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Artemisia verlotiorum (Lamotte)     Verlot's Mugwort


Artemisia : see A. vulgaris

verlotiorum : named after the brothers Verlot, who first distinguished it from A. vulgaris.

Mugwort : see A. vulgaris.

OTHER NAMES : Chinese mugwort.


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TYPE : perennial herb resembling A. vulgaris, more strongly & pleasently aromatic, not caespitose, with long rhizomes & overwintering leaf rosettes, stem more denseley & persistently pubescent, with a small central pith & broader green peripheral tissues. HP. LEAVES : segments elongated, linear-lanceolate to linear, even the smaller veins clearly translucent. FLOWERS : heads 3.5-5mm, 2.5-3(4)mm diam., ellipsoid, the inflorescence branches arcuate-divaricate & the whole inflorescence very leafy. Involucral bracts only thinly arachnoid-pubescent. Fl. 10-11. 2n=54. FRUIT : achenes not seen in Britain.

HABITAT : waysides, waste places.

DISTRIBUTION : introduced, first noticed 1908. London, N. to Lanes & N'thum. S.W. China. BSBI Distribution Map for to Artemisia verlotiorum (UK)

HYBRID : A. vulgaris x A. verlotiorum. Wurzell.

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