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**************** ABBREVIATIONS ****************

x: times. (after a species: a hybrid)

> or < : equal to, equalling, more or less

< : less than

> : greater than

& : and

(No.) : number in brackets indicates uncommon length or number

2n=(No.) : refers to diploid chromosome count

'thC : 'teenth century

A. : Artemisia

A.D. : Anno Domini

B.C. : before Christ

diam : diameter

Fl. : flowering in

N.S.E.W.C. : North, South, East, West, Central

Subsp.: subspecies

Var. : variety.

mm: millimeters.

cm: centimetres

m: metres

lb: pounds

kg: kilograms

ft: foot

yds: yards

H. : hemicryptophyte, herb with buds at soil level.

Hp.: protohemicryptophyte, uniformly leafy stem, basal leaves smaller than rest.

Hs.: semi rosette hemicryptophyte, leafy stem lower leaves larger than upper & basal inter-nodes shortened.

Ch.: chamaephyte, woody or herbaceous plants with buds above the soil surface, but below 25cm.

Abbreviations after scientific name of plant, indicates botanical author.

'Artemisia, Wild in the British Isles', Compiled by James M. Burton 2004