window.RufflePlayer = window.RufflePlayer || {}; window.RufflePlayer.config = { "publicPath": undefined, "polyfills": true, "autoplay": "auto", "unmuteOverlay": "visible", "letterbox": "fullscreen", "warnOnUnsupportedContent": true, "upgradeToHttps": window.location.protocol === "https:", }; Bathtime soapy suds all in your mouth do a sneeze and a million bubble brains blow out

"The Soapy Door"; original movie, sounds and imagery made by Spooksprings J.M.B.
For Planet Noobsquad Inc copyright 2003-6 using Photoshop, 3DFA, Goldwave.
Some graphics adapted from Runescape Classic copyright Jagex. Some sounds from 3DFA flash and Open Source.