RS2 Noob Guide To Spuds

Potatoes, the undervalued, undercooked super vegetable of RS2, much overlooked, but worth collecting, as they are abundant, FREE (if you steal or grow them) and probably will be usefull in the future as a missile, or as a building material. Send in your petitions to Jaggedex Central!

Where Do I pick Potatoes?

165 Draynor Farmland
68 Ardougne Farmland
5 Yanille Frenitas Cooking Shop
3 Hudo's Gnome Shop
? Miscellenia Vegetable Store

Price Of Potatoes & Seeds

Between 1gp and 5gp. Bulk sell a 1000, for 1000gp, don't get scammerised! Free from farmland if you ask a farmer nicely. No monsters known to drop potatoes, but many drop potato seeds! A Jute sack of 10 potatoes can be used as payment for a farmer to look after you crops.

Growing Potatoes

Good news for peoples who are gardening-phobic (not Noobs of course) because Level 1 Farming is all you need to grow them! Buy seeds from the seed store in Draynor, (some people steal them, also by pickpocketing a Master Farmer's pockets). Some low level monsters also drop them. Weed and manure your garden patch, plant the seeds, water them, and in about 15 minutes, you'll have a crop of about 10 potatoes (30 or so with super compost)! Potatoe patches are in Falador, Port Phantamus, Ardougne and Catherby.

Cooking Potatoes

Some cool new recipes have appeared in Noobscape as of Feb 2006, taking potatoes to the top of the gluttony charts!

1. Obtain a bowl, and fill it with water from a sink or fountain.
2. Pick a potato and place it in the bowl.
3. Cook some meat and place it in the bowl.
4. Cook the stew by using it with a stove or fire.

1.Make some uncooked stew (see stew description).
2.Before cooking the stew add some spices.
3.Cook the curry by using it with a stove or fire.

1. Mix flour and water to make pastry dough.
2. Put the dough, then filling into a pie dish.
3. Cook the pie by using it with a stove.

Admiral Pie: Salmon, Tuna, Potato. 70, 16

Potatoes with toppings
1. Bake the potato on a range.
2. Add some butter.
3. If needed, combine topping ingredients by chopping them into a bowl.

Ingredients for toppings:

Butter Level to Cook 39, Heals 14
Cheese 47, 16
Chilli-con-carne: meat, spicy sauce (made from garlic and gnome spice). 41, 14
Egg and tomato: scrambled egg, tomato. 51, 16
Mushroom and onion: fried Bittercap mushroom, fried onion. 64, 20
Tuna and sweetcorn: tuna, cooked sweetcorn. 68, 22

Quests Requiring Potatoes

One Quest Requires a potatoe ~ Chompy Bird Quest! :)

Why Choose Potatoes?

They have SKINS which can be tanned into leather for money. They are free and good to throw at pkers and famous people. They can be cooked in all ways imaginable on a stove in RS...if there was an option to cook them. They can be skewered and used instead of bricks, for when the new player houses are released, and they are usefull to bung a noisy orifice with.

Where do potatoes come from?

The first potatoes where exported from Planet Noob by RS God Guthix, as they are an interspacial vegetable from the Spudactula Galaxy. He traded them for some guam leaves...Guthix happened to get pickpocketed by a passing RS thief back in RS, who was mown down by a pker. The pker threw it away, a farmer picked it up, he was pickpocketed by a noob, and it came back into our safe hands again, and is planted all over RS for your benefit!

By Spooksprings (J.M.B) 2004. Some information taken gathered from Jagex Ltd. Information partially correct in 2013