New Noob Animul Warriors!

Yoshi, Mekoa & Spooksprings met up in the twitching hours this week, to recruit more members to NoobSquad, with their usual temptations of chocolate, cabbages and free goes on the swings. But this time, among the NON-Humanoids of Runescape.

We had much success in adding 7 NEW noobs to the Noobsquad's Non-Hume Noob Division, these were Noob Animuls, that with the Noobish power of Dr Noobalittle animul speak, we managed to persuade them to try on some Noob Bronze Armour. I think they look Noobtitilicious, and they will join us pking the pkers soon.

The Noobie Animuls told me to tell you (the people who have been pking their animul friends, (that's no one in NoobSquad!)) to look out because the Noobie Animuls are coming to exact Supernoobolic revenge on all you pleasure hunters!

Noob Unicorn! He has a mighty horn, which goes "Meep!" Injured noobs who touch his powerfull mane, will be restored to full bronze armour!

Noob Bear! He has a mighty bear hug, and likes bear naked ladies. Lesser Noob Heifer Demon! We risked our noob lives to befriend this Animul, and persuade allegance, it cost us the soul of one noob, Mekoa.

Noob Cow! Mess with this Lady, and you'll be udderly covered in viscious noob milk which is udderly poisonous to anti-cowists. Noob Chicken! No fear in the #ffffff feather brigade, if their beaks don't peck your giblets out, their clucking will torture your soul!

Noob Camel! Alleigance from the Desert States was a must, and this spitting dromedery, will get the hump if you call him a Beast from the East. Noob Sheep! who fled from the the flock, to follow NoobSquad as blindly as it's leader to wool where no wool has gone before.

By Spooksprings, J.M.B. For Planet NoobSquad Inc © 2003. Images Adapted from Jagex Ltd's Runescape RPG.