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Artemisia scoparia (Waldst S. Kit) Redstem Wormwood


Artemisia : see A. vulgaris.

scoparia : broom like (used for brooms).


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TYPE : like A. campestris, but biennial, with a slender stock, a single flowering stem 30-60cm. LEAVES : 1-2 pinnatisect, segments linear, silver hairy, uppermost leaves linear. FLOWERS : drooping subglobose flower heads, capitula 2mm diam., oblong-globose, nodding in a broad panicle, outer phyllaries glabrous, shiny, herbaceous, ovate, margins narrow, scarious. Inner phyllaries longer, florets yellow or red. Fl. summer-autumn.

DISTRIBUTION : a rare casual. C.& E. Europe. S.W. Asia. Siberia.
BSBI Distribution Map for Artemisia scoparia (UK)

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'Artemisia, Wild in the British Isles', Compiled by James M. Burton 2004