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achene : a small dry indehiscent single seeded fruit.

amplexicaul : clasping the stem, annular : ring shaped.

arachnoid : appearing as if covered in cobwebs.

arcuate : curved so as to form about 1/4 of acircle or more.

auricled : small ear like projections at base of leaf.

bipinnate : a leaf in which the primary divisions are themselves pinnate.

bracts : leaf like/scale structures.

caespitose : tufted.

calyx : the sepals as a whole.

campanulate : bell shaped.

capitula : heads of sessile flowers, surrounded by an involcure of bracts.

corolla : the petals as a whole.

cuneate : see Leaf Morphology Diag.

divaricate : diverging at a wide angle.

ellipsoid : of a solid object, elliptic in longditudinal section.

epigunous : of the whole flower or the perianth & stamens of a flower with an inferior ovary.

filiform : thread like.

glabrous : without hairs.

gynoecium : female parts of a flower.

indehiscent : not opening to release seeds.

infloresence : flowering branch, includes branch, flowers, bracts.

involucre : bracts forming a >or< calyx like structure round or just below the base of a usually condensed inflorescence.

linear : See Leaf Morphology Diag.

lanceolate: See Leaf Morphology Diag.

mucronulate : having a small sharp point.

palmate : consiting of more than 3 leaflets arising from the same point, panicle : strictly a branched racemose inflorescence.

papillose : small elongated projections.

pappus : downy or feathery appendage on achenes.

perennial : living for more than 2 years, flowering each year.

perigynous zone : the annular region between the insertion of the gynoecium and of the other floral parts in perigynous or epigynous flowers.

phyllaries : each of the small leaves or bracts constituting the involucre of a Compositae flr.

pinnate : a leaf composed of more than 3 leaflets arranged in two rows along a common stalk.

pinnatifid : pinnately cut but not into separate portions, the lobes connected by lamina, as well as midrib or stalk.

pubescent : short, stiff hairs, punctate : dotted or shallowly pitted, often with glands

racemose : of an inforescence, usually conical in outline, whose growing points commonly continue to add to the infl. & in which there is no terminal flower. Youngest & smallest branches or flowers are nearest the apex.

receptacle : that flat concave or convex upper part of the stem from which the parts of the flower arise often used to include the perigynous zone.

rhizome : a prostrate or subterranean root like stem emiting roots, & leaves at its apex.

scarious : thin, not green, stiff & dry.

sessile : without a stalk.

stamens : one of the male reproductive organs of a plant, stigma : receptive surface of the gynoecium, to which pollen grains adhere,

subpalmate : not quite palmate.

tomentose : a dense covering of short cottony hairs.

tripinnate : a leaf in which the divided primary divisions are themselves divided.

'Artemisia, Wild in the British Isles', Compiled by James M. Burton 2004