Botanical Key To Species

Key To Nasturtium

1a Woodland Plant. 1b Not >2
2a Robust Plant. 2b Not >3
3a Aquatic Plant with awl shaped leaves. 3b Not >4
4a Inflorescence born opposite. 4b Not >5
5a Fruit 8-20 cm pendulous. 5b Not pendulous >6
6a Fruit sticule. 6b Fruit siliqua >7
7a Stigma deep lobed. 7b Stigma capitate, discoid >11
11a Fruit strongly flat. 1b Fruit quadrangular >14
14a Flowers yellow. 14b Flowers white/lilac >15
15a Lvs simple. 15b Basal leaves pinnate >17
17a Flowers not veined. 17b Flowers white and dark veined >19

Key To N. officionale

1a Flowers white >2. 1b Flowers yellow
2a Fruit a well formed siliqua >3. 2b Fruit deformed
3a 13-18mm seeds distinctly in two rows > N.officionale

Collated by James M. Burton as part of H.N.D. course at Pencoed
Agricultural College. Taxanomical information correct as of 06:06:97.