Noob Mobile!

Look Out! It's The Noobmobile!

So, you've flown the Noob Potatoes, battled with Cabbages, chopped in the Noob Chopper, and swum in lava, but are you ready to drive the inconvincable, noobtittytascious, overhyped, Bronze powered, bone crunching.... N O O B M O B I L E?!! This steam driven jet powered, Bronze plated machine runs on Cabbage juice and pedal power, and can travel at speeds unimaginable in Noobscape! Which must be fast. It was produced in the dark reccess of the Noob Dwarf Mines deep in Planet Noob's Head, and is customed fitted with Dragon Rubber Tyres. It weighs 6 tons, and costs around 10 party hats, it is certainly worth its weight inBronze.

Hear The Noobmobile!

So, strap on your Bronze Pelmets, and saddle up in your leather jock straps, for now, YOU, thats right YOU, the Noob, are gonna get the chance to DRIVE this awesome dream machine out of hell and back again! NO Choob will be safe on any road, there will be no need for scary monsters, once you've heard the guttural thrust of its v22 engines and felt its thundering wind vortexes take the hair from your head!!

Game Preview for 'Noobmobile Driving Test'

To play this game in Flash, download & install the official Adobe 32 standalone flash player projector from Then download noobmobile.swf from this site and open the file with the flash player.

To gain your Noob Mobile license, the following quest is set for you, drive the Noobmobile through the hazardous streets of Noob Ville to reach the Noob Guild in quick time, and collect your reward of a free weeks health session workout in Count Draynor's massage palour-crypt, and a bag of Noob Gold.

By Spooksprings J.M.B. For 'Planet NoobSquad' © 2003,22. Noobmobile design and features, Patent Applied For, All Rights Reserved. All sound effects by same.
'Noobmobile Driving Test' flash gameplay adapted by Spooksprings J.M.B. for Planet Noobsquad from a default game in 3DFA Flash.