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Hi! I am James Burton, and this is the host site for my various independent,
college and research projects from 1997 to the present. Last Updated Apr 2016.




Noobsquad (Games)
Noobsquad @ YouTube

Wormwood Star (Rock Band)
Wormwood Star @ YouTube

Rubber Stamp Collection

Spooks TV

Adventure Vlog

30 Min Dungeon - Hunter
Solo Guide (WoW)


Amstrad CPC Project
Tir Founder Fields

Birds of Morocco

British Umbelliferae
British Artemisias

Horn of Plenty

Top 10 Garden Diseases
Top 10 Garden Weeds

Plants Of Shakespear

Botanical Dermatitis

Palleg Manor, Ystradgynlais

Gelliwig Manor, Llanvetherine

Wenallt Manor, Llandetty

Dalloyd & Griffith,
Cwmtwrch & Scranton PA

Allen, boatbuilder &
Breach, weaver, Windsor

Burton, lacemakers, Nottingham

Morgan, glovers of Worcester

Poynter, Brushmakers of Exeter

Harland, Mattlack, de Bryan, PA

Tool Restoration

Vintage Drills, Axes, Hoovers

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