gervas Powell, rector of Llanvigan, for subtraction of tithes.
  • N.L.W. SD/SCts/59. Title Voluntary Examination before H. Jones of Margaret Gunter of Llanthetty, re. the paternity of a child she was expecting, 1793, Oct. 12.
  • N.L.W. SD/SCts/80. Title Voluntary Examination before Hugh Jones of Elizabeth Jones of Llanthetty, re. the paternity of a child she was expecting, 1798, March 31.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB/C(G)/1338. Citees: David Morgan of Llanthetty, farmer, 1804 Aug. 28. Cause: To answer Edward Davies rector of same, for subtraction of tithes.
  • N.L.W. SD/CCB/C(G)/1034. Deceased: Thomas Jenkin of Llanvigan, 1802 Sept. 14. Citees: William Jenkin of Llanthetty, farmer, and Sarah, wife of Morris Smith of Llanvrynach, cautors. Cause: To show cause why probate should not be granted to Jennet Jenkin, widow and Executor of deceased.


    Wills & Probate - Llandetty
    List of Wills at N.L.W.

  • P.R.O. PROB 11/117/326 Description: Will of Richard ap David, Gentleman of Llanddeti, Breconshire Date: 13 April 1611
  • P.R.O. PROB 11/205/446 Will of Phillipp Thomas of Llanthetty, Breconshire 14 October 1648
  • P.R.O. PROB 11/244/41 Description: Will of Watkin Meredith, Yeoman of Llanddeti, Breconshire Date: 02 July 1655
  • P.R.O. PROB 11/279/2 Will of Richard Williams, late Rector of Llandetti, Breconshire 21 July 1657
  • P.R.O. PROB 11/302/499 Will of Morgan Jones of Llanthetty, Breconshire 06 December 1660
  • Will of Charles Vaughan of Llansantffread, Breconshire - 23 March 1707 Online Transcript
  • P.R.O. PROB 11/570/272 Will of Richard Williams, Yeoman of Llanthetty, Breconshire 25 September 1719
  • P.R.O. IR 26/405/501 Description: Abstract of Administration of Catherine Morgan of Llanddetty, Brecknockshire. March 11 1801
  • P.R.O. IR 26/405/65 Description: Abstract of Will of Catherine Morgan of Llandetty, Brecknockshire. January 15 1802
  • P.R.O. IR 26/405/533 Abstract of Administration of Jenkin Jones of Llanddetty, Brecknockshire. January 28 1802
  • P.R.O. IR 26/405/78 Abstract of Will of Evan Morgan of Llanddetty, Brecknockshire. March 03 1802
  • P.R.O. IR 26/405/89 Description: Abstract of Will of Gwylym Watkins of Llanddetty, Brecknockshire. Date: April 21 1802
  • P.R.O. IR 26/405/252 Abstract of Will of Mary Williams, Widow of Llanddetty, Brecknockshire. January 25 1806
  • P.R.O. IR 26/405/611 Abstract of Administration of George Lewis, Esquire of Llandetty, Brecknockshire. June 17 1809
  • P.R.O. IR 26/405/410 Abstract of Will of Thomas Davies of Llanddetty, Brecknockshire. July 14 1810
  • P.R.O. IR 26/405/630 Abstract of Administration of William Thomas of Llanddetty, Brecknockshire. November 19 1810
  • P.R.O. IR 26/405/655 Abstract of Administration of John Morgan, Woollen manufacturer of Llanddetty, Brecknockshire. October 15 1811
  • N.L.W. Maybery Family. 3967. Title Will (copy) of George Overton of Llanthetty, sent by his son, George Overton, to Richard W. Williams, solicitor, Cardiff, 1826, May 1.
  • P.R.O. PROB 11/1738/217 Will of George Overton of Llanthetty , Breconshire 21 March 1828
  • P.R.O. PROB 11/1842/242 Will of Mary Dixon, Widow of Llanthetty , Breconshire 04 February 1835
  • P.R.O. PROB 11/1856/56 Will of Thomas Burnell, late Tallow Chandler of Llanthetty , Breconshire 18 January 1836
  • P.R.O. PROB 11/2042/99 Will of Reverend John Harries, Clerk of Llanthetty , Breconshire 14 September 1846
  • P.R.O. PROB 11/2149/285 Will of Mary Overton, Widow of Llanthetty Hall , Breconshire 24 March 1852


    N.L.W. Bishop's Marriage Transcripts - Llandetty

  • 1678 Nov. 29. Brecon B 48/2 Jones, Evan, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jones, Mary, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1680 Sept. 19. Brecon B 48/3 Thomas, Howell, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Williams, Elizabeth, sp., St. John Evangelist Brecon, Breconshire
  • 1680 Oct. 23. Brecon B 5/6 Meredith, William, yeoman, Llanfrynach, Breconshire to Howell, Margaret, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1681 Sept. 3. Brecon B 65/16 Thomas, Watkin, Llangynidr, Breconshire to Llewelin, Elizabeth, wid., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1681 Decemeber 28. St. Davids Not 11/2. Jones, Edward, clerk, 'Llanferin', Monmouthshire to Bowen, Elizabeth, Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1682 Jan. 26. Brecon B 48/4 Prosser, David, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Thomas, Mary, Llangynidr, Breconshire
  • 1682 June 2. Brecon B 48/5. Richard, Thomas, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Evan, Margaret, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1682 June 16. Brecon B 48/6. Morgan, David, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Thomas, Johan.
  • 1682 June 24. Brecon B 48/7. William, Thomas, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Watkin, Neste, Llanspyddid, Breconshire
  • 1684 June 4. Brecon B 48/8. David, John, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Lewis, Gwenllian, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1685 Aug. 1. St. Davids B 2/42. William, Thomas, Cantref, Breconshire to Jones, Mary, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1685 Nov. 5. St. Davids B 2/67. William, Phillip, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Howell, Jane, sp., Llangynidr, Breconshire
  • 1686 Dec. 10. Brecon B 48/9. William, Lewis, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Watkins, Jane.
  • 1688 Oct. 17. Brecon B 53/8. Jenkin, Thomas, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Richard, Marsly, Llanfigan, Breconshire
  • 1690 June 6. Brecon B 48/10. William, Edward, Llanddeti, Breconshire to William, Mary.
  • 1694 Apr. 21. Brecon B 48/16. Thomas, William, yeoman, Llanfeugan, Breconshire to Jones, Neast, Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1696 May 29. Brecon B 48/18. William, Howell, gent., Llanddeti, Breconshire to Madocke, Jane, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1696 June 23. Brecon O 53/14. Watkins, William, yeoman, Llanfeugan, Breconshire to John, Margaret, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1698 Feb. 1. Brecon B 48/17. William, Thomas, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Thomas, Joan, sp., Llangynidr, Breconshire
  • 1698 Mar. 4. Brecon O 48/19. John, Thomas, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to William, Rachel, sp., Cwm-du, Breconshire
  • 1698 Nov. 7. Brecon B 53/16. Thomas, John, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Williams, Mary, sp., Llanfigan, Breconshire
  • 1702 June 1. Brecon B 48/20. Howell, William, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Thomas, Jonett, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1702 Dec. 7. Brecon B 48/21. Thomas, William, yeoman, Llanbedr Ystrad Yw, Breconshire to Powell, Gwenllian, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1703 Apr. 10. Brecon B 48/22. Meyrick, John, yeoman, Llanfeugan, Breconshire to Jones, Anne, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1704 June 27. Brecon B 48/23. Thomas, Robert, gent., Baglan, Glamorgan to Vaughan, Catherine, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1704 Oct. 7. Brecon B 48/24. Lewis, Edmund, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Llewelin, Margaret, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1705 July 20. Brecon B 11/183. John, Roger, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Powell, Blanch, sp., Cathedin, Breconshire
  • 1706 Nov. 29. Brecon B 86/9. Prosser, John, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Richard, Anne
  • 1718 Apr. 23. Brecon B 57/66. Powell, John, gent., Llanddeti, Breconshire to Maddox, Jane, sp., Llanfihangel Tal-y-llyn, Breconshire
  • 1718 June 14. Brecon B 48/26. Thomas, Evan, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jones, Gwenllian, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1721 Jan. 17. Brecon B 65/30. Evan, John, gent, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Howell, Anne, sp., Llangynidr, Breconshire
  • 1721 Apr. 11. Brecon B 60/47. Thomas, William, gent., Llanddeti, Breconshire to Parry, Mary, wid., Crucywel, Breconshire
  • 1721 Nov. 6. Brecon B 80/37. William, Roger, gent., Llanddeti, Breconshire to Morgan, Mary, sp., Penderyn, Breconshire
  • 1727 May 15. Brecon B 60/65. John, Jenkin, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Hemint, Elizabeth, sp., Crucywel, Breconshire
  • 1729 Feb. 4. Brecon B 48/27 Watkin, Thomas, gent., Llanddeti, Breconshire to Nicholas, Alice, wid., Faenor, Breconshire
  • 1729 Feb. 6. Brecon B 65/39 William, Evan, gent., Llanddeti, Breconshire to Owen, Anne, sp., Llangynidr, Breconshire
  • 1730 Mar. 20. Brecon B 48/28. Davies, John, gent, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Powell, Margarett, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1730 May 9. Brecon B 58/22. Evans, David, gent, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Thomas, Margarett, sp., Llanfrynach, Breconshire
  • 1730 May 20. Brecon B 48/29. Williams, William, gent., Llanddeti, Breconshire to Powell, Margaret, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1730 Nov. 6. Brecon B 48/30. Richard, Jenkin, gent., Llanfrynach, Breconshire to Prytherch, Gwenllian, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1730 Nov. 7. Brecon B 48/31. Howell, Richard, gent., Llanfeugan, Breconshire to Prytherch, Gwenllian, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1731 Feb. 2. Brecon B 48/32. Rytherch, Thomas, gent., Llanddeti, Breconshire to Edmond, Rachaell, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1732 Dec. 1. Brecon B 65/45. Powell, Rees, gent., Llanddeti, Breconshire to Rogers, Jane, sp., Llangynidr, Breconshire
  • 1732 Dec. 20. Brecon B 48/33. John, Robert, gent., Y Faenor, Breconshire to Morgan, Mary, wid., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1734 Jan. 18. Brecon B 20/78. Gwynn, John, Llanddeti, Breconshire to David, Margarett, sp., Cwm-du, Breconshire
  • 1735 Oct. 25. Brecon B 67/53. David, John, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Powell, Mary, sp., Llanfigan, Breconshire
  • 1736 June 17. Brecon B 48/34. Davies, David, clerk, Gelli-gaer, Glamorgan to Gwyn, Margaret, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1736 Sept. 10. Brecon B 48/35. Watkin, David, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Watkins, Mary, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1737 Jan. 25. Brecon B 48/36. William, Jenkin, Y Faenor, Breconshire to William, Elizabeth, sp, Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1739 Dec. 17. Brecon B 48/37. Games, William, clerk, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Thomas, Elizabeth, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1740 June 16. Brecon B 68/62. Llewelin, Thomas, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Thomas, Ann, sp., St. John Evangelist Brecon, Breconshire
  • 1743 Apr. 25. Brecon B 89/137. William, Lewis, yeoman, Merthyr Tudful, Glamorgan to William, Mary, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1744 Jan. 22. Brecon B 48/38. Phillips, Thomas, gent., Defynnog, Breconshire to Watkins, Alice, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1744 Feb. 22. Brecon B 48/39. Watkins, Thomas, gent., Llangynidr, Breconshire to Games, Anne, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1744 May 14. Brecon B 48/40. Prosser, William, gent., Cwm Du, Breconshire to Morgan, Margaret, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1745 Oct. 12. Brecon A 86/34. Watkins, Walter, gent., Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jones, Elizabeth, sp., Y Faenor, Breconshire
  • 1745 Nov. 6. Brecon B 48/45. David, John, gent, Bedwas, Monmouthshire to Gunter, Elizabeth, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1746 May 12. Brecon A 48/42. Morgan, Llewelin, yeoman, bach. Llanddeti, Breconshire to George, Catherine, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1746 Oct. 9. Brecon A 48/43. Prichard, William, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Thomas, Nest, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1747 Apr. 27. Brecon B 48/44. Rees, William, gent., Cantref, Breconshire to Richard, Jane, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1747 May 8. Brecon B 49/38. Gwynn, Thomas, gent, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jones, Gwenllian, sp., Llan-ddew, Breconshire
  • 1748 July 1. Brecon B 48/46. Williams, Howell, gent., Llanfeugan, Breconshire to Powell, Rachell, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1750 Apr. 17. Brecon B 48/47. Morgan, Jehosaphat, gent., Faenor, Breconshire to Phillips, Gladis, sp., LLanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1752 May 30. Brecon B 60/117 Griffiths, Griffith, gent., Llanddeti, Breconshire to Griffiths, Frances, sp., Llangatwg, Breconshire
  • 1752 Aug. 17. Brecon B 48/48. Gwyn, William, gent., Llanddeti, Breconshire to Morgan, Dorothy, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1754 Apr. 27. Brecon A 87/85 Watkin, William, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Morgan, Mary, sp., Ystradfellte, Breconshire
  • 1754 Oct. 19. Brecon B 48/49 Prichard, Howell, gent., Llanddeti, Breconshire to Edward, Margaret, sp., Llangynidr, Breconshire
  • 1756 Feb. 24. Brecon B 48/50 Lawrence, John, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jones, Ann, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1756 Feb. 27. Brecon B 69/94 Evan, Howell, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Rees, Mary, sp., Llanspyddid, Breconshire
  • 1756 July 17. Brecon B 48/51 Powell, John, gent., Llangasty Tal-y-llyn, Breconshire to George, Margery, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1757 Jan. 31. Brecon B 48/52 Williams, William, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Powell, Margaret, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1757 Feb. 19. Brecon B 48/53 Prosser, William, weaver, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Morgan, Mary, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1758 May 1. Brecon B 48/54. Price, Thomas, innholder, yeoman, Cathedin, Breconshire to James, Hester, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1758 Dec. 9. Brecon B 21/11 Thomas, Howell, dier, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Thomas, Sibil, sp., Cwm-du, Breconshire
  • 1759 Feb. 23. Brecon B 48/55. Davies, Joshua, yeoman, Llanbedr Ystrad Yw, Breconshire to Prichard, Anne, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1760 June 14. Brecon B 48/56. Williams, Thomas, yeoman, Llanfigan, Breconshire to Price, Mary, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1760 Nov. 15. Brecon B 48/57. Meredith, Thomas, yeoman, Llangynidr, Breconshire to Prichard, Catherine, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1764 Aug. 9. Brecon B 48/58. Powell, John, yeoman, Cwm-du, Breconshire to Powell, Mary, sp., *Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1765 June 8. N.L.W. Brecon B 63/49. Jones, John, yeoman, Llandetti, Breconshire to Perrot, Hester, sp., Llan-gors, Breconshire
  • 1766 Aug. 30. N.L.W. Brecon B 11/105 Daniel, William, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Morgan, Margaret, sp., Cantref, Breconshire
  • 1766 Nov. 15. Brecon B 48/59 Powell, Richard, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Parry, Mary, sp., Llangynidr, Breconshire
  • 1767 Jan. 17. Llandaff B 34/4 Wilkins, Thomas, bach, gent, St Woollos, Monmouthshire to Games, Elizabeth, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1767 Feb. 19. Brecon B 21/27 Powell, Howell, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Parry, Magdalen, sp., Cwm-du, Breconshire
  • 1767 May 30. Brecon B 48/60 Prosser, Thomas, gent., Llangynidr, Breconshire to Morgan, Ann, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1768 July 1. Brecon B 48/61David, Edward, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Lewis, Anne, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1769 June 8. Brecon B 48/63 Christopher, William, gent., Cwm-du, Breconshire to Morgan, Mary, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1770 May 19. Brecon B 48/64 Jones, Howell, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jones, Martha, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire :
  • 1770 Oct. 24. Brecon B 45/45. Harris, Thomas, carpenter, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jones, Elizabeth, sp., Llandyfalle, Breconshire :
  • 1771 Apr. 5. Brecon B 48/65. Smith, Thomas, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Walbeoff, Sarah, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire :
  • 1771 May 4. Brecon B 48/66 Davies, James, yeoman, Bedwellte, Monmouthshire to Richard, Margaret, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire :
  • 1771 June 27. Brecon B 48/67. Williams, Phillip, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Williams, Margaret, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1771 Sept. 10. Brecon B 53/64. Gunter, John, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jenkin, Margaret, sp., Llanfigan, Breconshire :
  • 1771 Nov. 22. Brecon B 48/68. Richard, Thomas, yeoman, Cantref, Breconshire to Robert, Mary, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1772 July 3. Brecon B 53/65. Richard, Howell, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jenkins, Mary, sp., Llanfigan, Breconshire
  • 1773 Feb. 13. Brecon B 48/70. Thomas, Howell, yeoman, Llanfigan, Breconshire to Williams, Mary, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1773 Oct. 23. Brecon B 48/71. Downes, John, gent., Defynnog, Breconshire to Morgans, Margaret, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1773 Dec. 22. Brecon B 48/72. Williams, Thomas, gent., St. John Evangelist Brecon, Breconshire to Jones, Mary, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire :
  • 1776 May 22. Brecon B 53/70. Thomas, William, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jenkins, Ann, sp., Llanfigan, Breconshire
  • 1777 Aug. 7. Brecon B 25/81. Morgan, Evan, yeoman, wid., Defynnog, Breconshire to Davies, Elizabeth, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1778 Sept. 18. Brecon B 53/73. Williams, Thomas, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Williams, Ann, sp., Llanfigan, Breconshire
  • 1779 Mar. 10. Brecon B 86/63. Jenkins, John, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Williams, Anne, sp., Y Faenor, Breconshire
  • 1779 Dec. 11. Brecon B 48/73. Watkins, Bartholomew, yeoman, Llangynidr, Breconshire to Jones, Elizabeth, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1781 Jan. 4. Brecon B 48/74. Edwards, Harry, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jones, Jane, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1782 Mar. 16. Brecon B 48/75. Edwards, Lewis, gent., Gelli-gaer, Glamorgan to Watkins, Elizabeth, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1782 Apr. 20. Brecon B 53/77. Jones, John, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Williams, Anne, sp., Llanfigan, Breconshire
  • 1784 Apr. 24. Brecon B 53/78. Pugh, Hugh, yeoman, Llanfigan, Breconshire to Williams, Catherine, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1784 Oct. 8. Brecon B 53/80. Phillip, John, yeoman, Llanfigan, Breconshire to Williams, Anne, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1784 Oct. 8. Brecon B 48/78. Thomas, Phillip, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Watkins, Mary, sp., Llanfigan, Breconshire
  • 1786 Feb. 13. Brecon A 80/107. Jenkins, William, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jenkin, Mary, sp., minor, Penderyn, Breconshire
  • 1787 Aug. 25.Brecon B 53/81. Pugh, William, yeoman, Llanfigan, Breconshire to Williams, Elizabeth, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1787 Dec. 28. Brecon A 80/109. Watkins, Morgan, yeoman, minor, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Davies, Mary, sp., Penderyn, Breconshire
  • N.L.W. Llandaff B 72/60 1788 Apr. 28. Watkins, Philip, yeoman, bach, Llandetti, Breconshire to Davies, Elizabeth, sp., minor, Aberdare, Glamorgan : Marriage bonds, Marriage at Aberdare. Elizabeth Davies.
  • 1788 May 5. Brecon B 48/79. Morgan, David, farmer, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Williams, Mary, sp., Llanfigon, Breconshire
  • 1791 May 14. Brecon B 48/81. Powell, Thomas, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jones, Judith, sp., Faenor, Breconshire
  • 1791 Aug. 26. Brecon A 48/82. Williams, John, yeoman, bach., Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jenkins, Mary, sp., minor, Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1791 Oct. 27. Brecon B 48/83. Jones, William, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Gunter, Sybil, sp., Cathedin, Breconshire
  • 1792 Feb. 4. Brecon B 48/84. Thomas, Thomas, farmer, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Davies, Mary, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1792 Dec. 17. Brecon B 48/85. Powell, Thomas, farmer, Cwm-du, Breconshire to Davies, Elizabeth, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1795 Apr. 22. Brecon B 48/86. Nicholas, William, farmer, Faenor, Breconshire to Richard, Jane, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1796 Sept. 15. Brecon B 48/87. Williams, Thomas, gent., wid., Rhiwlen, Radnorshire to Phillips, Margaret, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1798 May 9. Llandaff B 84/68. Griffiths, Joseph, bach, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Bowens, Margaret, sp., Trevethin, Monmouthshire
  • 1799 Apr. 20. Brecon B 48/88. Stephens, John, canal-cutter, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Morgan, Elizabeth, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1800 Dec. 24. Brecon B 48/89 Bevan, Lewis, farmer, Cwm-du, Breconshire to Davies, Mary, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1801 July 28. Brecon B 21/94 Morgan, John, farmer, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Walter, Elizabeth, sp., Cwm-du, Breconshire
  • 1801 Aug. 7. Brecon B 48/90 Wallis, William, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Stephens, Elizabeth, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1802 May 29. Brecon B 48/91 Jones, Thomas, yeoman, Cwm-du, Breconshire to Thomas, Anne, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1802 July 5. Brecon B 48/92. Prosser, William, gent., Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jenkins, Mary, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1803 May 4. Brecon B 48/93 Edwards, Edward, farmer, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan to Watkins, Margaret, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1803 May 7. Brecon B 61/43. Jenkin, Thomas, farmer, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Herbert, Elizabeth, sp., Crucywel, Breconshire
  • 1803 June 14. Brecon B 48/94 Williams, Thomas, yeoman, Llanfigan, Breconshire to Jenkins, Jennet, wid., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1803 July 16. Brecon B 80/136 Nicholas, Daniel, farmer, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Lewis, Jane, sp., Penderyn, Breconshire
  • 1804 Nov. 23. Brecon B 86/86 Thomas, William, farmer, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jones, Margaret, sp., Y Faenor, Breconshire
  • 1805 June 4. Brecon B 48/95 Williams, Thomas, farmer, Llangynidr, Breconshire to Watkins, Ann, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1805 Nov. 9. Brecon B 48/96. Richards, Richard, farmer, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Williams, Mary, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • Llandaff A 98/38 1806 Mar. 19. Thomas, Edward, bach., Llanddetty, Breconshire to Thomas, Margaret, sp., minor, Merthyr Tydfil,
  • 1806 July 23. Brecon B 48/98 Williams, Meredith, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Watkins, Anne, sp., Llanfigan, Breconshire
  • 1806 May 17. Brecon B 48/97 Williams, William, farmer, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Richards, Margaret, sp., Llanfigan, Breconshire
  • 1807 May 4. Brecon B 48/99. Price, David, farmer, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jenkins, Jennnet, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1807 May 8. Brecon B 48/100 Williams, Thomas, yeoman, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Meredith, Gladis, sp., Llangynidr, Breconshire
  • 1808 Jan. 2. Brecon B 48/101 Thomas, John, farmer, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Richards, Mary, sp., Llanfigan, Breconshire
  • 1809 Nov. 11. Brecon B 65/121 Watkins, Thomas, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Williams, Mary, sp., Llangynidr, Breconshire
  • 1810 Apr. 30. Brecon B 48/102 Lewis, Edward, farmer, Eglwysilan, Glamorgan to Richards, Mary, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1811 Nov. 9. Brecon B 48/103 Phillips, Evan, farmer, Llanfigan, Breconshire to Williams, Anne, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1812 May 4. Brecon B 48/104. Williams, John, farmer, Llanddeti, Breconshire to Jenkins, Margaret, sp., Llanddeti, Breconshire
  • 1812 May 5. Brecon B 48/105 Davies, John, gent., Llanddeti, Breconshire to Prosser, Catherine, sp., Llangynidr, Breconshire


    Lords of Pencelli Manor

    1093 Bernard de Neufmarche, Lord of Brecknock d.1125
    1227 Ralph de Mortimer d.1246
    1246 Roger de Mortimer, 1st Earl of March d.1282
    1322 Hugh le Despenser, the younger, 1st Lord Despenser ex.1326.
    1326 Edward II
    1372 Humphrey de Bohun 7th Earl of Hereford d.1373
    1374 Mary de Bohun d.1394 m.Henry IV
    1394 Henry IV d.1413 (John Chandos receiver)
    1413 Henry V d.1422
    1422 Henry VI d.1471 (Stewards: 1424 Edward Stradlyng. 1439 Jan John Martyn. July John Aburhale. 1443 Walter Sculloof. 1444 Feb Nicholas Poyntez. 1444 July Walter Skulle)
    1440 Humphrey Earl Stafford ki.1458 (1457 Roger Vaughan Porthaml steward)
    1458 Humphrey 1st Duke Buckingham ki.1460
    1460 Henry Stafford 2nd Duke of Buckingham ex.1483
    1483 Richard III ki.1485
    1485 Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham ex.1521
    1521 Henry VIII
    1522 Sir Walter Devereux 1st Earl of Essex d.1576
    (1522 Lewis Gunter, Gilston steward Welsh Pencelli)
    (1553 Thomas Gunter, Gilston steward Welsh Pencelli, default to Crown)
    1576 Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex ex.1601
    1601 Pencelli, English & Cwmgorgan Charles Herbert d. 1645
    1645 Pencelli, English & Cwmgorgan Richard Herbert
    1670 Pencelli, English & Cwmgorgan Thomas Powell, Llanishen m. Beatrice Herbert, sister
    1700 divided between 3 da. sold to Edward Games then to Jones of Buckland
    1700 (Welsh Pencelli, William Morgan, Tredegar d.1731)
    1809 Thomas Howe Gwynne of Buckland House
    1817 (Charles C Clifton bough Welsh Pencelli sold to Gwyne 1824)

    Deeds & Documents Relating to Pencelli Castle & Manor

  • Historical Memoranda of Breconshire. Vol I. By John Lloyd. Brecon & Radnor Express, 1909. p.17 Survey Welsh Pencelli 1651 p.31 Tor Glas Common Case 1788 held in Talybont Court Leet p.33 Survey of Welsh Pencelli 1816 p.130-154 Pencelli Manor History Online Book

  • Online Transcript Patent Rolls. 16 EDWARD II. PART 1. Membrane 28. 1322. July 20. York. Grant to Hugh le Despenser, the younger, ... Penkethely

  • Online Transcript Patent Rolls. 16 EDWARD II. PART 2. p.275 Membrane 19. 1323. April 12. Tower of London. Commission to array 4,000 footmen in Wales. The keeper of Penkethely, for 400.

  • Online Transcript Patent Rolls. 17 EDWARD II. PART 2. p.449. 1324. April 20. Langley. Commission of oyer and terminer to John Beek, John le Butiller of Lanultwyt, Robert Clement and Meredith ap Eignon, by jury of the parts ... Penkethely.

  • Online Transcript Patent Rolls. 15 EDWARD II. PART 2. p.73. Membrane 28. 1322. Commission to array, Robert de Morby, John de Dene and Richard le Mareschall 650 footmen in the lands of Penketly...

  • Online Transcript PATENT BOLLS. 15 EDWARD II, PART 2 p.98. Membrane 20. 1322. April 9. Pontefract. Commission to array to the keepers of Penkethly ... 400 footmen

  • Online Transcript 3 HENRY VI. PARTI. p.254. Mem. 17. 1424, Nov 8. Westminster. To Edward Stradlyng office of steward & receiver, Penkethly

  • Online Transcript Patent Rolls. Henry VI. Part 1. p.264. Mem.9. 1425, Jan 2. Westminster. Appointment Roger Appleton & Henry Normanton king's auditors of...Penkelly

  • Online Transcript Patent Rolls. 6 Henry VI, Part II. p.495 mem. 17d. 1428, July 12, Westminster. Nicholas Dixon & John Geryn to determine accounts of sheriffs, escheators, receivers, bailiffs, ringildr, raglawr, reeves...of the lordship of Penkellyn, esteal arreers, survey castles, examine admin.

  • Online Transcript 7 HENRY VI. PART 1. p.542. Mem 4. 1429, July 12 Westminster. Partition of estates between Henry V son of Mary and Anne Stafford da Eleanor, da's. of Humphrey de Bohun. Anne claims the lordship of Penkelly, third of the Barony of Penkelly, estates to care of John Bishop pending.

  • Online Transcript 17 HENRY VI PART 1. p.228 Mem 25. 1439, Jan. 1. Kenilworth. Grant, John Martyn, steward ... Penkelly

  • Online Transcript 17 Henry VI Part 2. Mem 24. 1439, July 17, Westminster. Appointment, John Aburhale as steward manors of Penkelly and of third part of the barony of Penkelly.

  • Online Transcript 19 HENRY VI. PART1. p.491. Mem 13. 1440, Dec 1. Westminster. Dispute Henry VI and Elanor inheritors of Brecknock whether ...lordships of Penkelly... should belong wholly to the pourparty of the said countess as members of Brekenoc or divided equally. Grant of a moiety to Humphrey Earl Stafford until resolved.

  • Online Transcript 22 HENRY VI. PART I p.285. Mem.8. 1443, Dec.18. Westminster. Grant to Walter Sculloof steward of the lordships of ...Penkelli

  • Online Transcript 22 HENRY VI.PART I. p. 240. Mem 4. 1444 Feb. 15 Westminster. Appointment Nicholas Poyntez, steward lordships of Penkelly, 1/3 barony Penkelly.

  • Online Transcript 22 HENRY VI. PARTII. 1444 July 17.Westminster. Grant, to Walter Skulle steward lordships of Penkelly and third part of the barony of Pennkelly.

  • P.C.A. B/D/ACA/1/017-01 Marriage Settlement 31 May 1586. 8 1. Ieuan (Jevano) Watkin ap Jevan ap Meredith of Llanvigan, co. Brecon' 2. Jenkin John Jenkin of same; John Morgan Dauid ap John of Llandettie, gent. In consideration of marriage of 1. with Gwladys (Gladessam) verch Andrewe, a dter. of Andrew Jevan ap Andrewe of same p., gent. Conveying 1 m. or tmt., lands, etc. in which 1. lives in p. Llanvigan, in length from highway leading from Penkelly towards t. (vill') tale y bont to place called Esker y ffalde, in width from torrent called kynvreith to another torrent powell' y penne.

  • Online Transcript ABERCAMLAIS B/D/ACA P.C.A. Various deeds relating to the area.

  • N.L.W. Penpont 733. 1558, Sept. 28.1. Thomas Gunter of Gilleston, co. Brecon, esq.; 2. William ap John Havarde, Meredith Games, David ap Morgan Thomas and Rees ap John Thomas ap Howell, gents. SETTLEMENT to uses contained in the deed of the manor or capital messuage of Gilleston and a moiety of the mill called Tale y Bont (the other moiety of which by deed of even date was granted to the said William, Meredith, David and Rees) to uses specified and all other lands of the said Thomas Gunter in co. Brecon (excepting a messuage, a fulling mill and two closes of land, late of Thomas ap Ieuan and now in the tenure of Robert Bannor, a messuage in the tenure of Nest verch Ieuan ap Geffrey together with a small tenement sold by the said Thomas Gunter during the last three years, held at certains farms within the hundred of Penkelly in the parishes of Llanvygan and Llandetty).

  • N.L.W. Mayberry 5516. List of resiants in the manor of John Powell called Penkelly Castle in the parishes of Vaynor, Llanvurnach, Llanvigan, Llanvillo ..., 1672, May 2.
  • N.L.W. D. T. M. Jones (Solicitors) 895. 1736, Dec. 29. Inquisition by virtue of a writ of elegit that William Williams was seized of the messuages and lands called Tyr dan y Wenallt and Tyr ? Wayne, parish of Llanthetty, co. Brecknock, and Tyr blaen clais vare, parish of Llangunider, a moiety of which are to be delivered to Anthony Price and John Jenkin until the debt and damages are paid. ?Copy.

  • N.L.W. J. D. K. Lloyd Papers 64. 1745, July 22. Summary 1. Sir John Pryse of Newtown Hall, co. Mont., bart, and Dame Elinor, his wife, relict and sole devisee and executrix of the last will and testament of Roger Jones, late of Buckland, co. Brec., esq., dec. 2. John Hensleagh of Panteague, co. Pemb., and Thomas Lewis of Henlysk, co. Carm., esq's. Lease for one year of the man. or lp of Buckland, otherwise Gwayn y Givir, and the lp or man. of Vainor in co. Brec., the capital m. called Buckland, the lands lately held by Roger Lloyd, being part of the demesne lands of Buckland, a m. called Gwern Berllan and all that part of Buckland demesne lands now held by Jonett James, widow, and David James, her son, the water corn grist mill called Maes Gwaylod Mill, a house and land near Buckland in the occupation of William Richard, a house and land on Buckland Hill in the occupation of William Price, a m. at Allt yr yskrin in the occupation of William Isaac, two parcels of land near Tollybryn called Erw Clawdd and Erw Gelen, and a cottage and garden in the village of Buckland, all in p . Llansanfread, co. Brec., except four a. or a day's math of hay in Gwerglodd Watkin situated in p. Llanthetty, co. Brec., the man. or lp of Skethrog, otherwise English Penkelly, and the man. or lp of Wenallt ycha and Wenallt ysha, m's and lands at Pantywenallt in the occupation of Lewis Watkin, a cottage near Maes Mawre in the occupation of William Peter, a m. and lands in Tallybont called Ty yr Graige, three m's and lands called Tall y bont near Pontystickill, two houses and lands near Llanthetty church in p. Llanthetty, houses and lands in p. Vainor; the man. or lp of Penkelly Castle, Penkelly Castle farm, and a m. and lands at Aberclydach, all in p. Llanvigan, m's, farm, and lands at Coed yr ynis and near the church of Llangunider in p. Llangunider, a m., farm, and lands near Kilweech and a house at Kilweech in p. Llanvyhangell Cwmdu, a m., farm, and lands called nyarth vach in p's Llanvyhangell Cwmdu and Llansanfread, a m. and lands called Tredommen, m's and lands at Trevithe in p's Llanvilloe, Llanderewig, and Dregraigin, meadows called Gwerglodd Howell drum and Rhandir dis law yr hewle, a m. and lands called Court y Plwvin, a m. and lands at Gwayne y Gifir, several other m's and lands in p. Llandduwin, a m. in the occupation of George Devereux, gent., a house upon the Bulwark in the occupation of John Phillips, attorney-at-law, two houses in Morgannock Street in the town of Brecon, three other houses and land, and three fields near Dorleugoch, all in p. St John the Evangelist in the town of Brecon, a m. called Glady farm in p's St John the Evangelist and Battle, co. Brec., a m., farm, and lands and a house in p. Battle, and a m., farm, and lands in the ht of Senny in p. Devynnock, all in co. Brec.

  • N.L.W. Maybery Family. 4889. 1826. Rental of the Buckland estates in the parishes of Llansaintffread, Cwmdu, Llanthetty, Llanvigan, Llanvillo, Llanfrynach and Vaynor, co. Brecon, and Aberdare, Glamorganshire, amounting to £2410.11.6, at issue in the Chancery cause between Anna Maria Elenora Gwynne, an infant, by Thynne Howe Gwynne, the younger, her friend, plaintiff, and her next friend, plaintiff, and Thynne Howe Gwynne, the elder, since deceased, Joseph Bonnor Cheston, William Alexander Maddocks and Eliza Ann, his wife, John Parry Wilkins and David Lloyd, defendants.

  • N.L.W. Maybery Family. 5739. 1829, Dec. 23. 1. Thynne Howe Gwynne of Wallace Lodge, co. Hereford;. 2. Rebecca Cheston of ______, co. Gloucester, widow;. 3. Mary Jones of Llandovery, widow;. 4. Edward Jones of same, esq.;. 5. John Powell of Brecon, gent.;. 6. Anna Maria Elinora Gwynne of Buckland, spinster. Release (draft) in consideration of the payment of £1000 to Mrs. Rebecca Cheston, £2500 to Mrs. Mary Jones and £2000 to T. H. Gwynne, of the messuage called Pentremelin together with a parcel of arable land called Cae Skybor, a close of pasture land and an orchard called Berllan, a close of arable land called Cae dan y Berllan, a close of arable land called called, Cae Canol, a close of arable land called Errow Delyn, a close of meadow land Gwrloddvawr, a close of arable land called Cae Commin, a close of arable land called Cae oddiar yr hewl (4a. 3r. 22p.), another close of arable called by the same name Cae oddiar yr hewl (5a. 1r. 6p.), a parcel of arable land called Cae bach, a parcel of meadow land called Gwrlodd fach, a parcel of pasture land called Gwrlodd velen, a parcel of pasture land called Cae'r coed and a parcel of pasture land called Cae newidd, all in the parish of Llansaintfread; also the dwelling house in which Margaret Vaughan formerly lived and the dwelling house formerly occupied by Joseph Williams together with the barn, beasthouse, gardens and four pieces of land belonging in the parish of Llansaintfroad, abutting to the lands of Gregory Parry, clerk, and to the common called Buckland Hill on all sides thereof; also the manor of Penkelly Wallensis otherwise Welch Penkelly, within the hundred of Penkelly in co. Brecon; also the manors of Penkelly, Glyncollwyn, Cwmbanw and Llanvigan within the several parishes of Llanfrynach, Llanvigan, Llanthetty, Llanhamlach, Vaynor and Llanvillo, co. Brecon.

  • N.L.W. Maybery Family. 5514. 1831. Particulars of arrears of chief-rents due in the manor of Skethrog, otherwise English Penkelly (in the parishes of Llansaintfread, Llanvillo, Llanvigan, Llanvrynach, Llanthetty and Llanthew) the manor of Penkelly Castle (in the parishes-of Llanvigan, Llanfrynach, Llanthetty, and Llanvillo) and the manor of Wenallt (in the parishes Vaynor, Llanthetty, Llanvigan and Llanvrynach).

  • N.L.W. Badminton estate. (Manorial) 420. 1863, Aug. 25 & 27. Summary Walked by Charles Baker, solicitor to Henry Charles Fitzroy, duke of Beaufort, lord of the manor, with John Thompson of Badminton and David Thompson of Llangattock, agents to the Duke of Beaufort; and 54 persons aged 9-85 years, including George Powell, esq., of Llangattock Place, William Parry, esq., of Tretower Court, both agents to Sir Joseph Russell Bailey, bart; the Rev. John Hughes, rector of St Michael Cwmdu; Henry Maybery of Brecon, steward of Tretower Manor; the gamekeeper to Mrs Gwynne Holford; and the forester at Buckland. Abstract: Walked 25 Aug. from a point at Banwbrook where the parishes of Llanbedr, St Michael Cwmdû, and Talgarth meet and also the manor of Tretower, Crickhowell, and Dinas to a large stone; thence to a hawthorn with two stones lettered "Tretower Mill" on the northern side and "Mrs Macnamara 1821" on the southern side; thence to two stones and to two more on the brow of the hill, where joined by the agent of Sir Joseph Russell Bailey; thence due north (joined by Lord Arthur Somerset), with various stones along the boundary to a stone called "Cerrig Clishon", thence to two stones, one with "Tretower M" and the other with "Sir Edward Williams", dated 1759; thence to a spring called Ffynon-y-pistill; thence along the course of a brook called Cwmnantyrychan to the junction of the brook called Cwmnantyvedw; thence along the course of these waters to a bridge over the road leading from Cwmdu to Talgarth to the junction of Cwmnantyrychan with Cwmdu brook, thence along the latter to the junction with Sorgwm Brook, thence along the same to Ffynon-Keil-haul, where joined by the party of James Price William Gwynne Holford, Esq., and left by the party of Sir Joseph Russell Bailey (here the manors of Blaenllynvy, Dinas, and Tretower meet); then in a straight line through the inclosures to Pentir hill, and up the course of a small prill of water to its source on the hill; thence to the summit, and in a straight line to a mound; thence to Ffynon-ore spring where the initials "D. B." on the left of the bridle-way and "Bly" on the right were discovered cut into the turf; along the bridle-way south to a new wall, being the boundary between the parishes of Cathedine & St Michael Cwmdu, along the wall and down a lane to the Turnpike Road from Brecon to Crickhowell at the top of Bwlch, where left by Lord Arthur Somerset, the Rev. John Howell, and Mr G. J. Powell, thence thirty yards along the road to Brecon to the boundary of the parishes of Llansaintfread and St Michael Cwmdu, along the boundary road of the parishes through an enclosure, and along the angle of a field to a thorn tree and along the hedge, across the drive of Mrs Gwynne Holford from Buckland to Llangunnider Road in a straight line to the precipice above the River Usk, where the perambulation ceased for the first day. Walked 27 Aug. 35 persons. From the junction of the river Usk and Crawnant brook along a hedge on the Llanthetty side of the brook, along the brook to the Dandarren Hill, where joined by Mr Phillips of Cefncrûg, near the top of which a cascade of Crawnant brook pours under the Brynore tram road and where limstone cliffs are to be seen, and thence westerly up the bank to a junction with two prills of water and thence from the fork of the two prills to the source of the Rhymney river along which are stones lettered "G. H." on the north side (i.e. Gwynne Holford) and "D. of B. Tretower" on the south (i.e. the Duke of Beaufort, lord of the manor of Tretower), thence along the course of the river Rhymney, where joined by a party representing the Marquis of Bute; left by these at Rhyd-y-Milwr; along the Rhymney to the junction of cos Brec., Glam., and Mon.; thence easterly to a culvert where Nantmelin brook passes under the road, where joined by Mr Lewis Powell of Dukestown; up the Nantmelin brook, being the boundary of Llangunnider (Brecon) and Bedwellty (Monmouth), over the tops of cindertips and along the ancient course of the brook to the summit of one of the cindertips, and thence up the ancient course of the brook near Brynbrith Pond, through which the boundary runs to Brynbrith Buildings, almost all of which are in Bedwellty; thence along the boundary of the two counties to a stone with "Rhydyblew" on it, i.e. along the ancient course of Nantybwch brook which had been followed from its source as the boundary of the counties; thence to the junction of Nantybwch and Sir Howy river; thence along the latter to its junction with another Nantmelin brook; along the same (whose course has been lately much altered and which in some places is concealed by the Merthyr, Tredegar, and Abergavenny Railway), and thence over the cindertips to Rassa brook and along the same to a bridge under Beaufort town, the termination of Tretower Manor, where the parishes of Llangunnider, Llangattock, and Bedwellty meet. Signatures: Henry Maybery, steward of the manor; C. Baker, His Grace's solicitor. Parchment: 2 large double sheets.

  • N.L.W. Welsh Church Commission. SB10,900. Llanthetty, c. 1915-46. Catalogue for the sale of the Buckland estate, 1935. One file marked 70,068.

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