Noob Buster Movies!

It's that Noobie Time of the week again, when there is NOOB ALL on the picture box, and all your Noob Friends have deserted you for doing Noob Cartwheels in Full Bronze Armer, well then, it's time to head down to the Noob Buster Video Store, and grab a Noob Movie or two to Noobeer you up! The following Noob Films feature a new technology, plug them into your Noob Bronze Helmet, and watch the entire show in panoramic 3d vision inside your pelmet-scope. Suitable for using while driving a NoobMobile. Your Bronze Armer may be at risk of being melted from your body with lemon juice if these Noob Movies are not returned within 9 Noob days. No responibility is taken for scenes acted out in public copied from our movies. Say, if you dress like an Oompa Loompa, and start a Matrix fight with the Noob Giant while wearing Freedie's Fingers in the local fish aquarium.

The picture here features Panoramic TechnoNoobWarp Vision also, to operate, stare closely.

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By Spooksprings J.M.B. For Planet NoobSquad Inc. 2003.
Images adapted by Spooksprings from Google search, copyright of the artist.