Noob Duelling - If you can't work for money cos you can't get out of bed - become a duelling pkman, but you might get hit in the head

Noob Guide To Noob Duelling!

The nooble art of noob duelling is a skill that all nooble noobs should master in his progress towards his noobology. There are great victories, glory and prizes to be be won, with the right gear and proper noobalisms. Remember, appearances can be deceptive to blue choobs, as well as intimidation and a rapier wit!

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What You Will Need:

Bronze legs, bronze chain mail, a magic stick, special gloves, helmet, cloak, an amulet, a recoil ring, anti dragon breath shield. Full prayer points, magic, potions, cabbages. Plus the belief that you are superior to all blue choobs, and that you will always win, which you are and will. Remember the blue choob duelers are a simple, primitive species, and easily outwitted.

Where To Duel:

Al Karud Duel Arena (Lumbridge in RSC) is where the blue choobs like to duel us mighty Bronze Noobs. They congregate in groups, eyeing each others sword sizes up, saying unitelligable things like, "I will own you and your mom, what is your strength, stake a f6h and 5k" (Instant prayer restore in RS2, Church restore in RSC)

How To Duel:

Stand nooble and to attention among the blue choobs, and pronounce with pride and honour, "Who dares to duel a noob in bronze armour, armed with a twig?!" Of course, they will all guffaw, and line up, because they think they are able to beat you! But, ha, their unpreparadness and complacency, is their downfall. For using his prayer, potions, magic and mystical staff, all comers will be defeated by a Noob in Bronze, usually in three hits! They will learn not to judge by appearances! Whether you defeat them or not, is is good tactics to tell them that they have been beaten by a noob in bronze with a stick! (Nobody can beat a stick!) This will intimidate them, and put them to shame, and spread fear among the other duelees! It doesn't matter if my facts are out of date, the same principle of outwitting by appearance or behaviour stand.

Here is pictorial proof of Sergeant Spooksprings winning duels in Full Bronze Noob Action!

Pictures Copyright of Jagex &

By Spooksprings J.M.B. For Planet NoobSquad Inc 2003,5