Cabbage Guide - Pick a cabbage or pick two, pick your friend's nose and wipe it on your shoe

Cabbage Guide For Noobs!

Zippidy Do Da, noob lovers of noob cabbage, it's finally here! The noobalicious guide to our NoobSquad mascot & fave vegetable, the noob cabbage! I will give every possible detail concerning cabbages, and a history of cabbages in Runescape.

Locations Of Noob Cabbages

There are ELEVEN locations that you may find noob cabbages at, with ONE patch that is very special, Draynor Mansion, that adds +2 to defence! PLUS a cabbage shop, deep beneath the earth in fairy land of Zarnis (Complete Lost City Quest to enter). All Cabbages take approximately 1 minute to respawn, faster on a full server. Up to 2 minutes on empty server. Respawn rate in shop is 10 seconds.

Draynor Farmland 45Falador Field 40Monastery Garden 12Draynor Mansion Garden 9Varrock South Empty House 6
Rimmington Maze 6Port Sarim Shop 3Sinclair Mansion Garden 4Gnome Tree Shop - Hudo Genfod 3Lumbridge Castle Basement 1
Respawn 1 Min Approx. Shop 10s. Draynor mansion +2 Defence. There are also cabbage patches on Miscellenia island, Ardougne, Ogre Chompie Hunt Ground, Taverley, to be updated.

Noobsquad, at his succesfull organic cabbage store

Why Choose Cabbages As Noob Food?
They are quick to pick and respawn, only 30 cabbages will heal 30 hit points, if you scoff them! Also the Draynor Mansion Cabbages add +2 to defence! Cabbages are full of vitamins, and are nutritious, free range, organic, and noobalisciously plentifull! NoobSquad likes them, as they are environmentally friendly, and in no way harm animuls or the ozone. In fact, for every cabbage respawn, one more noob is born. They heal 1 hit point, ideal for a low hitter with a hole in his pocket. PLUS when we get to build our own houses, cabbages will make great bricks or roofing material. If you 'use' a cabbage on a camel, you will get Camel milk!

Getting Your Daily Legumes
The best place to fill your bank accounts with for those daring Noobtrips is Falador fields, bank only 100 chains away. Don't forget to stock up on Draynor magic cabbages! Cabbage Droppers: Cave Crawler, Cockatrice, Rockslug, Rogue.

Growing Your Daily Iron Dose
Thanks to the magic of Jagex, you can now grow your fave veg in gardening patches with level 10 Farming in Falador, Ardougne, Catherby and Port Phantamus. Using super compost you will get approx 30 cabbages in 20 minutes. Also, you can now store 10 cabbages in one jute sack, for the payment of farmers to look after your growing crops!

Cooking Your Cabbage Friends
Well, seems bizzare that we would want to COOK these fine jewels that we spend hours talking to and befriending, but that's what the Gods Of Cooking have decided. Garden Pie : Tomato, Onion, Cabbage. Level 34, Heals 12. I hasten to add it takes a 1st Class Chef with an honours in crockery juggling to cook this pie in quantity. For 1 pie you'll need 1 pie tin, 1 pot of flour, 1 jugs of water, 1 tomatoe, 1 onion, 1 cabbage, and a fast knife. After which you'll need to run around for a few hours looking for a house to break into, with a lit stove. Rinse, repeat.

Are There Any Cabbage Quests?
One quest requires a cabbage, The Chompie Hunting Quest.

Does Any NPC's buy Cabbage?!?
Why yes, in the city of Zanaris, they have never seen a cabbage before, and will pay 100gp per item! The general store buys cabbage for about 1gp, and also the greencrocers in Gnome Tree, Posrt Sarim and Miscellenia Island for more money. Players might buy cabbage, stack them in note form and set up a stall in Varrock.

NoobSquad & Cabbages
We have adopted Cabbages as our Noob Mascot, for it is very peacefull, and non harmfull, likes to have fun at discos, can be used in a wide variety of dishes, and is green, just like us. PLUS they get a REALLY bad press, but if you meet one in person, they are really dainty, sweet and kind, AND they can 3 hit a KBD, if we gave them armour...and mutated them so they grew cabbage arms and in that film Vegetable Men From Mars, 1920 edition...

Noob Cabbage History
As you know, Cabbages in Runescape are MAGIC, and respawn from the ground in RS! This is because the High Elven Kings of 1st Age with the help of the Wizards cast a Nature summon spell on all the farmers fields! This was so Runescape could be free from the vageries of free trade, allowing it to live in self sufficient peace, and vegetables cabbages could get on with their top jobs in the city. Actually, no I made that up. The TRUE meaning of Xmas and it's fine fumed friend can be found here: Cabbage Chronicles

Who Invented Cabbages?
Cabbages were invented by Guthix back in the time when only Gods lived. He thought, "What type of sustinence would a poor noob live by? Hmm, Well, I guess it must be really disgusting to taste for those too lazy to make their own food, and look sort of saggy like someone in a wheelchair", and lo they were born!

All New Noob Cabbage Armour!

The noobwootietiscious Full Cabbage Armour has at last arrived on Planet Noob! See it and drool, with hunger! The fully edible armour, made in the Brassica Mines of Runescape, is constructed from the finest Noob Guild Cabbages (therefore has guaranteed +2 def, or your money back!) Cabbage Armour will render you INVISIBLE in any vegitative environment, and will also DETER all comers with it's faint wiff of decay. Ahem...your armour may have to be replaced regularily. Total Defence Points = 10+ ! Get your Noob Cabbage Armour while it is fresh!

Call Toll Free 888-456-VEGTABLE to place your orders.

Royal Brassica Society Terms & Conditions Apply.
Your cabbages may be at risk of sauerkraut if you do not pickle them.

By Spooksprings J.M.B. For Planet NoobSquad Inc 2003,6
Pictures Adapted by Spookspringsfrom Jagex Ltd's RPG, Information is partially correct in 2013.