Welcome To
The NoobSquad Bank

You may use the NoobSquad Bank to keep all your precious bronze armour, cabbages and capes in fine condition. Add 'Noobsquad' (or Spooksprings) in game and pm him, he shall look after your items for you, and keep them well polished! NoobSquad works in Draynor Bank part time, and withdraws items on NoobSquad meetings (usually Fridays). He lives with Ned, and enjoys blowing his trumpet in his spare time.

We will also donate Full Bronze Armour and cabbages to any Noob that has been hacked, and has to start from scratch, or has been killerized by a wicked monster, even if they are not in NoobSquad! But any NoobSquad member is entitled to as much junk, erk, I mean bronze armour as their brave hearts desire!

We offer competititve rates of 0% interest on any items you decide to store with us, so you'll always be making a profit! We keep meticulous bank ledger records of how may times a day we must feed your cat, and have to pay tax to whomever is ruling the Kingdom a the time, so we may have to trim your armour sometimes. If you keep any dangerous talismans, ancient magic or bodies with us, please ensure they are well sealed to ensure our bank staff don't die from exposure to plauge spores, cosmic radiation or obscure electro magnetic fields. Please, do not not store bottled Genies with us, unless you have a secure seal of Zantooloo.

We reserve the right to shave and neuter your cat if it is pooping, licking and growling too much.

We also offer Pocket Money Loans and have a Noob Gold Access Card you can apply for.
Or you could try your luck in the Weekly Noob Lottery if your turned away

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Part of the Poor But Happy Work Ethic Trust