"And the third angel blew his trumpet and a huge star fell from the sky, burning like a ball of fire,
and it fell upon a third of all rivers and springs. This was the star called Wormwood,
and a third of all water turned to bitter wormwood, so that many people died from drinking it." Rev 8.11

All songs from all 4 albums are now available in FULL on Spooksprings YouTube Channel
Complicity - 01:05:00
Cantabation-Nation - 01:08:01
Necromania 01:08:02
Secrets Of The World - 01:12:02
Neolithic Savage Beast
Black Hole
Ridin' Into The Sun
White Middle Earth
Black Haired Bitch
Spiders From Hell
Giant Iron Killer
Mr Red Is Brown Bread
I'm The God
Leave Them All Go
Kingdom Come
JellyBaby Man
I'll Love U - Til Your Death
The Devil
Kung Fu Mettle
Bright Mountain Lucidity

Nice 2 Meat U
M Mange Tout
Goodbye To Heliotrope
Give It 2 U
Secrets Of The World
Demons From Hell

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Spookspring's Wormwood Star

James Burton's 'Rock', 'Funk', 'Metal', 'Thrash', 'Blues' solo band project. WE play it all! We are Wormwood Star. The star of devastation that laid your cities to waste, turned your rivers to blood, and left you gasping in the wasteland, turned inside out, your bones rattling in the darkness, the demons at your heels, won't you come even now, to drink from the well and heal?

Spookspring's Wormwood Star is James Burton's solo band project, we play guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, and have an exceptional vocal range from deep Buddist chant to elven mind-ear pierce. We have played live from his personal stage for over 3 years, and at over 100 db, no one has the courage to complain or take it down.

PROFILE: We are dangerous to know, we are long haired angry young men, who smoke cigarrettes, drink Jack Daniels, ride horses, rule with an plutonium fist, trash hotels, use chainsaws, send children down mines and have sex with women. Listen to the message in the music and it shall dispel all your beliefs, and you will not be sacrificed or come to any grief. Drink deeply from the spring water, let it heal your choking thirst, for no one in the universe cares a damn for you, drink and lift your curse.

MUSIC: James plays Epiphone guitar, bass, Yamaha keyboards, Ernie Ball strings, PS-02 Zoom sound centre.

On Vocals, James Burton. On Guitar Jim Spring. On Bass, Garmagwin. On Drums, "The Beast".

All mp3's, music, images, lyrics, and artwork on this website, was drawn, composed, arranged,
played, sung and produced by James M. Burton, under musical & lyrical copyright, 1990 - 2200 AD.

Email: spooksprung@btinternet.com