It Be Noober-Ween

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It Be Noob Ween at Draynor Mansion
Noob Guild!! Noobmuaahahaha!!

A bloody, dark welcome to ye one and all, little Bronze Noobs, for it be Noober Ween on Planet NoobSquad! Noobmuuahhaa! The time when the Dead Noobs rise from their graves, rivers of blood flow throughout the stormy ridden land, and Magic Bronze Armour is given away for free, in fear of forefeiture of their lives at the creeping vine hands of the Bronze Noob Pumpkin Men! Noobmuuaahahaha!

Dare ye step inside this living Noob Hell, on Noober Ween and risk thy life in the unescapable mazes, to find the lever to switch on the lights, or are ye tempted by thoughts of a massage from our swave and bloody Count Draynor, with his sweaty fungussy hands?! Or will thou be turned into a Noob Chicken by a carless Noob leaning on the Transmorphanoobadon Machine?! Step ye well, fear all behind every corner, for there be pking Noob Spiders! Bring thou a packed lunch, some plasters, and a Noob Head that would look good on a plate.

Hear Count Noob Draynor, AND the Noober Ween
Virgin's Noober Ween Message.
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