Noob Party Reviews

Noob Party Reviews

Review NoobSquad Day Of The Bronze
Noob Egg Hatchings Party!!

The Noobs celebrated the Bronze Noob Egg Hatching Day (Easter to you) this week by taking a wild trip, dressed as Noobie Bunnies (I hope they weren't fuzzy bunnies Ed) to the wild deserts and jungles of Noobania, for a Bronze Egg hunt, to hatch out their noob hatchlings for grooming and growing into proper Noobs! They had a noobalistic game of NoobBall on board a pirate ship afterwards, accompanied by a sinister Easter Panther...Sgt Stryker and Spooksprings also discovered a rare and ancient nest of Camul Eggs! 10th April 2004

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Review Of NoobSquad Noob & Choob Party!!

The Noobs and the Choobs gathered and held hands at 8pm Noob Time, to skip merrily into the wildy for some jolly old sword dancing in the dust of our forefathers. After a pleasent picnic of jam tarts and Noobie Noodles we flew by Noob Banana boat to Karamaja, to dance with the banana monkeys, washed in some lava, ate some volcanic rocks, and then held a Noobtittytashious drop party in the Volcano Noob Demon Pit! But, a sudden and horrid thought then struck Emperor Spooksprings, a rare occurance, that the evil Choobs were ruining the Noobscape, so all the troops agreed to change into Noob Guards and arrest the whole of NoobScape for crimes against Unicorns and Dwarfs! We banged them all up in the Noob Jail all right! Operation Drag Noob Net successfull! 24th January 2004

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Review Of NoobSquad Pirate Party!!

All aboard the Leaky Duck we clambered with out pirate chests, eyepatches, cutlasses, and a few ship's cats. We set sail to discover new lands, pillage the pirates, and smuggle a whole hoard of bronze to the natives of Karimaja. The sea was so tumultuous that everybodies items dropped out of their pockets, and we swiped each others wares up! We were then set upon by a mutinous riot, and many pirates duels were had. It was all calmed when Frizoid brought her cannon out....and then promtply fell overboard, leaving temptation in my way! Unfortunately the Paddy we hired to sail the ship lost his nerves and caught scarlet beard, and we crashed into some Whales, or was it Wales? Myself and Firzoid set up camp, before being rescued by Pirate Redrum on a barrel of laughs. Then, off wenching and drinking in the local inn, raising hell among he natives, before starting a fight, and singing merry pirate songs! 29th November 2003

Pirate Drop Party!!

Sea Cabbages Ahoy!!

Leaky Spooks

Mutiny on the Beauty

Pirate Canoonery!

Frizoid Overboard!

Pirates & Their Coconuts

Sea Sharks!

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Review Of NoobSquad Mighty
Brave Kamakazee Trip!

8th November 2003

The Noob Snake Grows!

Joined By A Vamp!

Ambush In The Bushes!!

A Scolding!

What A Brave Noob!


A Bit of Skinny Dipping To Wipe Off

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Review Of NoobSquad Nooberbatics Meetings

A gaye and merry time was had by all at this Noob-tickled-pink NoobSquad meeting. The Spookspring's Springers Ballet & Aerobics Class met in the Noob Guild Great Hall, starting with a skipping warm up, then syncronised dry land swimming, and the art of taking our pink skirts on and off extrememly quickly got us real sweaty! Running up and down the stairs made us dizzy with delight, then a race to the magic cabbages on our invisible Noob-bikes made us pant a lot! All the boys then naturally complemented Spooksprings on her good looks and dress sense, beforeMuffin Attaks fell in the compost. So...the sweaty boys and girls had a skinny dipping bathing session, in the Noob-Fountain of Youth and much scrubbing was had by all! of the 19th September

Frame, I wanna live for Noobever!

Noob Stairing!

Noob Cabbage Race!

Pretty In The Pink!

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Review Of NoobSquad Journey
To Center Of The Nearth Meeting!

The NoobSquad gathered around the fabled Round Bronze Noob Table, in Falador, to share news of the plight of Noobs everywhere in RS, we decided on a four point action plan 1. Be so Nooby that we cause deadly Supernoobas to wash away our enemies with awe and confoundment. 2. To set up a cresh for nooblets, so that we may train them early, and 3. To provide funds for the new Noobatifiboobalous Cabbage Armour! We then set off to invade the Black Knights Dungeon, and free the slaves from the prison. The captives were so gratefull that they gave us magic keys to the center of the earth, where we fought blue flame breathing dogs and carbonised rancours, before the surviving members reached the Fabled Fishermans Fairy Isle of Catherby, where they were showered with gifts and cabbages at reasonooble prices! 12th September 2003

NoobSquad Round Bronze Noob Table!

NoobSquad GhostBusters!

NoobSquad Invades The Black Knights Dungeon!

NoobSquad Treads Carefully!!

NoobSquad Tries To Open The Door!

NoobSquad Leprechaun Hunting!

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NoobSquad Storm The Dark Castle Meeting!

A Noobadiddledascious NoobSquad meeting was had by 40 Noob Squaddies this week! Met at the new Noob Guild (Draynor Manor). We traded magic Noob Cabbages for 'The Shiny Sacred Noob Armour', and set about attacking the pk trees of the Noob Manor, to make them subservient to us Nooble Warriors, and so protect the New Noobs in the>Noob Guild! Then, Noobgirl led the Mighty Noob Snake into the wild, where we devoured many evil pkers and spat out their worthless blue choob armour. We then found the Dark Castle in the hands of the blue footed choobs, so we STORMED it, and CONQUERED IT! Claiming many women and freeing all slaves! We celebrated our Noobwooshous victory by giant slaying with a NoobSquad Drop Party in the Ice Dungeon, where NoobSquad also taught himself to fly, off the edge of a cliff, and landed safely! 6th Sept 2003

Bow Down To Us, Noob Trees!

NoobSquad Storm The Castle!

NoobSquad Conquers!

Noobsquad Takes Off!

NoobSquad Giant Killers!

NoobSquad Drop Party!

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Review Of NoobSquad KBD Trip!

Met in Edgveille, an exclusive NoobSquad trip, to the
King Black Dragon, we bravely kamakazeed to the death against the great
beast, taking out THREE of them!! (Movie on left). THEN met up in Varrock
for free world NoobSquad trip to the Greater Demons, I'll tell you who was
Greater, NoobSquad was!! Spooksprings also went Noob Duelling in bronze
with a magic twig, beating up many posers in rune. 30th Aug 2003.

By Spooksprings JMB for Planet NoobSquad 2003,5.
Pictures By Courtesy Of Jagex Ltd 2003,5.