Horn Of Plenty

Economical & Nutritional Value

Edible Uses

Used for alcoholic fermentation, enzymes, protease-glue, citric acid, galic acid, vitamins, Roquefort and Camembert cheese, important for antibiotics.

Fungus picking is a popular pastime, particularly on the continent. They have a low calorie value but create a fullness, and is an essential in dieting. Its taste is a substitute for meat and veg.

Collection: Fungi must be identified correctly. Cut off carefully. Placed in an airy container. Do not mix with other fungi. Freezing: must be fresh and firm, clean and sliced. Freeze fast. Lasts for six months. Drying: from fresh. Slice into thin threads, place in a dry room.

Preparation: It can be prepared in a number of ways cooked with bacon/coriander and garlic, parsley or stewed in white wine. The best recipe is however:

Trumpette de la morte avec creme
500 grams of fungus
half a lemon
2 spoonfuls of fresh cream
chopped chervil

Wash, chop, cook in butter with lemon juice. add s+p. 20m later add cream, cook 5m, garnish. Serve on its own or with omelette.

'S.A.S handbook' recommends "stewing well, drying and storing for stews."

Collated by James M. Burton as part of H.N.D. course at Pencoed
Agricultural College. Taxanomical information correct as of 06:06:97.