New NoobSquad Quest! For Noobs Only!
(This quest is NOT available in game from 2004!)

'The Black Hole Quest'

Noobola! Noob questers of fine taste in bronze armour and better manners than any pker! Welcome to the new Free World Noob Quest for Noobs! Only Noobs may apply for this quest. Your stats must be noobish, and be lvl 10 in noobing. PLUS you must complete the whole quest in Bronze Armour!

Start: talk to 'NoobSquad' (Spooksprings can summon him for you) at the Noob Guild, (Draynor Manor). He will tell you there is a great tumultion in the Time Dimension we are currently in, in RS, (people from the future keep magically appearing and killing noobs!) and it needs correcting by invoking a Parallel Time Vortex Wormhole that will allow NoobSquad to step into the future to recover the Amulet of Time Stablement, that can be used in the Time Machine upstairs to stablise RS Time to 1366, and prevent it from time warping, or the whole Runescape World will disappear into a Quantum Black Hole Death Time Continuum.Can YOU help?!!

Start at The Noob Guild, Draynor Mansion. Beware Of The Trees

Reward: for all noobs, is entry into the fantansmagorical Noob Guild, (Draynor Manor), completion listing on the Planet Noob Website, Full Bronze Armour, a rare Anti Dragon Shield, 5,000 guineas, two mithril bars, 9 magic cabbages, a very rare can of oil, plus 20,000 xp points to Noob Skill Stats.

Dizzee Chr was the first RS player to complete the quest,
and was suitably rewarded, and promoted to Noob Lieutenant!

By Spooksprings J.M.B. For Planet NoobSquad Inc 2003
Images Copyright Jagex Ltd & 2003