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Artemisia stelleriana (Bessr)     Sagewort


Artemisia : see A. vulgaris.

stellerana : star like with spreading rays, stelltate.

Sagewort : from sauge, from old french sauljie, from latin salvia : plant of good health.

PREVIOUS NAMES : A. ludoviciana (Hort).

OTHER NAMES : dusty miller : mealy leaves recall the sight of a miller, white from head to foot with flour. Old woman : from hoary leaves. Beach wormwood, hoary mugwort.


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TYPE : perennial, non aromatic herb withy creeping woody stock & densley white felted stem, 30-60cm. LEAVES : pinnate or pinnatifid, uppermost >or< entire, the lobes broad, blunt, densely white felted above & below. FLOWERS : heads 5-9mm diam., broadly campanulate, somewhat longer than broad, numerous, in a racemose panicle. Bracts oblong to ovate, densley felted. Receptacle glabrous. Marginal flowers female, central hermaphrodite, all yellow, fertile. Wind Pollinated. Fl. 7-9.

HABITAT : garden plant, waste ground.

DISTRIBUTION : occasional escape, established in Corwall, Devon, Hants, S.W. Scotland, near Dublin. N.E. Asia. Atlantic coast of N. America from Massachusetts to Delware. Kamchatka. BSBI Distribution Map for to Artemisia stelleriana (UK)

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