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Artemisia pontica (L) Roman Wormwood


Artemisia : see A. vulgaris.

pontica : of the Black sea Southern area.

Wormwood : see A. absinthium.


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TYPE : aromatic rhizomatous perennial, 80cm, grey tomentose, shrubby. LEAVES : finely dissected, 4cm, 1 or 2 pinnatifid sessile, base auriculate, denseley pubescent beneath, lobes 0.5mm wide, linear lanceolate. FLOWERS : capitula ovoid, pendunculate, recurved in a long narrow, racemose panicle. Bracts 1-pinnatifid almost = heads. Involucre 2.5mm, phyllaries ovate-oblong, scarious, centre tomentose, receptacle glabrous, florets yellow.

DISTRIBUTION : garden escape, infrequent casual. C. & E. Europe.
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VARIETIES : 'Old Warrior'


Flavours Vermouth. Source of Oil of Wormwood, similar to A. absinthium. Culpepper 17thC : "Excellent to strengthen the stomach & the juice of the fresh tops is good against obstructions of the liver & spleen. An infusion of the flowering tops strengthens digestion. A tincture is good for gravel & gives relief from gout." Dr. John Hill : "In Germany, Wormwood wine is made with it, drunk with every other mouthful 1 of food, avoids sickness & indegestion."

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