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Accrescent : becomes larger after flowering.
Acuminate : See Fig. Al
Adanate : joined by organ of a different kind.
Adaxial : facing axis/apex.
Amplexicaul : clasping the stem.
Anastomising : joining up to form loops.
Anthers : top of stamen containing pollen.
Antrorse : directed towards apex, forward pointing.
Apex : top, end, tip.
Apiculate/us : small broad point at apex tip.
Appressed : pressed close, but not united.
Aristate : awned. See Fig. A2
Attenuated : gradually tapering.
Auriculate : small ear like projections, at base of leaves.
Axillary : arising in the axil of leaf or bract.

'Online Guide To Umbelliferae Of The British Isles' Compiled By J.M.Burton 2002

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