Course: H.N.D. Landscape Science Year II
Module: Taxonomy & Plant Use
Assignment: Prime Species Facts
Authour: Mr James M. Burton
Tutor: Arthur Tickner
Pass Mark: B


'Pollination Ecology' Faergi
'Diversity And Evolution Of Land Plants' Ingrouille
'Plant Physiology' Staiford
'Botany Of Living Plant' Bower
'Flowering Plant' Bower
'Excursion Flora Of British Isles' Clapham
'Englishman’s Flora' Grigson
'Plant' Kew
'Edible And Medicinal Plants of Brit' & Euro Lauret
'Handbook Of Flowering Plants' Lock
'Flora Of B.I.' Clapham
'Botanical Latin' Stearn
'Guide To Wildflowers Of Britain' Readers Digest
'Dictionary Of Botany' Toothhill
'Plant Types' Holmes
'Plant Classification' Holmes