Do you dream about becoming a Robin Hood or Legolas of Runescape? Want to make your friends angry, by stealing their monsters? Don't like HEAVY clanking armour, and want to be light on your feet?! Never want to eat food again?! Then become a Runescape Ranger! You'll be 99 ranged in no time!

Note: this is a guide aimed at RS2 Members & Proffessional Noobs, restrictions apply on all sides to free loader players. This information is considered accurate at time of writing, May 13th 2004, and update October 13th 2005. Think you can do better, or correct me in a pedantic hoity toity way?! Email me! Remember, if you steal my work, credit me with it! Navigation: Links below and Back Button on Browser.

Where Do I Start?!
How Do I Attack Monsters?!
How Do I Buy Ranging Weapons & Armour?!
How Much Do Range Items Cost?!
What Other Ranging Weapons Are There?!
What Ranging Armour is There?!
Ranger Plus Item Benefits
Where Can I Raise My Ranging Levels?!
Player Killing with Archery

Ranging Guild
Robin Hood Ranging Tips!
Quests To Assist Ranging
Usefull Ranger Links

Where Do I Start?!

First, for a poor little Noob with nought, a few Coins, from a kind Lvl 123, or a careless Goblin, will get you a Wooden Short Bow and some Bronze Arrows. Which you could make if you wanted, see a Feltching guide on how to make Bows and Arrows (Easy enough though all you need is a Knife, Wood, Flax, a Spinning Wheel, some Feathers and Arrow Tips), or buy in the Archery Store in Varrock. And then start shooting things!! And why shoot monsters?! Well, it is generally assumed that all monsters are bad, and the loot they drop is good, whether they be women with babies or the Blackest of Dragons. Using archery, reduces your need for food, and avoids getting close to dirty creatures. Your armour will be light, and the goods you carry minimal, so running with your loot, while shooting over your back, is a tale you'll want to tell your grandchildren. Raising your Combat Levels and your Ranging skills goes hand in hand, as they are inter-related.

How Do I Attack Monsters?!

First you must "wear" your weapons, click on Arrows and Bow (Or Darts, Javelins) in your Inventory, to "wield" them. Then find some nasty looking monsters in abundance. The secret to Ranging, is stealth; hide behind fences, rocks, narrow passages, other obstacles; jump out of a bush, then shoot the monster! If you positioned yourself well, then the monster cannot attack you! And you can shoot in peace until its A. Dead. B. You run out of arrows. C. The monster makes a sudden move and kills you! This way you can usually kill ANY monster in RS safely, without food, for ages!

The Attack options, are Accurate, Rapid and Long Range (Cross Swords option in Control Panel). A short Bow will fire more rapidly than Long Bow, and is prefered by most Rangers. Use Long Bow for Long Range pking, and accurate tasks, in Quests. Experience Points are added to your Ranging Skill Level, from throwing or shooting archery weapons by using the formula 1 hit = 4 experience points, and by some complicated formula to your Combat Levels too! Many range weapons can be poisoned, and dont forget the Protect from Range Prayer, when fighting things that can range back!

How Do I Buy Ranging Weapons?!

There are LOADS of places you can purchase the civil weapons of archery! Be prepared to splash out! When you start out, items will be cheap to equip, Bronze Arrows 0 - 6 gp! But it's cheaper than rune fighting, as you don't have to buy food. Spend time buying or making 1000 arrows of the type you can afford by swapping servers, or buying in Varrock Market Square, will last you a good few days, if you pick them up after you have attacked the monster.

General Stores: Bronze arrows and bows.
Treasure Trails: Archery Hat & Boot Rewards.
Other Players: Dragon Hide Suits, Darts, Throwing Knives.
Zaros Barrows: Ancient Ranging Suit, Bolt Machine Gun & Bolt Racks

Champion's Guild: (Complete Champion's Quest) Green Dragon Chaps & Vambraces.
Ozirach (Near Edgville) (Complete Champion's Quest): Green Dragon Armour Body.
Legend's Guild (Complete Legend's Quest) 500 Steel Arrows.

Varrock: Lowe's Archery Emporium

Bronze, Iron, Steel Arrows. Bolts. Shorts. Longs. Oak Short. Oak Longs. Crossbow.

Catherby: Hickton's Archery Emporium

Bronze, Iron Arrows. Bolts. Bronze - Rune Arrow Tips.
Wood - Oak bows. Studded Body & Chaps.

Ranging Guild (NW Ardougne): Lvl 40 Ranged to enter.

Aaron's Archery Appendages

Leather, Hard Leather & Studded Leather Ranging Armour

Dargauds Bow & Arrows

Arrow Shafts. Bronze - Rune Arrows. Bronze - Rune Arrow Tips. Wood - Willow Bows.

Tribal Weapon Salesman

Bronze - Rune Javelins. Bronze - Rune Throwing Axes.

Gulluck & Sons (Gnome Grand Tree)
(Complete Grand Tree Quest)

Bronze Arrows. Bolts. Pearl Bolts. Bronze to Mith Arrow Tips. Bows. Crossbows.

King Lythas Training Guild: Ranging Store
(Complete Biohazard Quest)

Bronze Arrow. Bolt. Shorts. Longs. Crossbow. Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril Arrow tips.

How Much Do Range Items Cost?!

Here's an average price guide for all Range items. As shop supplies decrease, the price goes up. The more of the item the cheaper the goods. Prices are usually cheaper in the Guilds. You MIGHT get some bargins from Players in Varrock Square Market. Beware of scammers. Always take a calculator.

Weapon Price Guide
MetalArrows Arrow Tips Javelins Throwing Axes
Bronze <6gp> <1gp> <5gp><3gp>
Iron <18gp> <12gp> <7gp><9gp>
Steel <24gp> <12gp> <31gp><33gp>
Mithril <32gp> <16gp> <83gp><91gp>
Adamnite<80gp> <40gp> <208gp><228gp>
Rune<400gp> <200gp> <520gp><572gp>

Bows Price Guide
Bows Price Range Level To Wield Attack Bonus Arrow Level
Wood Short <100gp> Level 1+8 Bronze + Iron
Wood Long<150gp> Level 1+8 Bronze + Iron
Oak Short<100gp> Level 5+14 Steel
Oak Long<160gp> Level 10+14 Steel
Willow Short <200gp> Level 15+20 Mithril
Willow Long<320gp> Level 20 +20 Mithril
Maple Short Players Level 25+29 Adamnite
Maple Long Players Level 30+29 Adamnite
Yew Short Players Level 35 +47 Rune
Yew Long Players Level 40 +47 Rune
Magic Short Players Level 45 +69 Rune
Magic Long Players Level 50 +69 Rune

Other Weapons Shop Items Costs
Shafts: 6gp
Feathers: 4-6gp
Bolts: 3-18gp
Pearl Tipped Bolts 110gp
Crossbow 70-100gp

What Other Ranging Weapons Are There?!

As well as those listed in the shops, there are other weapons you can buy/make from Players. Also many items are rare drops from monsters. All items are stackable, except Bows (stack in note form). Bows and arrows can be made, experience goes to Smithing and Feltching. Arrows are the cheapest and easiest to get hold of and hit the hardest, but try out the other weapons they might have benefits not found by this archer! Crossbow and Opal Bolt is a good alternative to Adamnite arrows, but I dont think it looks cool. Many of these items can be Poisoned with Potions. The Halberds are combat weapons, atype of long knife on a pole, but also have a range benefit, in that they can strike at a distance, while you hide behind a rock, without having to combat the monster. The Magic Bows and Dragon Halberds have a special attack mode, (in cross sword icon in menu) that hits twice in succession fast and hard.

All Available Range Weapons
Weapon Types Availability
Arrows Bronze to Rune (Shops & Players)
BowsShort & Long in Wood, Oak, Willow,
Maple, Yew, Magic.
(Maple to Magic players only)
HalberdsBronze to Dragon(Complete Regicide Quest)
Javelins Bronze to Rune (Range Guild & Players Only)
Throwing Axes Bronze to Rune (Range Guild & Players Only)
Throwing DartsBronze to Rune (Made by Players Only)
(Complete Tourist Trap Quest)
Throwing KnivesBronze to Rune (Made by players Only)
Crossbow and Bolts Bolts & Pearl tipped Bolts
Pearl tipped, Opal tipped, Poison tipped Bolts
Barb tipped Bolts
(Ranger Guild)
Phoenix CrossbowAvailable from Black Arm Members (Shield of Arrav Quest) Hits harder?
Feathers Al Karid South Shop (500)
Fishing Shops (Port Sarim, Catherby, Shilo Village)
Fishing Guild, NW Ardougne
Te Bwana Village, Karamaja
(Buy from Players also)

Dwarf Cannon:
Not covered by this guide is the Dwarf Cannon, that adds Xp to your Range Skill. It costs 750,000gp from the Dwarf cannon center, near Falador, after completing the Dwarf Engineer Quest. A BIG wad of cash for this HUGE and weighty item doesnt seem warranted for use, unless you also have the cash to buy or make a vast amount of Steel Cannon Balls! Note your Cannon can rust, and be destroyed by the KBD, and stolen by other players in wildy if you get deaded! Cannot be used on other players in wildy! However, it is devastating when placed in a group of abundant monsters, hitting 10-20 on all loose monsters (depending on your range lvl), leaving other players monsterless!

The Ancient Tombs
East of the village of Mort'ton there are 6 tombs of Tainted King's, that were destroyed many moons ago. Their armour is available if you can defeat their pink ghosts that appear from the coffins, and an unspecified number of tomb monsters. One warrior king, Karil the Tainted specialised in Ranging. He has a dark karkee ranging suit, with a powerfull bolt weapon, with a bolt rack attatched that fires rapidly. Dig into the tomb, and defeat the ghosts with elemental spells, then find your way to the center tomb, and from the chest can be gleaned the armour, although which piece you gain is very hit and miss, you might get nought! The armour decays, but can be repaired. The bolt racks can store so many bolts, and refills can be bought in the town of Port Phantamus, from a warrior on the dock. Rather than waste a few weeks hoping to gain the armour, it is better to buy from players. Prices start at around a million or so...for one piece of armour. Coif, Leathertop Leatherskirt + 70 to Ranged.

What Ranging Armour is There?!

Range Armour is made from Cow, Bush Snake, Darganoth and Dragon Hides. You can buy Range Armour from shops, except for Snake, Darganoth, Red, Blue and Black Dragon Armour, which has to be crafted by players (Craft level 57-84!), so be prepared to pay up to 200k for a suit! See a Crafting Guide on how to make them. It is light weight, gives good defence, with low magic restrictions, unlike clanking Rune Armour, enabling you to run longer. Consists of Top, Chaps (legs) and Vambraces (arms). Each item will add to your Range Statistics (See 2nd inventory in Control Panel) enabling you to hit harder and more often. You have to be certain Range Levels to wear each item. There is also trimmed armour from treasure trails.

All Range Armour Types
Armour Price Range Level To Wield Attack Bonus Defence Bonus
Leather Suit <100gp>Level 1 A: 0,0,0. M: -2 R: +5 D: 12,13,12. M: +4 R: +9
Hard Leather Top <221gp> Level 10? A: 0,0,0. M: -4 R: +8 D: 12,15,18. M: +6 R: +15
Studded Leather Suit <2000gp> Level 20? A: 0,0,0. M: -9 R: +14 D: 33,41,39 M: +14 R: +41
Bush Snake ? Player ? ? ?
Darganoth ? Players ? ? ?
Green Dragon <17,000gp> Level 40 A: 0,0,0, M: -35 R: +31 D: 65,50,73 M: +30 R: +62
Blue DragonPlayers <50k gp> Level 50 A: 0,0,0. M: -35 R:+40 D: 70,59,82. M: +48 R: +70
Red Dragon Players <50k gp> Level 60 A: 0.0.0. M: -35. R: +49. D: 83, 68, 91. M: +66. R: +78
Black Dragon Players <100k gp> Level 70 A: 0,0,0. M: -35. R: +58 A: 100,85,100. M: -84. R: +86
Guide to Statistics: A: Attack. D: Defence. M: Magic 0. R: Range 0.
Plus is a benefit to range, minus is deprecatory to skill.

Ranger Plus Items Benefits

These items will add to your Ranging Statistics which you can see in the bottom of your second inventory in your Control Panel. The greater your Attack plus points, the better your range. The better your Defence, the less damage you take!

Usefull Ranger Plus Items
Item Statistics Availability
Cawl (Hat) A: 0,0,0. M: 0 R: +1.
D: 2,3,4. M: +2 R: +3
Coif (Hat)A: 0,0,0. M: -1 R: +2
D: 4,6,8. M+4 R+4
Robin Hood Hat A: 0,0,0. M: -10. R: +8.
D: 4,6,8. M: +4 R: +4
Treasure Trail/Players
Cavalier Hat ?Treasure Trail/Players Only
Ranger Boots? Treasure Trail/Players Only
Fremnik, Wilderness,
Canifis, Other Capes
Various Range Bonus RS Wide
Legends Cape +7 on All Defence & Range. Legends Guild
Lava Cape Range Bonus Prize from defeating
Lvl 702 Tz'har
Boots Of Lightfoot -4Kg? from weight, longer running time. Temple of Ikov Quest
Amulet Of Accuracy+4 to all Attack Stats Imp Catcher Quest
Emerald Amulet of Defence +7 to all Defence StatsShops/Players/Make
Gnome Defence Amulet +13 on Defence StatsGnome Maze Quest
Ranging Potion Increases your Range Level by 10% for early entry into Range Guild, or completing a Quest.Lasts for 5 minutes? Players see Herblaw Guide
Weapons PoisonWill add Poison to your Arrows & Weapons, for a faster kill (Takes of 8 decreasing hits at 10second intervals while u Range) Made by Players, see Herblaw Guide, dropped by Shadow Warriors, Legend's Guild.
Holy WaterA Holy Potion, this range potion hits demons hard. Obtain from Khazard Jungle, after Ledgend's Quest.
Guide to Statistics: A: Attack. D: Defence. M: Magic 0. R: Range 0.
Plus is a benefit to range, minus is deprecatory to skill.

Where Can I Raise My Ranging Levels?!

In RS2, anywhere is good, as long as monsters are in abundance, and there are places to hide (Check out a World Map for locations). Although I'm strictly against attacking things if they don't attack you. Choose a monster that suits your range level, shooting a Black Dragon with bronze arrows at Level 5 ranging isnt going to be very conclusive!

Lvl 0-30 Noob Ranging.
Ducks (Lumbridge, Fishing Guild, Rivers)
Rats (Under Clock Tower, Ardougne South)
Cow fields, (Lumbridge, North Ardougne, Crafting Guild)
Chicken hutches (Lumbridge, Champion Guild, Falador)
Goblin cities (Lumbridge, Falador, Rimmington)
Various - Port Sarim Jail
Barbarians Barbarian Village Hall
Dwarves - Dwarf Underground Pass

To Advance Further (Lvl 30-50 Ranging)
Ogres (King Lythas Training Guild, Biohazard Quest)
Rangers, Targets (Ranging Guild (Lvl 40 Range))
Moss Giants (NW Ardougne)
Fire Giants (NW Ardougne (Waterfall Quest))
Gnome Battle Ground (SW Ardougne)
Gnome Tree Village
Lesser Demon Pits (Karamaja)
Blue Dragon (Champions Guild)

For Brave Rangers with Nothing to Loose (Lvl 50 up)
Goblin Mithril Mine (Wildy West)
Zombie Graveyard (Wildy West)
Pirate House (High Wildy)
Poison Spiders (Wildy East) Take Anti Poison!
Green Dragons (South Lava Maze Wildy)
Blue Dragons, Black Demons, Black Dragons - Taverley Dungeon
King Black Dragons - (Lava Maze West) Group killing recommended!

Note: There don't appear to be any hiding places in KBD layer, and he will range the rangers with his long range blasts, for a 50! So best fight with other players in a ring formation. The Kalphite Queen is best defeated this way also (the 2nd skin can only be defeated by range). The new Level 702 T'zhar Lava Monster is also defeted by 5000 rune arrows, over 2 hours...

Player Killing with Archery

Not a fan of Pking in any form, I cannot advise you on this new method, although I would presume that stealth, and a lot of running are involved. Although of course, the sole reason for Runescape is to kill other players and be top in the High dark and dastardly. Players will make Ranger Pkers with high Defence and Attack Combat Levels. Use Weapons Poison, on the best Arrows you can wield (or afford). Wear some good Dragon Range Armour and an Emerald Defence Amulet, and (some) good food. Take some Bind Spells with you to stop your your victim from escaping. Teleport Spells if u need to escape (Ring Of Life recommended but unreliable). Use Boots of Lightness to reduce weight and run longer. Strange Fruit will increase energy by 10%, also ranging potions, agility potions and super super potions avaliable. If you use the Long Range Attack option, your victim will be completely unaware they are being attacked, giving you advantage! Use Short Bow for close up Rapid fire, away?! Protect from Melee/Range and Magic Prayer is very usefull. Note that with Auto Retaliate ON (See Control Panel), you find it harder to run away, as you will automatically fight back when attacked. Pking in groups in recommended for Range Pking, and do so in places with plenty of obstacles, like graveyards, Lava Maze, Dark Castle, Goblin Mines, take people by suprise! Set all Control Panel settings to minimum to reduce lagging, use low detail option, dark contrast, one button, switch of pms, chat etc. Close all desktop icons and all other programs. Remember, Noobs NEVER run away!

Range Armour, Bow, Arrows, Amulets, Ring, Strange Fruit, Potions, Lightfoot Boots, Food, Full Prayer, Full Energy. Minimum Settings, Fear and Suprise!

Ranging Guild

Ranging Guild (NW Ardougne, Near Hemenster) Needs Level 40 Range to enter. There are three specialist armour salesmen, Bow and Arrows, Range Armour, Jungle Weapons (see above for sold items). Enter the Archery Competition, to raise experience, and gain Ticket Prizes, by shooting the Targets, 200 gp to enter. Depending on how well you do, you get Ticket Rewards, which can be saved to exchange for goods in from the Ticket Merchant (average prize 50 Tickets see above for prizes). Climb the Central Tower, and practice your Long Bow Long Range skills by defeating Rangers in the 4 surrounding towers, there might be a prize? Use Protect from Range Prayer here. There is also a Leather Tanner for tanning of Cow and Dragon hides.

Prizes From Range Guild Archery Competition
30 Barb Bolts 140 Tickets
Studded Body 150 Tickets
50 Rune Arrows 2000 Tickets
Coif 100 Tickets
Green Dragon Body 2400 Tickets
Adamnite Javelins 2000 Tickets

Armour Wear good Ranging Armour to increase hits. Don't forget Boots, Vambraces, Hats and Amulets. Get your Crafting up, so you can make your own Armour for next to nothing!
Short Bows Will shoot faster, when attack is set to Rapid. Long Bows when set to Accurate attack, will hit very slow but very hard. But Short and rapid is just as good!
Arrows Remember to "wield" your Arrows. Pick up your spent Arrows. Dont steal other Players Arrows, if you can help it, only causes arguments.
Control Use one button mouse control to attack monsters quickly. Have Run option on at all times, to dodge monsters when picking up loot. If Auto Retaliate is on, running away is harder.
Attacking Test your Range hiding spots and memorise them! A good Ranger, is a well positioned one! Steal Combat Players monsters, by shooting them, before or during their first hit, while they are plodding to attack it!
Prayer Protect from Range/Mage/Melee Prayer is usefull when fighting other Players, Mages, KBD and Rangers.
Food Take a few good foods in case you get caught short while fighting.
Pking Boots of Lightness, Strange fruit, Protect from Range Prayer, Obstacles, Running, Bind and Teleport Spells, Suprise and Fear.
Money From Feltching and Ranging: High Alch Yew & Magic Bows. Sell Arrows & Rare Bolts to Players. Range Monsters! Remember to give money to poor Noobs!

Quest To Assist Ranging:

Imp Catcher (Amulet Of Accuracy)
Jungle Potion > Village Helper Mini Game (Snake Range Armour)
Dwarf Cannon Quest (Access to Dwarf Cannon)
Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest (735 ranged xp 262 fletching xp
Ogre Bow & Arrows, Chompy Bird Hats)
Zogre Flesh Eaters Quest (2000 xp Ranged, Feltching,
Composite Ogre Bows, Brutal Arrows)

Champions Quest (Access to Green Dragon Armour)
Heros Quest (1525 Range Xp Points)
Gnome Village Quest (Gnome Amulet of Defence)
Temple Of Ikov Quest (Ability to make Steel Darts,
10500 Range XP points & 8000 XP fletching points)
Legends Quest: (Access To Legend Cape, Range Holy Water,
and choice of raising Range Skill 4 times over, )
Regicide Quest: Complete a series of long hard quests to obtain the Halberd,
a combat weapon with range benefits.

Treasure Trails: Mini Quests, clues dropped by monsters with Range Item Rewards,
(Ranger Hats and Boots).
(Also the Genie can help you increase Range Experience Points (Random Event)

Usefull Ranger Links

World Map
Ranging Calculator
Feltching Guide
Cannon Guide
Crafting Guide
Barrows Guide
Monster Database


< > : lesser or greater than. Archery/Ranging: same thing. gp: gold player coins. k: 1000 Lagging: slow computers take time to download information, this can cause your screen to freeze. In that time you can die! Lvl: Level (Refering to Skill) Noob: a cross between an Imp, a Fairy, a Thunder God and the Cosmic Dust at the sweet shop. Doesn't know much, but knows what it likes, and is fierce, fiery, fun and frightening. N.S.E.W.:North, South, East, West Player: a lady or gent that thinks of RS as a home from home, and feel they have the right to ensare all, in their hacker traps in an online multi player game. pking/pk: player killing. RS: Runescape Robin Hood: fabled hero of the poor in mediaeval England, master archer, and leader of a band of rebels in Sherwood Forest, who stole from oppressive Land Barons. XP: Experience Points, refering to Skill Level.

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