The New Noob Gallery, Update 10th August 2006.
Keep sending me your Noobie Art to feature here, and win a prize of 5000 gold pieces in pretend money!
Actually, no, I've NEVER received an email attatchment, so consider it money owed for the artwork I have borrowed from you.

midnightmoonlitmarriagemassatloonylavalovage_small.jpg cabbageonbenchorbreakfastatlummy_small.jpg karottcutlery_small.jpg iwastoldbysomemagicbeans_small.jpg
blackgold_small.jpg canomars_small.jpg dembonesdemdrybones_small.jpg thejamalternative_small.jpg
thatsthejustjuice_small.jpg pillsarefordills_small.jpg crunchycooker_small.jpg theunfoundedangstoftheyoung_small.jpg
rabbitocide_small.jpg thedogcoglog_small.jpg gollyarethosejolly_small.jpg myimaginationrunsriot_small.jpg
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