Horn Of Plenty



Found in beech and oak woods, forming a mycrorhiza on the roots are interdependent on each other, and so does not occur elsewhere.


Widespread in the temperate zone of N. hemisphere. Everywhere in association with beech and oak distribution. Beech is found in N,America, Eurasia, not above 1830m. C.cornucopoides may also occur with beech in Malay Archipelago, E Australia, N.Zealand and Andes. Oak grows no further than Scotland and is common in Eurasia.


The most important influence in the growth and distribution of fungus is humidity in the micro climate of each habitat. Influenced by a number of secondary factors including geographical location, shape of terrain, height above sea level and composition of soil. Craterellus is mesothermic i.e. it requires an average moist warm habit not above 1850m. Light is unimportant for growth but will influence colouring. Wind current does not promote fruitification, as it tends to dry the fungus spores and soil around it.

Collated by James M. Burton as part of H.N.D. course at Pencoed
Agricultural College. Taxanomical information correct as of 06:06:97.