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Spook's Art, RS screenshots edited by Spooks. Update 26th Jan 2006

"Team Up Noobs!"

"New Noob Monster #1"

"New Noob Monster #2"

"That's Ver Camp"

"Turn U 2 Stone #1!"

"Turn U 2 Stone #2"

"Burn The Earn?"

"Yes! Rune Pyre!" (GIF Movie)

"Nooblecticity" (Java Movie)

"Noob Slavery?"

"Kings Flush"

"Noobie Ark Of The Monsterment!"


"Lighter Than Hair"

"Spot The RS Birdie..."

"Sausage Potential!"

"Noobsplosion!" (Gif Movie)

"Alice In Froob"

"My Noobie Wish"

"Mirror Mirror"

"Another Noob In A Hole"


"Evil Wabbits!"

"Bear Dance Tour!" (Flash Movie)

"Boggies!" (Flash Movie)

"Ghostie Noobs"

"Skelly Players"

"Choob Sacrifice!"

"A fite in the skie"

"Guest 4 Tea"

"Nicky Nakie Noobs"

"Chase The Choob"

"Bronzisaur Garage"

"Dark Side Of Moon"

"RS2 Hopping"(Gif Movie)

"Giant Knitter!"

"What A Party!"


"Tree Pk!" (GIF Movie)

"New Skill!"

"We R Trolls"

"Follow This!"


"Troll Cricket"

"Dad's Advice"

"Troll Olympics!"

"Demon Disco"

"Leggy Lag"


"Tight Ogre Hat!"

"Bugging Some Bugs!"

"Nooblet Prison"


"Dodo Killerz!"

"Choob Eater"

"Flower Fights!"

"Horseing Around"

"Spelling For Wizards!"

"Selling Albatross!"

"St. Valentines Day Massacre"

"Spook's REAL Bank!"

"Pocket Hamster"

"The Beginning" (Flash Movie)

"Noob Dance" (GIF Movie)

All art, adaptions and "jokes" by J.M.B.(Spooksprings) For Planet Noobsquad 2003-5,
using images adapted from Jagex Ltd's 'Runescape RPG' Copyright 2003,6.
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