New Noob Mage Duel Arena!

Hey! You there, Noobie with his Bronze Armour tucked into his pants, what are doing sitting about picking your Cabbage for?! Get up and Bronzed to the All New Noob Mage Arena, where brave Noobs fight for the honour of wielding the Bronze Noob Staff of Botany. You'll have to fight your way past 5 deadly adversaries ALL AT ONCE, who use powerfull spells of the manure league!

To start, speak to the Noob Demon in the Noob Duelling Arena, in Lvl 50 Wilderness. You'll need a whole load of Water Strikes, Magic Bronze Armour (Cabbage Armour will NOT do), and some Noob Courage (or beer)! The Noob Bronzed Demons are an ancient race from the Bronze Age of RS, many decades ago. They ruled the land with a Bronze fist, sparing NONE from the honour of donning Full Bronze, even the trees, soon ALL RS was a Bronzed landscape, with Bronze grass & seas. Now they have been summoned again by the Dark Wizards, and are building a GIANT cauldron to smelt enough Bronze to Bronze-out the whole wilderness forever! Only you can help! You must have completed the Black Hole Quest to apply, and be level 5 in magic.

The Reward, if you win, is to wield the Mighty Bronze Noob Staff Of Botany! With it you can summon flowers, trees, and grass, (seasons permitting) to do your bidding! Whether it be helping you with your shopping or ganging up on the Choobs, the Mighty Bronze Noob Staff is this years Noob Accessory of choice for the discerning Nooblad or Nooblass.

By Spooksprings J.M.B. For Planet NoobSquad Inc © 2003,4
Images Adapted from Jagex Ltd RPG