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Hi! I am James Burton, and this is the host site for my various independent,
college and research projects from 1997 to the present. Last Updated May 2017.



Welsh History

Noobsquad (Games)
Noobsquad @ YouTube

Wormwood Star (Rock Band)
Wormwood Star @ YouTube

Rubber Stamp Collection

Spooks TV

Adventure Vlog

30 Min Dungeon - Hunter
Solo Guide (WoW)


Amstrad CPC Project

Tool Restoration

Vintage Drills, Axes, Hoovers
Tir Founder Fields

S/Wales Birding Blog

Birds of Morocco

British Umbelliferae
British Artemisias

Horn of Plenty

Top 10 Garden Diseases
Top 10 Garden Weeds

Plants Of Shakespear

Botanical Dermatitis

Genealogy USA

Dalloyd & Griffith,
Cwmtwrch & Scranton PA

Harland, Mattlack, de Bryan, PA

Gaffney of VA, KT, KA, IL, WA & AK

Newton of NY, WI, VT, WA, WI, AK

Fosdick of CT, NY, OH, WI, WA & AK

Palmer of MA, CT, VT

Palleg Manor, Ystradgynlais

Gelliwig Manor, Llanvetherine

Wenallt Manor, Llandetty

Ystradfellte Toponymy

Genealogy UK

Lewis, Morris, Bowen, Phillip,
John, Farmers of Rhyndwyclydach

Owen & Griffiths, Farmers,
Ystradgynlais, Cwmaman

Allen, boatbuilder &
Breach, weaver, Windsor

Squelch, of Shottesbrooke

Burton, lacemakers, Nottingham

Morgan, glovers of Worcester

Poynter, brushmakers of Exeter

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