NoobMass - NoobMass time for fruit and fun, and maybe a jolt from an electrical gun?!

Merry NoobMass!


Here it is my Hairy Nooblets!! The Noob-Mass present to the Noobs Of The Universe, from Planet Noob, accurately timed to coincide with all Noobs being Noobed Out on Cabbage Beer, or possibly Noobwurt Roots,and the the earth festival, Xmas.

Noobmass Tune!

Turn the Volume up, wait for an Noob-minute, and then you will hear the merry screeching of the Noob Mass Song, based on a tune by Nirvana! Hurrah! Merry Noob Mass!

Stuff a Royal Noob-Turkey for the noobs and me,
And don't make love to the Noob Xmas Tree.
The Noobs at Noobmas are covered in snow,
And will wack the pkers with wet trout wherever they go.
Give me a kiss under the Gnome Tree
And I will will give you a Noob Dwarf Slave for free.

Images & music made by Spooksprings J.M.B. For Planet Noobsquad Inc Copyright 2003,6
using photoshop & Jagex Runescape graphics. 'NoobMass' tune based on 'Teen Spirit' by Nirvana