Fly Over Planet Noob!

Planet Noob is not to be found in a Galaxy far far away from the imagination of man, formed in the era equivalent to the Pleaistonice era on earth, it is mainly made from half frozen mercury, with a solid core of molten bronze! Thus, the Noobians of Planet Noob have to live in floating bronze podules, which all interconnect, and are no bigger than a room. The central Bronze Noob Hall is a great Cathedral like ball, where everyone can stand on ANY part of the interior, where in the middle floats a great pulsating ball of ornately cast bronze, where lives Proffessor Noobus and all the secrets of Planet Noob, but no other Noob has stepped inside!

The Bronze Noob Mines lie at the equator, each mine is shaped like a indented red blood cell, but in bronze, and plunge DEEP into the core of the planet, so far the Noob Core remains stable from extraction of bronze....the weather is erm, non existant, there is a rare atmosphere of Bronze-Nitrogen, and a few floating Quorks, giant spinning bronze jelly fish type animals, an unfortunate cloning of a noob and a jellyfish. Our nearest neighbours are Planet Choob....but we know what goes on there. The Noobians colonised the planet in earth equivalent years 6000 BC, in the mighty Noob Transport Helix Device, a kind of Bronze Time Travelling machine, from the future, from planet Nooze, a bronze planet that we, erm, unfortunately mined to death! Enjoy your stay!

'Fly Over Planet Noob' movie, video, sounds made by By Spooksprings (J.M.B.) for 'Planet NoobSquad' © 2003,22 using Anfy Java, Olympus sound recorder, Goldwave, Movie Maker