Noobie Lyrics, in case you can't figure them out, when Spooksrpings batters your ears with a scream and a shout

NoobSquad Music Lyrics!

All Squads need music to stir our mighty noob hearts into action to conquer the unknown! NoobSquad will not be the exception! Our mighty chart topping tunes shall have our enemies quacking in their sweaty rune trainers! All lyrics and music, By me, J.M.B. (Spooksprings), in my one armed rubber band. Title Search: Ctrl-F.

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"Team Up NoobSquad!"

"To The Noobmobile!"

"NoobSquad Strikes!"

"The NoobSquad

"We Are NoobSquad!"

"Battle Of The Noobs!"

"NoobSquad Insane!"

"Noob In The Wall!"

"The A-Bronze Team!"

"Star Spangled Noob!"

"NoobSquad Killerz!"

"Noob Sabbath!"

"Noob Mission To Mars!"

"The Grand Duke Of Noob!"

"Leprechaun Song!"

"Noob Mass!"

"Oo Arr Ay!"

"12 Days Of NoobMass!"


"Agile Noob!"

"Troll Patrol!"

"Striking Vikings!"

"Pink Fairies!"

"Noob Angels!"



"Dragon Roar!"

"Noob Zombies!"

"Eat A Choob!"


"Noobie Rock"


"Noob Frog"



"Noobs In Space"


"Evil Kitty!"


"Thor God"



"Rule Noobania"

"Fire Giant"

"Noob Choir"

"Agent Noob"


"Death By

"Noobie Slayer"

"Noob Police"

"Bonjour Noobie"

"Noob Wizard"



"Noob Sausage Whip"

"Black Demon"



"Ring Ting"


"Iron Noob"

"Join Noobsquad"

"General Store"


"Doctor Noob"

"Castle Wars"

"Noobscape Souldier"


"Mysterious Box"



"Nakie Noobs"


"Karamaja Volcano"

"Oonga Boonga"





"Smoking gun"





"Super Noob!"


"King's Army"

"Sign Of The North South Cross"





All Music, Lyrics, Songs created and produced By Spooksprings J.M.B. for Planet NoobSquad 2003-6.
"Cover versions" loosely based on popular chart song hits' structures,
from memory, not direct transcripts of chord manoeuveres.