The Enterprise of Noob is to make money by tickling people while your other hand is in their wallet

Coolnoob Noob Links

A selection of the best and most witty Noob Sites that have landed on Planet Noob from around the Noobiverse, to hentertain the Noobs, Choobs, Froobs, Loobs, Groobs, etc. They congreagate here for YOU. You'll need Flash 9, Shockwave, Java etc to view some movies. Clean up your computer after visiting Newsgrounds, if in doubt, leave out. Some movies contain swearing and 'graphic' violence!

'Noob Related Comics, Papers, Enterprises'

'The Noob', Comic Series * Swearing *

'Byron's Noob Comic' By Byron

NoobSquad Definition

'Runescape Movies'

'The Prophecy' By Froman77

'The Prophecy2' By Froman77

'The Prophecy3' By Froman77

'Noobie Games'

Kingdom Of Loathing -
Witty Text Adventure MPRPG Game

Strange Adventure Games

Cucumber Collect

Panda Adventure Game

The Subservient Chicken

'Other Noobie Sites We Like'

The LIVING Peter Pan

Mr Potato Head Travels In USA

World Beard Championships

Star Wars in ASCII

Strongbad Flash Cartoons

The Yogscast

17 Weird but safe Internet Sites

Viz Comic * Swearing! *

Uncyclopedia - Not Wikipedia * Swearing *

Bored Shorts TV - Adult actors with kid voiceovers

Radio Programmes from 100 years ago

Noobie Art Links

Art - Rainbows Puking Rainbows

Paper Castles

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