Spooksprings Guinness World Record Achivement!
- Largest Collection of Rubber Stampers, 2001

In 1989 I fixated upon a rubber stamp I saw a teacher using to approve some important document or other. I knew it had to be mine. The power it yielded to approve a persons acts seemed to beckon. Unfortunately for my karma and lust for power, I stole it. My diary notes of my turn of conscience by meaning to take it back. I'm not sure I did, but that single impulsive act seemed to become an obsession, almost an illness for me, when in 1993 I started the wholesale purchase of any rubber stamp that caught my eye. By 2000 I had a small and comprehensive collection and decided to take a leap into the annals of history by completing this childhood dream. Not as dangerous as bathing in a bath of snakes, but certainly a deed that required painstaking research and travel. I featured in a small 1/2 column of the 2004? Guinness World Record Album. I am indebted to the late John Styler, mentor and upper class professional who witnessed the collection and suffered the fallout from my mania with humor and dignity at the time.

Click HERE for listing and pictures of the entire collection as of 2001

Images by Aberdare Leader Copyright 2001. James M. Burton featured.