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Artemisia norvegica (Fr.) var scotia (Hulten)
Norwegian Mugwort


Artemisia : see A. vulgaris.

norvegica : of Norway.


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TYPE : dwarf tufted perennial herb with flowering stems 3-10cm, hairy. Hs. LEAVES : basal 2cm, stalked, subpalmate, with deeply lobed cuneate lobes. Stem leaves >or< sessile, all silky white. FLOWERS : heads solitary, 3, 10mm diam., nodding. Involucral bracts with green midrib & broad dark brown scarious margin. Fl 7-9. 2n=18.

HABITAT : in Rhacomitrium heaths.

DISTRIBUTION : native, 550-760m, on two mountains in W. Ross. Norway & Ural Mountains. BSBI Distribution Map for to Artemisia norvegica var scotia (UK)

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'Artemisia, Wild in the British Isles', Compiled by James M. Burton 2004