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Cock Of The North: Deep inside the outside of the Junglicious, is a house for chickens. No ordinary house for chickens, for it is a tree shaped like house that looks just like an ordinary hollow tree to normal beans. But when a Nooblet sees it, when he is dropped off by his Noob Guardians for his bungle initiation, he sees strange friendly family animals around it. The Twokingtootintoken pole, the Shrunklion and the Great not hairy Cock Of The North. These are the guardians to the magic land of The Nooblet Fairies. The Nooblet must answer all the questions right, and they let him on, otherwise he gets eated. Simple as that, no second chances.

Tree Magick

Choobs:Why is this top of ze list?! Choobs are the mortal enemies of the immortal Noobs, high level players who bandy about the High Wildy trying to look mean in blue baboon armour, but are really lacking backbone, brains and any other useful physical merits. They are vicious Noob killers, bullies and steal little Nooblets dinner money! But they are very easily outwitted! Inhabitants of Planet Choob. Also hired by Noobs for Bronze mining and costructor work.

DeNoobination: the deNoobination of the Noobsquad is probably something equivalent of Mystic Highland Taoist Zoroastrian Buddhism of the 2nd Age of Mau Chi Xing.

Emo Noob: A lesser spotted shy, rare boy-man that sports the most extravagent cranial plummage among Noobs. Often mistaken as a plush, and widely persecuted due to their gentleness, and thus prone to outbreaks of mortal tearfull anguish. Can become vampish when prodded. Emo Noobs well known to bring good luck if stroked twice a day and given lots of praise and candy.

An Emo Pigeon

Fancy Dress: When Noobs don the the costumes and dress of other races, cases and chases, the spirit of the age comes about them, much to the embarrasment of their companions, and they commence to liberally ad lib in a eccentric pre-decimal demonstration of effervescent ostentatiousness. Particularily effective in medieval, animal or lady costumes. This helps shy Noobs conquer their social inhibitions by using the mask of thesbianism. "I like to dress up in a moo cow because I can go in a farm and get free milking."

French Noobs: Our French Noobie compatriots, allied through baguettes, snails and one sided toast and a fast paced tongue in cheek dialect that also needs a translator. Often seen spotted wandering large museums in large tightly packed groups of uniform uniformity. French Noobs are said to be the most pretty and well mannered Noobs on the planet, when not driving Noobmobiles. "Je suis une Noobie francais qui s'appelle Raymonde, je suis voudrais nager dans la pisceine avec mon jambons qui habite sur le tabler", is a typical conversation you may engage in.

Froobs: IF a Noob and a Choob EVER got close enough to jump into a haystack and make sweet Noob Nookie...a Froob is what might be born as a result. Their existence is DOUBTFULL, but ‘tis said they are high level, but friendly and give away free stuff, and very intelligunt.

Ginger Noobs: While the persecution of being a bronze clad warrior of the Gods is enough to raise our spirits, ginger furred Noobs have double the whammy power of a Noob, as they may use their gingerness to summon to Gingerwhingers, the GingeNuts and other Ginge beasts. Physicians state that eating too many late night carrots before a Noob creation by female scientists at the Noob Cloning Factory is the origin of this dermatological grass. "Hey look it's the ginge! Did your mummy eat too many carrots before you were born?!" ; "Why, yes, indeed she did, this gave me extra curricular night time vision super powers that can see right through your shallow vained socio-psychological taunts designed to make me feel inferior due to my differentiated chromosomal traits."

A Wild Gingerilla At Dusk

Ice Fire: Not a fire on ice, but a fire of ice, wherby water is ignited with Widget's Flourostic Hydrogenator. The water freezes, and begins to burn, releasing hydroelectric energy into the surroundings, ironically, melting itself. Usefull for hot picnics. "Oo! I feel so warm!" ; "How about lighting an ice fire dear?"

IngeNoobalitiness: Noobs are ingeNoobolous, as they can summon weapons, food and basics from thin air! Literally!

InternetNoobscape: This is the spider's web of networking that Noobs use to stay in contact, passing important information, jokes and intelligence to each other. Whether it be through Noobtelepathy, Noob computer, or messenger worms.

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