In Britain, which is a very conservative nation, we aim to preserve the natural fauna and flora in the few untouched areas of wilderness left, in hedges woodlands and meadows of this island. However this can lead to weeds becoming invasive, and a nuisance in gardens, landscapes and farms close to these protected areas. There are over 100 weeds that are difficult to control in this field, and cost the nation millions. The chemicals employed to eradicate them regularily pollute waterways, wildlife, and man.

New weeds are always being introduced into this country also. Fern and knotweed have taken over vast tracts of land and are virtually impossible to control, they were introduced by carleless plant enthusiasts! If we are to keep this island from invasion from a new superbreed of weed we must keep the strict border controls this country has, there is no call for complaisance.

I have in my booklet aimed to include every major serious weed in the landscape industry today, these are mainly hardy herbaceous perennials, tough and vigorous, producing either thousands of seeds or numerous undergroud stems. Some have extra protection against grazers and man in the form of thorns or irritant leaves, which aids their success.

They grow in the most inhospitable conditions, such as a sheer rock faces, or polluted coal spoil. The only way to control these pioneers is the practice of correct proffessional horticultural techniques, and preventative measures. I feel that chemicals should be left for situations where time and expense limit other practices.